Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

62.1 The Night’s Final Errand

After satisfying ourselves with the view of the moss-covered plaza and the surrounding trees of the ancient forest from atop of Old Sleigstar’s head, we begin to prepare for our dinner. Even though evening hasn’t arrived yet, since it is for the long awaited, precious, meat, proper preparations seem necessary for preparing the meal.

Mistral appears to have heard about the flying dragon meat from Old Sleigstar. When she returned, she had various cooking utensils and ingredients with her.

“You went out somewhere with Asher-sama. Tell me about it in detail over dinner, alright?”

At Mistral’s request, I realize I still haven’t told everyone about my encounter with the Decaying Dragon.

Then, when I thought we were going preparing dinner, I was driven out from the preparations.

Ruiseine smiles as she says, “Ernea-kun, we will be preparing the meal with all of our spirit. So, please look forward to it as you wait, alright?”

She and Mistral then vanish within the ancient forest.

Arere, was I called a hinderance? Even though I was brimming with eagerness earlier, I’m depressed now.

“Thy’s brides are preparing a heartfelt meal for their beloved husband. Thou should stand back and wait.”
“I- I see. Right, I should think about this positively.”

That’s right, it’s the cooking of Mistral and Ruiseine. I’m eagerly looking forward to it.

“How carefree.”
Asher-san looks down at me in shock.

Arere, Asher-san, you aren’t going back?”
Funn, is a lowly humanoid trying to drive me away from here?”
“No, no, no, not at all. Isn’t Nymia also staying here? I was just saying that I was wondering if Asher-san’s business was finished?”
“That it is. As the Dragon Princess is also here, I believe I can entrust my daughter to you. Still, can’t I spend the night with her? For a mother to be separated from her cherished daughter is a sorrowful thing.”

Asher-san wipes her forepaws before her weeping eyes.

Fufufu, I won’t fall for that, Asher-san’s true feelings are different. She also just wants to eat the flying dragon meat.

Asher-san glares at me, girori.

Yep, bullseye. I laugh out in triumph with my hands on my hips.

A ten-thousand-year-old dragon’s heart, by refining dragon spirit and concentrating on reading said heart, I’m somehow or another able to understand what goes on in it. Even though Old Sleigstar, Nymia, and Asher-san are always reading my heart, now I can do the reverse. Still, even though I can read their hearts, any sentiments deeper than what’s on the surface is too difficult.

Hohou, the dragon’s heart?”
Old Sleigstar looks at me with interest.

“Yeah, apparently, I can understand the hearts of dragons. Because of that, I was able to communicate with the Decaying Dragon.”
“What this? Thou communicated with the Decaying Dragon?”
“I did. I was just as surprised.”

I then tell Old Sleigstar about the Decaying Dragon and the dragon tribesmen village.

“This one understands.” Old Sleigstar closes his eyes upon hearing my story. “The challenges of Dragon’s Peak are relentless. In olden days, the dragons and dragon tribesmen cooperated with one another. However, the dragon tribesmen became territorial due to conflict with the mazoku and began disputing with the dragons who should have been their brethren. Tis a sorrowful tale.”

Old Sleigstar sighs as he finishes. He’s quite worried about the relationship between the dragon tribe and the dragon tribesmen.

I too want the dragon tribesmen and the dragon tribes to get along. Nymia is cute and I am incredibly grateful to Old Sleigstar after all.

Since I can also properly communicate with the dragon tribe, I think I can make friends with them. I can communicate with the dragon tribe, and I am of the human tribe, therefore it should be this should be easier for the dragon tribesmen.

Fufun, that’s honestly quite eccentric.” Asher-san pokes me with her nose. “You’ve taken the dragon tribesmen princess as your bride, received a great deal of instruction from an ancient dragon, and have made friends with a dragon of the next generation. What exactly is your goal?”

Troubled, I cross my arms at Asher-san’s profound question. My goal, what exactly is it?

At first, I admired Yuusha Risita and was taught various things by Old Sleigstar. However, I won’t grow from just admiring. I need a proper objective to strive towards. What is my goal? What do I want? This feels like I’m deciding my life from now on.

Mumum,” while I’m troubled, Mistral and Ruiseine return from the ancient forest. Their hands are full carrying various dishes. I set aside what I’m thinking about for a moment and go to help them.

Speaking of which, where are Priscilla-chan and Nymia? While I’m wonder that, they slowly rise up out of Asher-san’s tail. The smell of food must have awoken them from their sleep.

“Say, Priscilla, you come help too or you won’t be given any precious meat.”
At Mistral’s threat, Priscilla and Nymia spring forward to help in a fluster.

Numerous meat dishes are arranged atop a narrow cloth spread over the moss carpet. The sight of all the various dishes has me swallowing my saliva.

There is meat that has been cooked soft and tender, meat that has been well roasted on its bones, meat wrapped around thinly sliced vegetables, thick slabs of meat placed between slices of bread, and so forth… It’s all sorts of meat, meat, meat, and meat!

How did they prepare all this in such a short amount of time?

I’m not the only one left staring by the wonderous and diverse meat dishes.

Priscilla-chan’s eyes glitter as she takes everything in.
Nntto, so much meat!”

Mistral and Ruiseine are incredible for creating all of this on their own. I try telling them that, but my mouth is stuffed.


A rare show of frustration crosses Ruiseine’s face.
“How unexpected, Mist-san, for you to possess such skill in cooking.”
“Ruiseine, you still have a ways to go.”

Mistral glows with triumph.

What that? I have the strangest feeling those two had a battle between woman.

“In the first bridal showdown, Mist-onee-chan wins, nyan.
Kiii, just a moment, Nymia-chan.”

Nymia, upon having teased Ruiseine, leaps away and she chases her. Nymia hurries and escapes towards Priscilla-chan.

We bust out laughing at the sight.

“Say, let’s eat before our food gets cold.”
At Mistral’s prompting, Ruiseine gives up trying to catch Nymia and both of them sit down.

We all sit wherever we please.
With that, we all begin to eat.

“Hey, Priscilla. Don’t stuff your cheeks, slowly chew your food. There’s plenty of food here, so there’s no need to rush.”
Nntto, mogu mogu[1].”

The area around Priscilla-chan’s mouth gets dirtier and dirtier as she shoves in any piece of meat she can grab. Beside her sits Mistral who is unable to eat due to having to care for Priscilla-chan.

“Yes, Ernea-kun, ‘aahn,’ please.”
“Wai— Ruiseine, what are you doing?”

Ruiseine comes to my side and feeds me tender meat stew. I, unable to refuse, eat with an, “aahn”.

T/N: I want to eat some…

[1] Chewing sounds

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