Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

4. The Saint’s Lone Journey

“So, Lady Saint, where are you heading to?”

The Knight Leader asked me.

“Good question…”

I placed my hand against my mouth and thought again.

I had no particular destination.

Nor did I have any reliable acquaintances.

Then, should I travel around and get a glimpse of the world?

Well… with my power as a saint, I could manage to an extent… but the outside world was dangerous.

I hated the idea of experiencing pain.

…but still.

“Should I go to the neighboring kingdom, then? If it’s there, I might be able to slip inside.”

The neighboring kingdom, Lynchgiham. Since ancient times, my kingdom had been warring with that kingdom.

But now, they had a peaceful relationship.

At least, on the surface, it seemed that they were keeping an amiable relationship with each other to an extent.

The most defining trait of that kingdom was that there were many foreigners—a wide variety of ethnic groups and races existed along each other.

Because of the diversity, Lynchgiham was prosperous…

“Lynchgiham, huh!? Isn’t that a good idea?!”


The Knight Leader agreed with me.


Because if he told me that kingdom was bad, instead, I would have lost my destination.

“I will prepare a carriage.”

“I am no longer a saint, though? Wouldn’t that be a problem?”

“Doesn’t matter. This is the only thing I can do for you.”

Also, the Knight Leader continued.

“Even if the prince said you’re a false saint, from the bottom of my heart, I know you’re a magnificent saint. Even if the entire world becomes your enemy, I shall be on your side. Therefore, please lift your face.”


If he showed me such a serious face, there was no way I wouldn’t turn red!

Aaah, it was truly disappointing I had to leave such a handsome guy behind!

◆ ◆

With that, I was able to leave the castle safely thanks to the carriage prepared by the Knight Leader.

“I will be in your care.”

I bowed my head towards the coachman.

“Haha, you’re too polite, child. When I heard that you’re the Knight Leader’s acquaintance, I expected some tough woman, but it’s such a cute girl…”

I was stared at.

By the way, I hid the fact that I was the saint—or ‘former’, to be exact.

It would be better if the Saint’s banishment was unbeknownst to the people of the city to avoid unnecessary worries.

Therefore, I wore the clothes of a commoner and told them I was going to visit my aunt in the neighboring kingdom.

“Alright, let’s head out.”


Pakara, pakara, pakara…

The horse began to gallop steadily.

It seemed that the journey itself would take about a month. Alright, my journey had started. It wasn’t like I was in a hurry or anything.

“Even so, your hair is so beautiful, it’s almost as if you aren’t a commoner…”

“I, is that so?”

Claude had said so;

“If you’re truly my fiancée and a saint, you must always appear beautiful!”

That was why I always used first-class cosmetics and shampoos.

However, when I was told that I was beautiful to my face… as I thought, I became bashful.

“Could it be, you’re an aristocrat?”

“T, that’s not true!”

“Hahaha! Sorry, I’ve pried on too much. Don’t worry, if I do anything careless, I will be killed by the Knight Leader, just think of me as a doll.”

The coachman laughed.

Fu… I thought I was going to get exposed for a moment, but I survived.

I wiped away the sweat on my forehead using my arm.

***T/N: So there exists a kingdom with diverse population… do they even have a saint? I began to think that Eliane’s kingdom is the one with faulty method here, to depend solely on ONE GIRL equipped with only defense and support magics for their safety and livelihood.

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