Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

10. I Became Beautiful

“How would you like the bath?”

As Abby wiped my body with a towel, she asked so.

After my body was wiped clean, I was taken to the bathroom.

How spacious—!

It was even larger than that of the Kingdom of Verclaim’s.

Even though Lynchgiham was supposed to have scarce resources… or so said Prince Claude. He also mentioned something about Lynchgiham’s financial situation being not so good…

When I saw both the city and the castle, I immediately questioned that.

“I, it’s truly comfortable…”

“Fufufu, Lady Eliane, why are you squatting in the bathroom? Could it be, you rarely use such a bathroom?”

Certainly… bathrooms were used exclusively by aristocrats.

When the commoners bathed, they usually did so in the public bath, and only once a week with the purpose of cleansing their bodies.

Once again, there was the fact that I was Prince Claude’s fiancée.

—Normally, I’d be able to use the bathroom every day, however…

“I wonder if it’s been three days ago, I was also in a rush at that time…”

“Is that so? That should be normal, shouldn’t it?”

Abby was convinced.

In the first place, a saint should be allowed to take a bath every day.

However, in proportion to Claude’s heart moving away from me, the number of times I could use the bathroom also grew more limited. At first, I could use it once every two days, then once every three days… finally, once a week.

In the end, not only could I only take a bath once a week, a time limit of 5 minutes was also imposed on me.

As such, there was no way I could dilly dally in washing my body.

Well, even so, I was grateful because being able to take a bath was still considered a luxury.

“Despite such, Lady Eliane, your hair is very beautiful. As the same sex, I’m jealous.”

“Is that so?”

“Even before you took a bath, it already looked immensely beautiful. But now, your hair resembles fine-quality jewels strewn around… now, you can go meet His Highness the King with confidence.”

“T, thank you very much.”

For the first time, I was told that my hair was beautiful—


As I thought, there were various odd things regarding my former livelihood as a saint…

“Me too, I also think that Abby is very beautiful.”

“Fufufu, flattery will get you nowhere…”

Even though I was being serious…

Abby also seemed to be the type who didn’t convey much through her facial expression…

…However, the smile she abruptly showed me looked super cute.

It made me want to pat her head—not like I could do that, though!

“Well, then, Lady Eliane, please change into this dress. I shall give you a hand.”

“Your help is appreciated.”

Saying that, Abby appeared with a beautiful white dress.

It was the type a queen would wear.

Wearing something like that… would that be alright?

I was confused, but I let Abby dress me up as I stood in front of the mirror—


“As I thought, you’re truly beautiful! Well, it’s said that a beauty will stay a beauty no matter what she wears… but you make even the dress look more beautiful, Lady Eliane!”

Abby said very excitedly.

Originally, I’d humbly say, “No, that’s not true…”

but such wasn’t the case that time.

T-that’s me!?

It was as if I was reborn as a princess!

Abby also trimmed my hair. In front of the mirror, it was as if I was exuding my own radiance!

It’s as if I’m not looking at myself…

“What’s wrong, Lady Eliane? Do, do you not like the dress!?”

Perhaps because I stood in a daze, Abby looked a little panicked.

Therefore, I immediately shook my hand in front of my face.

“T, that’s not it! Thank you for the wonderful dress. I was just moved, that’s all!”

“If that is the truth, then I’m relieved.”

Get a grip, me!

I was utterly moved, I was at loss for words…

Back in my former kingdom, I was told against attending dance parties, therefore I have almost never donned dresses—only once or twice, at max.

But that was a long time ago.

Claude didn’t let me attend dance parties. I am sure he at that time was already infatuated with Leticia, therefore he didn’t care about me.

Ah… the more I remembered Claude, the angrier I got.

I must forget about him.

“Even so, is it okay for a commoner like me to receive an audience with His Highness the King?”

Since I was also a saint, back when I was still in the Kingdom of Verclaim, I often met with His Highness the King—but no one should know about that.

After I asked so anxiously,

“What are you talking about? I’ve heard from my Lord—you’re his benefactor. We’re the ones who should be humble.”

“Is that how it is…?”

“Besides, His Highness the King treats commoners and the aristocrats equally. Even if you’re a commoner, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Abby encouraged me.

“I see…”

But I couldn’t help but worry—

am I nervous?

After all, I was about to meet the King of a kingdom. If I somehow behaved uncouthly, I didn’t know what would happen to me.

“Lady Eliane, excuse me…”

Perhaps feeling my anxiety, Abby hugged me—



Due to its abruptness, I unconsciously leaned to Abby.

“You don’t have to worry about anything. Moreover, you’re a very beautiful person, His Highness the King will be surprised—‘how did my son managed to encounter such a beautiful woman!’…”

“A, Abby, you’re crushing me…”

“Forgive me.”

Abby quickly released me.

Her countenance reverted back to that of an iron mask.

“Alright then, Lord Nigel should be returning, soon. If you still feel uneasy, I’ll hug you again.”

“I, I’m fine, thank you!”

“That’s good.”

Thanks to her, some of my tension was relieved.

Abby… even though she looked young, she seemed to be a fairly competent maid.

If such was indeed the case, I felt I could relax and have an audience with His Highness the King—

—from the bottom of my heart, I believed so.

***T/N: :> … *is visibly uncomfortable at the excessive amount of flatteries in this chapter*

“How would you like the bath?”

The original sentence was ‘How was your bath’. However, I took the liberty to reword it to ‘How’d you like your bath’ otherwise there’d be inconsistencies. :/

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