I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

39. Fourth Go!

“My! How beautiful!”

Marilyn Winter, the daughter of the marquis, sighed.

“No other lady is as beautiful and imposing as you!”

The Countess, Carol Ingrid, spoke with a twinkle in her eyes as she intertwined her fingers.

“Your height makes you stand out, Miss Ally! I am sure you’ll be the center of the attention at the grand ball!”

The daughter of the marquis, Carrie Arklight, was beaming with excitement.

“Your presence is so intimidating, I couldn’t help but want to address you as ‘Onee-sama’ the moment I laid eyes at you!”

Countess Linda Eifel uttered so, her cheeks blushing pink.

The tea party of the muscle devas and their respective fiancées had entered the second part. They were currently talking about the ‘Social Debut Tailoring Party for the Fifth Princess Stila & Baroness Ally Crunea’.

Ally laughed drily, “Hahaha” as she looked at her own reflection in the mirror—that’s the very image of a powerful woman with solid physique, alright…

From an early age, she had become accustomed to difficult field work, resulting in her obtaining a sturdy and powerful body that was neither petite, delicate, nor feminine.

There was an abundance of silk and satin in the indigo dress Ally was supposed to wear. The delicate embroidery on the front was really beautiful. Despite so, after Ally put it on and saw her appearance—

am I going to the ball, or some martial arts party?

The end result was indeed strange.

Well, that’s not very strange… even in my own territory, I’ve never been treated like a lady. Because of the physiques of Maximilian and the others were too away from the standard, I accidentally began to feel that my own body is delicate…

“Master, what are you saying? From the moment I gazed upon you, Master, I couldn’t take my eyes away. Next will be the turn of those men at the ball to be stunned by you.”

A fancy bird-shaped brooch whispered from Ally’s chest.

Takkun, the ‘action-speaks-louder’ type of man, had gained the ability to transform after only one night of training. Maybe Takkun was the most powerful man in the world (in the sense of masculinity demanded by women).

“Ally, you’re truly beautiful. You’re more beautiful than the princess in the story.”

Stila looked up at Ally from below with a smile. Ally smiled, thinking that an angel had just appeared before her.

“Thank you, Lady Stila, But the fairest of the land is still you, Lady Stila. You look like a heavenly angel.”

Ally leaned over and caressed Stila’s head. Compared to the maid uniform, it was harder to move in that attire. Despite so, the design of the dress was quite simple, thus, it would be no problem for her to take care of Stila during the big ball.

On the other hand, Stila’s dress was adorned with the finest of lace, while her shoulders were decorated with angelic wings. She exuded a mysterious, otherworldly, aura—in short, she was too cute, Ally was salivating!

The four ladies—Marilyn and the others—were also impressed by the beauty of the Fifth Princess they had met for the first time. Stila was happy to be praised by those ladies.

“We have to express our sincere gratitude to the tailors. It’s too wonderful, there’s no doubt that Lady Stila and Miss Ally will be the protagonists of the grand ball.”

Marilyn put her hand on her cheek and muttered. The other three also nodded at once.

“I haven’t had such a rewarding job in a long time. I was given the honor to tailor the princess’ costume, and I was also able to create a dress for a lady with such a good physique. The dress of Lady Ally is an attire we dream of wearing. Its design isn’t recommended for delicate and petite ladies.”

The representative of the tailors laughed boisterously—“Gahaha!” shaking the flesh of her upper arms.

The tailors, whom were preparing to return home quickly by carrying their sewing machines in clothes wrapped tightly around their shoulders, glanced at Ally with gazes of agreement.

It was a contrast to the tailoring party of the Muscle Special Squadron—not only were the tailors burnt out to the point they became white, they also didn’t waste even a second to get out of the sight of the overbearing muscle lords. Probably because children and dinner were waiting at home.

“The high collar, the wide sleeve line on the shoulders, and the streamlined simple vertical lines which eliminate the sense of delicateness are accentuated because of your sharp, sturdy, body. I’ve been a tailor for a long time, but I’ve never seen a lady with such beautiful, crisp, abs!”

The eyes of the surroundings turned warm as they offered genuine compliments. Ally felt a little embarrassed.

In fact, it seemed that the fiancées of the four muscle devas had grown quite interested in muscle training. By the beginning of next month’s social season, they were planning to train everyday in the West Wing.

…Well, I’m glad. I’m glad that they’re fine and are on good terms with their fiancés… at the same time, I feel like these ladies have been infected by their fiancés…

At the tea party until a while ago, those four were shooting lovey-dovey beams at their respective lovers… Maximilian seemed to be lonely, as well. His shoulders were bunched up—feeling pity towards him, Ally gave a large piece of cake to him.

“Miss Ally! We are going to have a campfire in the mountains tonight! Geoffrey told me that there would be potatoes, and also roasted steak drizzled with melted cheese! It sounds very romantic! Let’s have fun together!”

Nooo… these ladies have been completely brainwashed by the four muscle devas!

Suffering a headache, Ally clutched her throbbing temple.

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