The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

19.1 The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Blessing of Comfort Food

In the land of the humans, there was once a kingdom with long lasting night called Fashitar.

Even now, the name of the territory remains as Fashitar. As a land that was entirely ruled by humans, it was often referred to as the realm of the night.

Surrounded by abundant forests, the quality of its forest crystals were excellent. The kingdom thrived through the mining of ores and crystals. On the other hand, they also produced Colhem, a liquor that, according to experts, had strong flavor.

Whenever visitors wanted to buy jewelry or liquor, they had to buy it from a branch of the Ax Company. That was because the people of said kingdom had low magical zones and were under the constant threat of magic pollution.

It was well known that the residents of the land lost their original magical zone due to some kind of magical obstruction. Many people came to visit the land just to study it.

However, even though it became renown as the realm of the night, long-term stays weren’t recommended because the magic on the land itself was sparse.

It became a popular resort for patients who wanted to suppress the effects of magic and curses. There were quite a few who sough the permission of the King of the Night to rule the land.

It was said that the people who founded the Kingdom of Fashitar were the descendant of a magician whom was cursed because he had tried to court the lover of the Spirit of Death—even though he, himself, was already married and had children. Long story short, the magician and his entire family were cursed.

After being cursed by the Spirit of Death, the magician’s clan, which once possessed an abundance of magic and high range of motion, and was also renown for producing high-ranking magicians, became nothing but an exiled people.

It was by chance that the magician and his family met with one of the Kings of the Midnight Throne, the one whom governed the land where they were expelled to. Thus, a deal was made. In exchange for the majority of their magical zones to be transformed into crystals and precious metals, they were permitted to live on the land under the condition that they would also protect the forest.

They became so vulnerable they couldn’t live anywhere but in Fashitar. The rich forests surrounding Fashitar were akin to a barrier, one which protected them from the Spirit of Death who tried to slaughter them one by one every night. They were able to escape from the curse.

The one who negotiated the terms with the brother of the King of the Midnight Throne was said to be Gilasfi, a branch of the magician’s clan.

Even though they were fortunate enough not to suffer from the curse of the Spirit of Death, the clan was torn apart because some blamed the Magician for his rambunctious actions.

The only reason the Gillasfi family remained in Fashitar was to continue upholding their contract with the King of the Night. To ensure the safety of their blood-relatives, it was necessary to abandon the outside world.

The Gilasfi family, who accepted the deal, was also stripped of their original magical zones. Only when they participated in the annual ball of the Midnight throne would they regain their former range of motion and magical zones. They visited the Royal Palace of the Night to show that they were indeed faithful subjects.

Because of the Gilasfi’s dedication, Fashitar prospered.

However, once the reign of the Second King started, he decided to cut the kingdom off from the outside world. He decided that the world entirely consisted of humans.

The fate of the kingdom went decended from there.

Because there were a number of cases where the people of Fashitar died due to interacting with outsiders, whom they used to be familiar with when their magic was still abundant, the isolation was then justified. It was also a future consolation for those who weren’t directly involved in the incident.

After a short time, those who forgot of the contract with the Spirit King, the brother of the King of the Midnight Throne, had also forgotten about the curse of the Spirit of Death. They then purged the Gilasfi who continued to attend the Royal Palace of the Night’s balls without ever forgetting their promise.

During that era, Fashitar experienced inner conflict—there was a rise in population, but an inability to expand the territory. The purge was done to seal the mouths of the Gilasfi family who strongly opposed the deforestation that would increase the available agricultural land.

Clearly, by that point, they had already on the way of breaching their contract with the King of the Night. Thus, the people of Fashitar inadvertently came to commit their second violation.

Thirteen years after the purge of the Gilasfi clan, Fashitar had touched the reverse scale of the Spirit King of the Midnight Throne—they had attempted to murder the last member of the Gilasfi clan who was imprisoned within the royal palace. Due to the breach of contract, the entire kingdom was claimed.

The moment that happened, the people of Fashitar didn’t realize there were those waiting for them to commit the second and also last violation of the contract.

The last member of Gilasfi, who was rescued, was said to have been taken as a bride of the brother of the King of the Midnight Throne the moment they first met during a ball.

Said bride, after receiving the blessing of the spirits, was said to have never returned to the lands of humans and lived happily ever after.

“Can’t I bring a mukmugris with me to the castle?”

“Okay, listen closely. First off, since that fellow was born in that kingdom, it may be a creature that can only survive in a land with little magic.”

…Muguu… My fluffy companion… then, Noin, can’t you at least transform into a fuzzy creature, just like my Brother-in-Law?”

Stop. I absolutely won’t turn into that kind of thing.”

“The fluffiness is just lacking! Something fluffy, give me anything that will satisfy me!”

“Ho, are you trying to strike a bargain? Will you be able to pay the price?”

“Well, Dilvier told me, if it’s Noin, all I need to do is cook up something for you and all is set!”


Well, well, you’re the one who should stop teasing Lady Dia. In human culture, when a bride gets angry, she might return to her parent’s home.”

Dilvier, who poured the drop of the night and moonlight tea into Dia’s cup, immediately took over. Dia nodded.

Dia, who lost her family, had no home to return to. But she could always return to Dilvier’s, her guardian’s, castle—the caste of the fairy at dawn.

Dilvier’s sisters were all beautiful, and not to mention, really kind and pampering to Dia.

Well, if she spent too much time in there, her fiancé would get rough. Even though she really wanted to have a night out, she had to endure.

“Then, will you return to your parent’s home?”

“Stop that—and that castle isn’t her ‘parent’s home’—your house is here.”

“But, Lady Dia is like a daughter to me, therefore, she’s free to think of that castle as her home. Mother also said, if she grows tired of being a spirit, she should just transform into a fairy.”

“Fufu… if I become a fairy, I’ll be able to fly in the sky.”



After only messing around with him for a bit, Dia—whom was munching on a snack—was lifted by her rough fiancé to sit on his lap.

Dia was supposed to be Noin’s bride, but as of the present, she was still his fiancée.

That was because it would take time for Dia’s body, which had lived in a land with little magic, to approach the spirit’s range of motion. It was also a form of Noin’s consideration to restore her magical zone, and not at all related to the curse of the Spirit of Death.

But time is aplenty.

Still, if she looked at herself in the mirror, the eyes of Diarashe reflected there were a lustrous purple.

For her eyes to be of the same color as Noin’s… Dia was very pleased and didn’t at all mind the color transformation.

Dia’s beloved fiancé would always cook delicious food, and while eating it, Dia would gradually transform into a spirit.

I wonder if it’s currently autumn in that kingdom…

Fashitar was now under the jurisdiction of the outsiders of the genealogy. To be precise, under the direct jurisdiction of the Spirit King who governed evening meal.

Noin reigned as the king, and Jillreid, who was spared from the ‘Last Ball’, became the lord.

In the future, the one who’ll continued the annual tradition, which was to offer greetings to the Midnight Throne, would be the clan of Jillreid.

That night was also my final ball in that kingdom…

The moment Noin appeared in his true form, his spirit power completely unrestrained, all humans in the royal palace were reduced to sand.

Using some sort of magical device, the event ended up being a mere dream. Said magical tool, no matter how much it was explained to Dia, was too incomprehensible.

In short, the memory of that moment wouldn’t be lost, and as far as she knew, the souls of those who had experienced ‘collapse’ would remain chipped.

At the same time, it was said that the everyone throughout the entire of Fashitar experienced the same thing because the Spirit of Death had also manifested himself.

Noin’s target was the royal palace, while the Spirit of Death’s was the rest of Fashitar.

Although it was some sort of a shared agreement, it seemed like the Spirit of Death was eager to destroy the royal family of Fashitar using his own hands—after all, they were the direct descendants of that great magician. In the end, the Third Prince ended up being shared with Noin.

After hearing such a thing, I realized violating a contract with outsiders yields terrifying outcomes…

Dia, whom was gradually joining their side, was still scared even now.

However, once she eventually became a spirit, such a concept might become natural to her.

The moment those people woke up from the dreadful dream, they had already become the property of the King of the Night which governed the evening meal.

There was no way to escape because that was what they had agreed to. Everyone—be it sinful or innocent people—would be bound by the rules of the Midnight Throne, and it would continue to remain so in the future.

However, it’s not like they were given a severe punishment, such as slavery. Also, no one was told that they wouldn’t go to the Land of the Dead upon passing away. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any confusion, but…

But at Fashitar, they were taught that the outsiders didn’t exist.

Also, in order to prevent anyone from escaping from the curse, the church began to teach that interacting with different races was considered heresy.

Since such people suddenly became ruled by a spirit, of course it wouldn’t be likely for the kingdom to remain undeterred.

Not only were they ruled by outsiders, their original forms could immediately reduce the people of that land into sand—so those who remembered the fear of that night immediately conceded their new ruler.

There may still be problems, but humans are creature that are much more flexible and adaptable than the outsiders think… eventually, it will sink in completely…

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