The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

69. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (17)

The young emperor of the Rave Empire was cursed.

Because Jill was from another kingdom, she thought that was the case. But in the Rave Empire, it was different. They had witnessed how the princes died one after another on Hadith’s birthday—the incident also lasted until Hadith became the Crown Prince. It was actually the Goddess’ harassment to isolate Hadith and kept him for herself—but the others thought the curse stemmed from Hadith.

However, the only people who would believe such a fact were probably the townspeople of Veilburg whom were under the direct attack of the Holy Spear of the Goddess.

“I don’t know the details, but I don’t think people would easily forget such an incident. Therefore, until the end of summer, I think no one will pick any side…” said Lawrence.

Was Hadith born in summer?

When she realized she was oblivious towards such a basic thing, she was reminded of how new their relationship was.

I see… they’re afraid of the curse, that’s why they’ll refrain from picking a side until summer… by then, things should’ve calmed down.

However, if it was that way, didn’t that mean, in a sense, the Goddess was protecting Hadith?

In Jill’s annoyance was a murderous intent.

She wondered if her irritation leaked to her face—a short distance from her, Lawrence blinked.

“What’s wrong? You’re making a scary face…”

“Don’t worry about it. I understand the situation. Therefore, although their formations have been arranged, the search party to locate the Emperor isn’t all that active. I also thought it’s about time for the search to start.”

“Regarding political conflicts, this territory is often neutral. I think they’re actually reluctant to put out a search. The reason they need elite Dragon Knights is probably to ensure their safety, too.”

So, rather than searching for Hadith, or trying to maintain their neutral position, they instead opted to recruit apprentices for the Dragon Knights to strengthen themselves.

To think that in my previous life, you and I were the ones who smashed those elite dudes to the ground! Now that I think about it, that’s why this guy was familiar with the dragon ecology—it’s because he had been on an espionage mission here!

It was indeed Lawrence whom had devised a method to take into account the time limit and habits of the dragon’s activity—which resulted in half of Elynsia’s Dragon Knights being crushed.

Also, according to Lawrence, Jill who opted to beat a dragon to defeat it was strange.

“Despite so, the Dragon Knights must have some excellent superiors behind the scenes—especially in the logistic units.”

“Indeed, that’s why I wasn’t kicked out immediately even though I have a poor aptitude with dragons.” Said Jill.

“Yes. It’s not uncommon for an apprentice who studies in the classroom and become able to handle dragons well to be appointed as a Dragon Knight—even if he doesn’t have good affinity with dragons. It’s quite often of a story, you know, a knight who is able to ride a high-ranking dragon that no one else can handle turns out to be a former supply unit member. However, most people who aren’t turned away and instead stationed here are often foolish and are focused solely on their aptitude—in the end, they give up.”

“So, it’s really some kind of elimination method, although a little different—why don’t you tell other people about this?”

“After all, it’s only a theory. In fact, it would actually be humiliating to be turned into some city’s policemen while others get to learn how to take care of a dragon early. Even handymen are often made into laughingstocks by the city because they keep being compared to the team that devoted itself to the regular, actual, routine of the Dragon Knights.”

“Even though in reality, both roles are equally as important—how ridiculous.”

But that was how things were for apprentices. Even in the military academy, she had met some bullies. However, such things also allowed her to uncover both her weakness and strengths—and finally developed into a full-fledged, self-sufficient, person.

Lawrence halted beside Jill.

“…Sir Lawrence?”

“Just ‘Lawrence’ is fine. We’re almost the same age—Jill, in truth, there are some rumors circulating…”

At Lawrence’s meaningful smile, Jill took a step back.

I, I know this smile of his as well! When he shows this kind of expression, he’s in the middle of catching his prey!

“Rumors hinder accurate information gathering, so I don’t need to listen to it!”

Jill screamed and covered her ears, causing Lawrence to smirk. However, he laughed and both her hands were pulled off.

“What are you attempting to do—!?”

“Come on, don’t say that, listen to me. The Duke of Noitral—there’s another rumor regarding why Captain Elynsia is reluctant to dispatch a search party.”

“I don’t hear it! I can’t hear it!”

“Well, if you insist, then so be it, even though I was about to talk about the monkeys dispatched from Kratos—”

Suddenly, when she thought she was in deep water, with the sudden gust of wind, a huge shadow appeared above her.

It was a dragon. Jill looked up at the sky—she was saved! She found something she could use to change the topic! She couldn’t see the color of the dragon’s eyes, but she could see the color of its scales.

“A red dragon—Lady Elynsia’s?”

“I don’t think so. Now should be time to guide the apprentices to the dragon stables.”

She wanted to ask how he knew about that, but that felt like catching a snake out of a bush. As such, she decided to just ride with the flow of the current conversation.

“Then, it’s another Dragon Knight. How surprising, another red dragon…”

“No way, only the Royal Family or Rave or the Three Dukes are supposed to have red dragons.”

“Hey, the two of you there—!”

When she thought she heard a voice from the sky, she thought she was merely hearing things—despite so, the person who jumped off the dragon landed on the ground elegantly.

That person has a good pair of trunks… the magical power imbued in it is high, too… in Kratos, it would fetch a high price…

Shouldn’t it be rare in the Rave Empire? Jill seriously observed the person standing up while dusting himself off.

“You guys are apprentices to the Noitral Knights, right?”

The young man asked, looking at the armbands of Jill and Lawrence. Before Jill could answer, the person yelled towards the sky, to the dragon.

The man, who raised his voice, had beautiful eyebrows.

“Brynhilde! I am sorry, but please go to the stable, first. I will catch up later.”

The dragon cried, disgruntled, but stopped flying around and instead went away. After seeing the dragon off, the young man turned to them. His deep purple hair, which was trimmed, flowed in the wind. His silver eyes narrowed at Lawrence and Jill. It was a high-pressure gaze, as if he was inspecting goods—despite so, there was elegance and dignity which somehow didn’t make her uncomfortable.

“I would like to ask for a guide. I am in a hurry to meet Princess Elynsia—she should be the leader of the Dragon Knights now, I believe.”

“Excuse me, but who are you?”

The young man frowned for a moment at what Lawrence said—which could be called offensive. In the end, the young man only shook his head resignedly and put his hand on his chest.

“Excuse me—I am Listeard. Listeard Theos Rave.”

Lawrence lifted his brow—it seemed that he didn’t recognize him.

Jill also didn’t recognize his face. Unlike Elynsia, they never met in the battlefield.

“You can also refer to me as the second prince of the Rave Empire. A little brother coming to visit his older sister—even though we’re strangers, what’s so weird about that? You aren’t trying to prevent our meeting, right?”

The reason they hadn’t meet was because Listeard had died before the war between the Kingdom of Kratos and Rave Empire had started.

He opposed the methods of his half-brother, Hadith, caused a rebellion, and was subsequently executed.

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