Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

9. Turns out he’s a Prince

“L, Lord Nigel! If you are a prince, why didn’t you tell me in the first place?!”

After passing through a room, I protested to Nigel.

“Huh, I didn’t tell you?”

“You didn’t!”

“I see.”

Nigel acted dumb, but then he laughed happily.

He’s a prince, no doubt about it.

Gosh, his joke was in bad taste…

—to put it simply,

Nigel was also known as Nigel Lynchgiham.

In short, he was part of the royal family of Lynchgiham.

But that wasn’t all—

—Nigel was also the first prince, with the right to inherit the throne!

He was the future king!

I was surprised by that.

Well, up until now, I had been accustomed with seeing a cheap version of a crown prince whom was called ‘Claude’… but Nigel carried an entirely different atmosphere than him!

At every single street corner, there were people trying to talk to Nigel.

At first, I already felt that his name was familiar, but Nigel wasn’t that uncommon of a name. Also, I never thought I would actually meet the crown prince of a neighboring kingdom.

Therefore, I noticed it late.

“By the way, Eliane, could you stop referring to me as a Lord?”

Said Nigel with a serious look.

“A, as if I could do that—especially now, after I have found out you are the prince. Therefore, I’m afraid I can’t drop the formality…”

“What are you talking about? Eliane, you’re my benefactor. Without you, I don’t know what kind of fate I would’ve suffered.”


“Eliane, this is my request. Please treat me like you always have. When you address me as lord, I feel at loss.”

Nigel shrugged his shoulders.

Each of his movements was akin to an actor in a play—I couldn’t help but notice them.

I thought I would argue, but in the end, I decided against it.

Back in my kingdom, when I was still the Saint, I was often addressed very formally too.

But it was a different story when it was between good friends.

In that case, formality would only increase the sense of distance …or so I felt.

That was why.

“…I understand, Ni, Nigel. From today onward, I shall keep calling you Nigel, as well.”

“Thank you.”

Nigel smiled.

Even though it was such a casual thing, it was as if I saw flower petals flying around him.

“Pardon me.”

From the hallway, people came with a knock.

“Welcome home, Lord Nigel. I heard rumors that Behemoth has appeared outside of Lynchgiham, therefore it’s good to see you safe and sound.”

Said a woman in a maid outfit.

She wore glasses and had an uptight expression.

However, it seemed that she was sincerely concerned about Nigel.

“Yes. Thanks to this girl, I managed to return safely.”

“—or so I’ve heard from the Knight Leader. Something about there being a magnificent healer.”

Knight Leader?

“She’s talking about Adolf. You still remember the old man who spoke to you first, right?”

H, huh!?

That dandy-looking uncle… he was the knight leader?

Well now that I had heard the gist of it, it made sense.

The one having a trip was the prince—there was no wonder that the knight leader was one of his escorts.

Despite so, in the end, escaping was the only thing they could manage.

I shivered at the mere thought of the Behemoth’s strength.

“Eliane, I want you to meet my Father.”

“Your Father… which means…”

“His Highness the King of Lynchgiham.”

Well of course he is.”

Well yeah, of course the prince’s father is the king! That’s only obvious!

I never expected to have an audience with another king right after getting exiled from my former kingdom…

“…Is it alright for someone like me to meet him? Won’t I… end up unnerving His Highness the King?”

“What are you talking about? I’m sure he wants to meet you as well. My Father will surely be interested in you.”

Pon—Nigel casually hit my shoulder.

I want you to not touch me so casually like that…!

Because I will get nervous!

“Then I shall talk to my Father. Abby, this girl’s tired from the long journey, as such, help her prepare before she has an audience with my Father.”


“Treat her with respect, alright?”

“That’s only natural.”

The maid called Abby gently bowed to Nigel.

Afterwards, Nigel excused himself from the room.

“Alright then, Lady Eliane. You’ve heard from the Master himself—first, let’s get cleansed.”

Said Abby as she reached out to me.

“I, I will be in your care…”

I couldn’t keep up with the rapid development of the situation.

Thus, I did as I was told and followed Abby.

***T/N: Ofc he’s a prince. Well, as long as he can make Eliane happy...

Tbh, author’s naming sense such as Lynchgiham and Wide Heal caused me to expect the ML’s name to be an equivalent of Aquasteed, like maybe Algebraham or sth.

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