The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

70. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (18)

Jill led Listeard to Elynsia’s office, but when she attempted to leave, Elynsia stopped her.

“Ah, hey, can you remain here?”

“Huh? Is that alright with you?”

To Jill who asked back, Elynsia nodded with a slightly blue face.

“I’d prefer to have a waitperson. There’s a reason for this—first and foremost, that guy is loud.”

“—To hear such words coming from you, Elynsia, my half-sister… no way, you’re saying that I am a nuisance? No matter how many times I sent letters, I received no reply—could that have been deliberate? I don’t want to think that someone like Princess Elynsia, whom is also the First Princess of the Rave Empire, would resort to such a despicable feat.”

“See? Very loud, right? I am not facing this alone.”

When asked for her consent, Jill could only pull her cheeks. After saying a curt sorry to Lawrence, he excused himself with a bow.

…Huh? Lawrence backed down quite easily. Could he be planning to wiretap the conversation? No… if that happened, I am sure Her Royal Highness Elynsia or His Royal Highness Listeard would notice…

If possible, she didn’t want to leave Lawrence alone. Unlike Camila and Zeke, Lawrence was a respectable aristocrat of the Kingdom of Kratos. As one of Geraldo’s men, he could use his abilities and circumstances as a means of escape at any time. Not to mention, the amount of time she had spent with that person taught her just how big of a nuisance it would be if he became their enemy.

However, as of the present, the priority was different.

After carefully inspecting the surroundings, she decided obey Elynsia for the time being. Without permission, Listeard went towards the shelf and brewed tea.

As he sat down on the sofa and sipped his tea, he spoke;

“As always, the tea leaves at my Older Sister’s place are disgusting.”

“By ‘disgusting’, do you mean your previous actions of brewing and drinking my tea without permission? As long as you can drink it, isn’t it already fine enough? For your information, this isn’t the court, but a place for knights.”

My Dragon Knights always prepare the finest of tea leaves.”

Their conversation was evidence to a certain extent of trust.

Even the half-siblings are on good terms with each other… the same could probably be said of His Majesty’s brother and sister… no way, is only His Majesty left out?

Looking from far away, Jill stood as a guard in front of the office’s door, akin to an escort.

“Then, I will be frank, Older Sister—which side do you choose?”

“…Good grievance, you. Even if she is an apprentice of the Dragon Knights, Jill is here, you know. Be a little more concerned about your surroundings.”

“If she’s an apprentice who can’t comprehend the concept of ‘confidentiality’, I highly recommend to just lop off her head.”

Receiving his glance, Jill immediately nodded in succession. He definitely meant that.

“Besides, I don’t think that question is troublesome in nature. There literally exists no man in the Rave Empire who doesn’t know about how Uncle has named himself the new emperor, and how a certain moron got exiled from the Imperial City as the false emperor. Be it the three dukes and the other lords—each of them is waiting with bathed breath towards which side will triumph in the end.”

By ‘a certain moron’, did he mean His Majesty?

There existed a degree of scolding in his tone, as if trying to determine if the other party was hostile or not.

“Well then, I shall ask you the same, which side are you?”

“Even if we want to determine something, that moron must be hiding in the clouds.”

Dan—! Listeard slammed his fist against the table.

“My Uncle has ordered a search, but nothing has come of it! If I dispatch my own search party, that would be akin to expressing support for my Uncle! This problem is the kind that should be resolved once that moron and my Uncle stand on equal footing!”

“You say some outrageous things. What about you, between Uncle and Hadith—who do you think possesses the real sword?”

Ha—! The heavenly sword, which has been missing for 300 years, finally returned to the Imperial Capital through the hands of that moron, who came from the frontier? Then it turned out to be a fake, and the sword my Uncle possesses is the real one?! Whether it’s fake or the real one was conveniently found—both stories are utterly foolish.”

“In other words, you’ve come to a conclusion as to which one is the real thing.”

Elynsia’s bitter smile caused the sloppy Listeard to lose his momentum.

“…He’s a bumpkin who isn’t at all up to my standards, but he’s the Dragon Emperor. Definitely.

In front of Jill’s eyes, Elynsia nodded.

“Indeed. I agree with you. That boy is the Dragon Emperor.”

“Let me tell you, I haven’t acknowledged him as the emperor! Who would? The Imperial City was occupied, but that moron chose to turn a blind eye to it and hid amongst the clouds! If he’s that unmotivated to be emperor, then he should transfer the title to me right at this second!”

“But aren’t you the same age as Hadith? Vissel would be the next in the line of succession.”

“I am two months older than him. Also, considering my social status, I am more eligible than him. At the very least, I wasn’t abruptly pulled off from the frontier and swayed to become the Crown Prince—and subsequently the Emperor—with no backing—just like that moronic little brother of mine.”

While staring at Listeard, who muttered so with a sullen face, Jill was somewhat moved.

…That’s a way to say it, but isn’t he a good person at heart!? In all actuality, don’t you have an ally or two right here, Your Majesty!?

There was no hostility in Elynsia’s words.

If she made a proper decision, surely, these two would be on their side.

That way, Hadith would no longer need to spend time tending vegetables. The fact that the person himself was having way too much fun doing said activity was beside the point.

—why doesn’t she try to delve deeper, here?

“—not to mention, I heard that moron got married!? Not only doesn’t he have a single backer, and is still wet behind the ears, I heard his bride is a child!? Th, that moron, seriously, how far is he going to stray? When I heard he had a penchant for little girls, I felt miserable for him—he IS miserable…!!!”

“Y, yes, I share your opinion, that’s just way beyond my comprehension. For now, I am just being optimistic and hoping that it’s just a false rumor…”

The atmosphere suddenly became suffocating—to which Jill decided to stay silent.


“Y, yes, I share your opinion, that’s just way beyond my comprehension. For now, I am just being optimistic and hoping that it’s just a false rumor…”

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