The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

66. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (14)

Jill, who returned home after a long time, was greeted by a sweet and sour smile—Hadith was boiling strawberry jam in a pan.

“Huh? Aren’t you early? Welcome back—Jill?”

Turning off the heat of the stove, Hadith appeared wearing an apron and bandanna. He was probably concerned because Jill was only wearing a blouse instead of her military uniform.

Standing at the door, Jill frowned. She couldn’t bear to look at Hadith’s face.

“I’m home… there was a bit of a fuss and I got injured… I will rest in my room.”

“Injured? The apprentices aren’t yet ready to enter the actual battle, right? No way, someone like you would actually hurt herself in training?”

“Don’t worry, it’s but a scratch, not to mention, it has been treated.”

She passed by Hadith and entered the room at the back. She wanted to be alone for a little bit. It may be impossible because she shared a room with Hadith and it had no key, but she closed the door properly.

She placed her bag on a small, wooden, round table and threw herself on the solid bed. There was no dust and it smelled like the sun because Hadith cleaned it every day.

I am useless…

Letting out a weak noise, she immediately hugged Haddy which was beside her.

Not only was her magical power sealed, she also caused the same thing to happen to Hadith. When she joined the Dragon Knights with the purpose of collecting information, she was instead greeted with hostility by a dragon. Rosa quickly calmed down, but it seemed that Jill was the only one she was ever hostile with.

If a purple-eyed red dragon was hostile towards her, it was most likely that other dragons would react the same.

Although nothing had been said yet, humans who received the hostility of the dragons wouldn’t become Dragon Knights. She might not even be able to stay in the Dragon Knights—then, her means of collecting information would also vanish.

I thought that with my magical power being sealed, I could somehow pass the aptitude test… but it seems that the dragon saw through me… even though I am the Dragon Princess…

Jill’s eyes went to the ring on her left hand—it was shining no longer. Rave also disappeared—it was her who could no longer see him.

Without my magical power, I won’t be of any help towards His Majesty…

The reason why Hadith wanted Jill was not only because she was under the age of 14, but also because she had high magical prowess—now that she understood it wasn’t because he had a penchant for little girls, the requirement became scary in another sense.

At such times, she just wanted to fall asleep—then, surely, she would be fine again.

She didn’t want to think about how she couldn’t help Hadith due to her lack of magic anymore.

“Jill, I will open the door.”

She heard the door open. Jill held her breath, pretending to be asleep.

“I heard from Zeke… you got injured because of a dragon.”

Hadith quietly approached, seemingly unaware that Jill was pretending to sleep. Then, he sat down on the side of the bed.

“Right now, I am speaking to Rave—you’re being noisy, Rave, it’s just a discussion. I’m giving you a choice, aren’t I?”

But, if she talks about the incident with the Dragon God, wouldn’t that be called cheating? Thinking so, she continued to pretend asleep.

“Besides, the one who will be making the choice wouldn’t be me, but Jill. That’s why, Jill, this might come off as harsh, but I still want you to hear it nonetheless.”

I am asleep, I am asleep… despite so, Jill did actually listen.

“Which do you want? Baked, simmered, or steamed?”

“What kind of choice is that!?”

Jill jumped up, and Hadith gently smiled.

“Isn’t it obvious? I am talking about that red dragon who hurt you—don’t be noisy, Rave; I will kill that dragon, I will definitely kill that dragon—this is the decision of the Dragon Emperor. You can only decide which method of cooking and seasoning it will go through.”

“Wait, dragons can be eaten!? No, eating them is okay!?”

“It’s alright—I told you, shut up, Rave—! Even dragons consist of meat—therefore, they should be edible! Jill got hurt! There’s no way for that dragon to redeem itself now other than by becoming a delicious dish!”

Jill panicked—somehow, it was as if she could hear Rave begging for the red dragon’s salvation.

“Your Majesty! I am fine! It’s but a scratch, I am merely shocked, that is all!”

“I heard it from Zeke, you didn’t even touch my lunchbox! The lunchbox I made with all my love! All because of that dragon! I even included a dessert! Silence, Rave, Jill is more important and cuter than a dragon! What!? So, if the Dragon Emperor requests for a dragon to die it might die!? Oh, so you’re on the side of that dragon, now—fine, I will be the one who protects Jill!”

“I am fine, please calm down, Your Majesty. Don’t quarrel with Rave-sama.”

“Jill is the bride of my own choosing! I won’t listen to any complaints about that! Not even from you, Rave!”

About to interrupt, Jill’s head went blank for a moment—afterwards, shame arrived.

Aah, I simply dislike myself…

Hadith himself seemed unaware of what he just said, and was engrossed in his dispute with Rave.

“Something called the trials of the Dragon Princess can just kill themselves! Who cares if that red dragon thought she was standing in as my mother-in-law or whatever! If she dares bully my wife, she’s nothing but an ingredient! If you’re dissatisfied with that, look for another vesse! You thick, snake-looking—”

When she hugged Hadith, whom was provoking Rave, he stopped immediately. Even though both of her arms were encircling his body, he didn’t resist. Perhaps because he also lacked magic and strength—

—despite so, even if she hugged his body with all her strength, he would surely accept her. His body, which was bigger than her, and its strength—as of now, it was the most reliable thing she had.

“Your Majesty.”

“Ye, yes, what it is, Jill?”

“I love you!”

She lifted her face, stared straight at his face, and declared so.

After a brief silence, steam could be seen smoking out of Hadith’s head.

“W, why so suddenly!?”

“I am fine! Even if I can’t get along with that red dragon, I am sure I can defeat it!”

She wondered why she was so dejected a while ago. She raised her fist and leaped high.

Just because my time got rewound, it doesn’t mean everything will go my way. Obviously, don’t be weak, me!

She mustn’t lose sight of what she had to do. Jill’s purpose wasn’t to become the Dragon Princess—

—it was to make Hadith happy. The title Dragon Princess was nothing more but a means to achieve it.

“I shall do my best to prevent myself from being fired from the Dragon Knights—for now, I am hungry. I want to have the lunchbox! By the way, what’s for dinner?”

“Um… a pie stuffed with vegetables and minced meat…”

“Really!? I am looking forward to it!”

“W, what about your injury!?”

“I am fine! I feel way better now—thanks to Your Majesty!”

She pumped her fist, and Hadith’s eyes swum as his face became flushed.

“I, is that so? Well, then that’s alright… um, about the thing I said just now…”

“When it comes to dragons, it’s alright, now. I’ve decided on my goal.”

Jill looked up at Hadith whom was sitting on the bed. Beautiful black hair and golden eyes—Jill’s husband was so beautiful, she wanted to show him off to the world.

“…For a dragon, I will aim for a black one—one with golden eyes.”

Hadith put his finger on his chin and thought seriously.

“A black dragon with golden eyes? I have never seen one before. Where would such a dragon be, Rave? Tell me, and I will refrain from turning that red dragon into an ingredient, so tell me—‘In the first place, why do you want such a dragon’ asked Rave.”

“Because it’s the same colors of His Majesty! That’s why I want one! I want to ride it!”

In the eyes of Hadith, only Jill was reflected—such a fact always made Jill happy.

“So, I will do my best. Pplease cheer me on, Your Majesty!”

She had decided so—she mustn’t stay dejected anymore.

She shall think about the future while setting such a simple goal.

Bringing her lunchbox with her, Jill left the room with light footsteps.

Hadith was left alone on the bed, still in a daze as he stared at Jill’s disappearing back.

For him, nothing would be better than her cheering up, despite so…

“…The same colors as me, she said… she wanted to ride it, she said…”

Hadith suddenly fell to the bed, hiding his bright red face with both hands as he agonized.

“I know Rave! That’s not what she’s implying, I got it! Don’t laugh! I am not thinking about anything weird! Oh no… I got too emotional because of a dragon…”

Rave said something, however, Hadith had already closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm his heart.

Because it’s also outrageous-sounding at the same time! No dragon would readily acknowledge a Dragon Princess, despite so, I can’t help but get excited because she’s such a wonderful Dragon Princess—I think everything will be okay now…

Because she was one who never dwelled too long on misery.

Hadith laughed, picturing Jill flying across the sky on a black dragon—he couldn’t help but feel proud.

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