The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

68. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (16)

Lawrence Merton and Jill met shortly before entering the military academy that Geraldo created in preparation for battling against the Rave Empire.

Jill, who became Geraldo’s fiancée, first went through princess education—despite so, six months later, Geraldo immediately decided that Jill was better suited to being a soldier than a lady. In addition to the regular army, Geraldo wanted a magical expeditionary team under his direct control—thus, she was made the commander.

They entered the military academy together, and were in there for about a year before they started their servitude. The extraordinary speed was proof of Geraldo’s eagerness to wage war.

Now that she thought about it, Lawrence might have been the one tasked to watch her every movement. Jill—no, there was a line for everyone.

True to her analysis on Geraldo’s character, one year after she had graduated, the war with the Rave Empire started. By that time, her first troop had already gone through their first battle along with several other battlefields. Both in name and reality, he had become an aide to Jill.

Lawrence, whose magical prowess was below average, was deemed a failure in Kratos. But, he had a lot of intelligence and knowledge to compensate for his lack of magic.

To Lawrence, whom always showed a gentle smile and didn’t show his true feelings easily—it was either Camila or Zeke who nicknamed him, ‘Tanuki Warrior’.

There was also the fact that six years later, he chose Jill over Geraldo.

But that was the story of future Jill, whom had built a relationship of trust with him—

—as of the presence, he was definitely Geraldo’s subordinate.

The fact that he was currently there at the moment, it meant—

is this guy performing espionage? I should’ve heard a little bit about him from Geraldo back when he was my subordinate… my unit, regardless of everyone’s past, was…

She had only learned about the past of Camila and Zeke in the Rave Empire. Perhaps her former self focused too much on doing her job.

She couldn’t help but regret. In the first place, she didn’t think that the secretive man, whom had but one or two quirks, had ever told her honestly about his past. Or perhaps, he didn’t want to let Jill know so he wouldn’t be taken advantage of.

“Jill, huh. The daughter of the Saber Family of the neighboring kingdom has the same name—do you know anything about that?”

no, that may not be the case.

“H, huh!? Really!? I didn’t know! By the way, where are the others?”

Lawrence laughed at Jill, then answered as she gazed around.

“Oh, I joined the team about a month ago, but lately, no one has come. Did you come here alone? Are there others?”

“They said there are others, but as I thought… is this their method of elimination?”

“Well, it’s also nice when there’s only a few people like this—it’s time, let’s start our patrol.”

Looking up at the clock in the fountain square, Lawrence stood up with his book and walked forward. While matching his pace with Jill’s, he kept talking.

“The apprentices who are determined to be good matches for a dragon starts their careers by becoming dragon caretakers. On the other hand, the apprentices with poor aptitude are thus tasked to patrol the city to accustom themselves to the land.”

“…To accustom themselves, to the land?”

“This is my theory, which is also taught in the lecture, but the existence of dragons is a territorial issue of the Rave Empire. Dragons are born and grow up under the sky with the protection of the Dragon God Rave. About them hating magic, mythologically, there are many humans with strong magical powers in the enemy kingdom—Kratos. I think it’s a defense instinct to hate such people. The fire of dragons burns away magical power—to put it the other way around, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have magical power.”


Although you actually don’t have a lot of magical power—she didn’t say that, though.

“Therefore, people who have a strong desire to protect this city and empire—dragons are more likely to get attached to such people, who are probably close to the image of the Dragon God Rave.”

“Ha, I see, that’s why we become the policeman of the city.”

If they properly looked after the people, and also grew attached to the city, then their aptitude with dragons might change.

“Since it’s only a theory, it’s not very reliable…”

“No, it’s actually easy to comprehend. In other words, it’s a matter of patriotism.”

In that case, it was no wonder that Lawrence, who came to spy on the Rave Empire, wasn’t compatible with dragons.

I am not thinking of attacking the Rave Empire, however, if it’s related to what I’ve done in the past… then probably, I indeed had such intentions in the past.

She beat and shot many of them down, and even attacked the Rave Empire. She occupied that exact fortified city, where Elynsia died because she was confused by the struggle of succession. Jill had even fought with the Rave Imperial Army to recapture that city.

None of that had happened yet—but Jill remembered them precisely.

“It sure is difficult…”

“Despite so, do you still want to be a Dragon Knight?”

“Or rather, I just want a black dragon with golden eyes…”

After widening his eyes, Lawrence laughed in amusement.

“That’s amazing. First of all, they’re hard to find—I also doubt the members of Rave Royal Family can meet one.”

“By the way, it seems that the Imperial City has grown noisier.”

She tried to sneakily gather info in her small talk. Lawrence briefly nodded.

“Are you talking about the talk that Hadith Theos Rave is a false emperor? Something about his heavenly sword is a fake. It seems that the dukes are currently in search for Hadith Theos Rave to procure the truth—but in reality, it’s such an opportunistic situation. You just can’t decide which side is right.”

“Eeh, is that so?”

Lawrence smiled at Jill, who thought that the Three Dukes were dancing on top of Georg’s hands.

“Everyone is concerned—about whether or not Hadith Theos Rave’s 20th birthday will claim the life of the former king, Georg’s little brother.”


That was quite an unexpected perspective for Jill, who only knew about Hadith’s curse from the Kingdom of Kratos.

***T/N: …Yeah, there’re a lot of things left undone in the first arc, isn’t it? The curse, etc. More like, the first arc is for Jill to gain Hadith’s trust, while second arc will deal with things that THOT goddess has/ would wreck in the future.

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