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39. Transferring Effects

Shigenobu: “In regard to convenience, it’s convenient. When Minori-san’s with us, we’ll be able to transport a large amount of things.”
Meguru: “This is an ability that completely takes over Yukinari-kun’s job.”
Yukinari: “Only at the base. There won’t be a problem if we keep it secret.”

Well, once the battle group raises Minori-san to Lv 15, I’ll probably end up tossed aside. 

Minori:“I wonder why I was also given this ability?”
Yukinari: “The type is different though.”
Shigenobu: “Meguru-san can also transfer tools, but at most she can just defeat others by throwing things. Yukinari can only transfer items, but he attacks and can pull the items back. He can also deliver certain kill attacks. Minori-san can pull things out of a storehouse from another dimension.”
Hagisawa: “Can you use it for attacks? Like defeating mamono by sucking them in?”
Minori: “Hm- let’s experiment with it late-r.”

The result of the experiment, not possible. Seems like it can only be used to store things.

“It doesn’t seem like much can really put in there?”
“Hm… either way it seems to be an ability that depends on how you use it.”
“It’ll be convenient for when we’re transporting things.”
“It seems to be limited to what you can fit into the hole though.”
“What about a big tree?”
Minori: “I think something that size won’t fit.”

Seriously, it feels like we’ll have to prepare everything by turn them into small pieces.

Yukinari: “I think it’s a really good ability, and it’s easy to use as well. My ability takes time to cast.”
Hagisawa: “Yeah. If we defeat a mamono or have an ore that’s too massive, we can ask Yukinari-kun to transfer it to Meguru.”
Yukinari: “…It’s the worst when Hagisawa makes a valid point.”

We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Currently, we’re gathering points and materials in order to make necessary equipment. We don’t need to use the storehouse for that.

Yukinari: “Although, I think Minori-san’s storehouse will be useful for hiding the things we ordered like the kitchen knife.”

Honestly, hiding things at my house in Japan is a hassle. I’m also afraid that my parents will find out. Therefore, I think entrusting these things to Minori-san is reasonable.

Yukinari: “Say, if you have to talk about your ability as a result of raising your Lv with the battle group, can everybody see the items within the storehouse?”
Minori: “I don’t know but…”

I check the inside of Minori-san’s storehouse. Yep, I can’t figure out where anything is. I feel like I can take the item I want by imagining it…

Yukinari: “It resembles that blue robot’s pocket.”
Minori: “Ah, it does.”

It feels like a 4-dimensional storehouse. I’m pretty sure I heard that I’d be able to pull out whatever I want by thinking it. That’s the search description from the anime.

Minori: “The-n is it possible to pull items out using Yukinari-kun’s transfer?”
Yukinari: “Eh? Alright… let’s try it.”

I stick my face through the hole Minori-san created and register the location. I then receive the kitchen knife from Minori-san and chuck it into the hole. 

Yukinari: “Alright, close it.”
Minori: “Got it.”

I then activate my visual transfer and check if I can look within Minori-san’s storehouse… I can see inside. There is the figure of a knife floating in midair. I call it with my transfer and 5 minutes later, the kitchen knife appears in front of me.

Shigenobu: “Oh… this way even if Minori-san isn’t here, if Yukinari is here, we’ll still be able to safely pull things out.”
Yukinari: “No, no, isn’t this the same as before?”

I was pulling things from my room or Shigenobu’s workshop before. Although, I can only take out items from the shared box.

Hagisawa: “In any case, it’s pretty convenient.”
Yukinari: “I can’t do it in battle though.”
Hagisawa: “When I have to prepare my tools to make something out in the field, I’ll want either of one of you.”

Well, that’s Hagisawa. Still, it seems like he needs his equipment for the actual thing.

Yukinari: “If it’s fine, let’s go raise our Lvs. Even if it’s just one day, it’s better to get stronger as fast as we can.”
Hagisawa: “That’s true.”

With that, we continue our night battle. This time, thanks to the armor reinforced by Shigenobu, we are able to go a bit deeper than before. Earning points has become easier, and somehow or another, so have materials. As for movement, because Meguru-san is with us, we can cross wide distances.

Hagisawa: “Oh! Looks like more mamono are coming out!”

There Olive Drab Monkey Devils appear. They are mamono with pointlessly long names. 

“Devil? Are they akuma?”

Recently, some fiendish seeming mamono to be have also been appearing. Ones that can fire magic have been increasing as well, which is tough. That said, since I have the kangaroo gloves equipped, I’m able to evade them to a certain extent. The kangaroo step ability is peculiar with the height it lets me jump. It’s like moving while being assisted with wires. It makes me a bit sad though. 


It’s a cry that makes you tense up… the Olive Drab Monkey Devils take deep breaths and build up something with their fingers. From those movements, they seem like they’re going to breathe something out and use magic with their hands. As we’ve now become accustomed to the behavior of mamono, we’re able to immediately analyze their actions. 

Hagisawa: “Leave it to me!”

Hagisawa throws his bombs in a practiced manner. Since we have a surplus of points, he can throw the bombs that he made on the first day of our adventures. Life is hard to change. The bombs explode in front of the Olive Drab Monkey Devils, giving them sound and explosion damage. Since it happened during the instance they were inhaling, the Olive Drab Monkey Devils were caught off guard and are surprised. 

Yukinari: “Let’s go!”

I jump in white rotating my arm. I land in front of the foremost Olive Drab Monkey Devil and hit it with a wind punch. 


The foremost Olive Drab Monkey Devil is blown away… but, I don’t think it’ll be fatally wound from something of this level. Thus, I pursue and turn it into a one-two combo. Relying on the sensation of the finishing blow to confirm my victory, I look around. Doing so, I see that Meguru-san has already cut down one. Shigenobu, Hagisawa, and Minori-san team up against the last one. The three of them are overkill and they take it down in an instant.

Yukinari: “Alright! This feels great!”

I throw up my arm in victory. By the way, these Monkey Devils, it seems that the battle groups other than Taniizumi’s have often been fighting these guys recently. For us to also be able to defeat them, that means we’re raising our Lvs pretty steadily. Well, without strengthening our armor, this is… about what we can do. 

Yukinari: “Oh?”
Meguru: “Looks like I Lv’d up.”

Lv up!

Ability Expansion! You can now perform effect transfer!

My Lv reached 15. Meguru-san seems to have Lv’d up at the same time as well. Seems like these guys are pretty strong and give a lot of experience points. Even if we’re talking about hunting remotely, it’s pretty hard to do so unless the mamono happens to be taking a break within the visual range. Anyway… what exactly is this effect transfer?

Shigenobu: “Both of you reached Lv 15, right? What expansion abilities did you get?”
Yukinari: “Um…”

If there’s effect transfer and point transfer, I should explain the new one… right? Just what exactly does effect transfer transfer? Hmm… If this were a game, it would transfer granted effects. I’ll use that explanation.

Yukinari: “It says effect transfer.”
Shigenobu: “Effect transfer?”
Yukinari: “I’ll try it.”

I activate effect transfer while checking the bestowed effects on my gloves.

Which equipment to select?

I then select the gloves and—

Fixed effects cannot be transferred. 

Is what it said.

Yukinari: “…It failed on these gloves. It says fixed effects can’t be transferred.”
Shigenobu: “The only thing I can think of are additional effects that can be attached later.”
Yukinari: “Shigenobu, doesn’t your blacksmithing give something like that?”

Shigenobu looks towards Hagisawa at my question. 

Shigenobu: “Can’t Hagisawa make items with the effect of holy water effect?”
Yukinari: “Ah right, he can instantly attach the holy attribute to weapons.”

Truthfully, they become items with time limits, but they seem to be effective against devils during the period of time the attribute is attached to the weapons.

Hagisawa: “Then, how about trying it out?”

Hagisawa takes out some holy water and sprinkles it onto the kitchen knife. With this, the kitchen knife has become a holy kitchen knife for a period of time. I activate effect transfer and target the kitchen knife Hagisawa’s holding. 

Which armor should I transfer the bestowed effect to?

I quickly transferred it to Hagisawa’s armor. Ah, my points decreased. It also seems like it consumes a bit of magical power. The effect seems to be weakened as well. 

Shigenobu: “Oh… that’s simple.”
Minori: “Wo-w.”
Hagisawa: “And the time limit hasn’t changed either!”
Meguru: “Is Shigenobu-kun’s ability likely to be similar?”
Yukinari: “Yeah, and I think I know what Shigenobu’s next expansion ability might be, repair or bestowing effects.”

I feel like I was just shown a huge spoiler. I’m looking forward to Shigenobu’s future ability. 

Shigenobu: “Well, it’d be nice if it turns out that way, wouldn’t it? In any case, I won’t know how to bestow affects until I give it a try.”
Yukinari: “Being able to use points to add whatever effects I like is pretty nice.”

It seems like I’ll be able to make unique pieces of equipment with a mash of effects from various different pieces of gear. Although the outcome would be subtle at the beginning of the middle stage, I think that by the end, it would become one of the strongest weapons. 

Shigenobu: “You probably won’t be able remove it once it’s been attached. Yukinari, you should use that transfer on other equipment.”
Yukinari: “I think it’ll be a useful ability. It seems to deteriorate though.”
Shigenobu: “There’s no meaning to doing it without an opponent…”

While we were giving our impressions of the ability… Meguru-san, not listening to our explanations, stiffens while checking her ability. What could it be?

Yukinari: “Meguru-san?”

Meguru-san raises her head at my calling out to her.

Yukinari: “What’s up? Did you awaken some strange ability?”
Meguru: “Um…”

Everyone looks at Meguru-san in worry. What is it, really?

Meguru: “This time’s expansion ability… looks like the… ability to transfer between worlds.”


Cheat sheet

Yukinari Hanebashi:
1) Teleport objects /Self to Earth
2) Point/yen conversion. (Tells others it’s a shopping catalogue)
3) Remote viewing
4) Bestowal transfer
boxing gloves, strawberry wallaby medal, kangaroo knight medal
Kangaroo Punching Glove +10 | Effect : Dynamic Vision Up | Wind Punch | Wild Sense | Instant Expansion Ability : Kangaroo Step | Boxer

Meguru Hiyama:
1) Teleportation
2) Clairvoyance
3) Material transfer (uses pillars of light)
4) Transfer between worlds
Metal turtle sword

Minori Himeno: Has a polite/formal way of speaking
1) Healing/recover mana
2) Charge with mana
3) Repair
4) Item box
Kitchen knife (item box?)

Shigenobu Sakaede
1) Black Smith
2) Mining Correction
3) Equipment Strengthening

Dai Hagisawa
1) Craft things
2) Identify
3) Trade

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