The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

65. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (13)

The training ground, which they rushed towards, was full of excitement.

Despite them being apprentice Dragon Knights, the garrison and the stables where the dragons resided were usually off-limits. First their general ability and aptitude needed to be assessed, afterwards, they would learn how to care for dragons and also received more explanation regarding dragons in general.

Jill honestly thought it would be a long time before she had her first contact with a dragon—but, as the fruit store clerk had said, Elynsia was present alongside her dragon. Jill beamed.

Although they were lined up in a single row called ‘alignment’, everyone’s attention was focused solely on the dragon.

Looking at such newcomers with a bitter smile, Elynsia, whom was in front of them, exclaimed.

“Today, you will be greeting my dragon! It’s quite simple, really, you only need to bow your head and say hello! That way, the aptitude can then be determined. Rosa—my dragon’s name—is close to being the highest-ranking dragon. I want all of you to take a look at the color of this child’s scales!”

Elynsia stroked the red-scaled dragon beside her.

Rosa let out a voice from her throat as she squinted her purple eyes.

“The rank of a dragon is determined by the color of its scales. From the strongest, it would be silver, black, then red. Or, as people often said, the colors of the day, night, and dawn. Rankings within the same color are identifiable by their eye colors . Gold eyes are high, whilst purple are low. Even if red dragons are third in the hierarchy, there are no silver dragons—there are no silver dragons with golden eyes other than the Dragon God Rave.”

Vaguely, Jill could picture the figure of Rave, whom would laugh shamelessly—indeed, his body shone silver as his golden eyes gleamed—the combination of two legendary colors.

So, Rave is indeed a Dragon God… well, obviously, he could transform into a heavenly sword, after all.

For some reason, she felt both relief and sympathy.

“There are also no silver dragons with purple eyes because only the Dragon God Rave is allowed to have silver-colored scales. However, there are black dragons with golden eyes—these too, are legendary existences. According to one theory, it’s the color Rave had when he was still the Dragon Emperor. Perhaps because of this, the Royal Family of Rave is often born with black, gold, or purple colors in either their hair or eyes. I believe their colors that symbolize dragons—I also have black eyes.”

Hadith possessed a beautiful black hair and bright golden eyes—the colors of the legendary Dragon Emperor. She thought it was also decided that he who would become the Dragon Emperor would inherit the heavenly sword. Despite so, if the blood of the Royal Family of Rave was drawn, an argument could be made that his hair and eye colors were simply the product of a coincidence.

“Let’s return to our main topic—dragons. In other words, black dragons rarely appear in the world, not only those with gold eyes, but also the purple ones. If the silver dragon is the god, then the black dragon is probably the king or the queen. They have the same wisdom as people and can speak in our language. It’s said that the scales of dragons, which have lived for hundreds of years, have evolved over and over again, which leads to a change in their colors—but in any case, evidence is hardly available. So far, I believe you can understand that Rosa is practically the highest-ranking dragon.”

Rave was the only silver dragon. Black dragons were also close to being legendary creatures.

Then, the highest rank of dragon that humans could handle was the red dragon, which was actually the third in the hierarchy of dragons.

“It’s said that red is the color exclusive to the Rave Royal Family because it’s the color of the dragon. Since white and black are reserved for the Dragon God and Kings, we instead chose red to pay our respects. The colors of the remaining scales from the strongest would be orange, yellow, and green—akin to the colors of rainbow. In addition, tea and ash colored dragons are also often seen, and there are also spotted ones, but they fall under different categories. We also use that to signify the ranks of the Dragon Knights. Because apprentices are at the bottom, your armbands are light blue—which isn’t the color of any dragon.”

No uniforms were provided for the apprentices. Instead, armbands were distributed. Jill glanced at her arm and saw the color—certainly, it was light blue. Meanwhile, the armor of the senior knights watching at them were green.

“The highest-ranking knights who can ride red dragons don’t wear red uniforms because that color could only be used by the Rave Royal Family. Instead, they use purple armor—the same color as the eyes of the red dragon.”

Saying so, Elynsia showed her armband. It was gold—however, it probably wasn’t because it was the eye color of the highest-ranking dragon and more because it corresponded to the color of the Dragon God.

“By the way, of course, not to mention light blue, there are also no dragons with blue scales. There’s a myth saying that the Goddess Kratos, who yearns for the sky, stole those dragons. The Goddess mistook their blueness for the sky, and made it a color exclusive for the Kratos royalty.”

Suddenly, Jill recalled the anecdote of Kratos.

…It seems that in Rave Empire, there’s also that kind of anecdote. In Rave, does the color remind the people of the stolen dragons?

The difference in interpretations between the two kingdoms was certainly interesting.

The same could probably be said about the color red, which was an exclusive color in the Rave Empire. Just now, it was explained that red was chosen in honor of the ranks of dragons, but there also existed a mainstream theory that in Kratos, the color red wasn’t forbidden. The Goddess let people use such a color because it was the color of human blood—to symbolize that they wouldn’t be ruled by dragons.

“Please keep in the hierarchy and classes of the dragons in mind. The main subject starts from here. Now that the hierarchy of the dragons has been explained, we move on to the compatibility test. To put it simply, humans recognized by higher dragons are naturally recognized by lower dragons. Of course, I am referring to green, tea, and other colored dragons. So, you don’t have to worry about them if Rosa acknowledges you.”

However, Elynsia laughed.

“If Rosa returns your greeting, there’s no doubt that even if you’re merely an apprentice, you will be able to ride Ace-class orange dragons. If you’re permitted to touch her, being able to ride a red dragon is no longer a dream. You’re on the course of success. Well, most of you will probably be ignored by her, but everyone wants to start big, right?”

In a respond to Elynsia’s question, everyone cheered. Jill also raised both hands with glittering eyes.

The order of greeting Rosa was according to their rankings in the previous match—

—in other words, Zeke would be the first.

Attracting everyone’s attention, Zeke did as Elynsia told—however, there was a great reluctance on his face. Zeke kneeled and lowering his head—it was said that the so-called humble attitude was a greeting to dragons.

As everyone looked at him with bathed breath, Rosa, who stared at Zeke and seemed like she was about to hang her head, suddenly pushed him, causing him to land on his bottom.

After that, she turned away from such Zeke and ignored him.

The incomprehensible gesture of the dragon caused Elynsia to laugh brilliantly.

“Isn’t that great? She’s giving you a payback for what you did the other day.”

“Huh—!? What’s so great about that—!? You asking for a fight—no, umm, just kidding, Ma’am.”

Midway, Zeke probably realized Elynsia was the leader, and started becoming formal. However, Elynsia didn’t mind. After laughing briskly, she continued with her explanation.

“She didn’t ignore you completely, and it carries a positive prospect when she makes fun of you. You can probably handle a green dragon. Moreover, if Rosa suddenly returns a greeting here, those seniors Dragon Knights would completely be crushed…”

Elynsia’s words caused the senior knights who also attended the baptism to laugh.

What a nice atmosphere… she’s having us indirectly intermingle with the elite Dragon Knights…

When Zeke stood up and left, Elynsia extended her hand.

“To tell you the truth, even if you receive a green dragon, you’re still considered a great Dragon Knight. Most Dragon Knights receive green dragons, then tea, gray, and spotted dragons. Come on, don’t be so down, who’s next!”

A newcomer went forward with a rush of momentum, however, the dragon threatened him by slamming her foot on the ground with a bang. Afterwards, the dragon only spared a glance—and without anyone being able to make the dragon respond to their greetings, Jill’s turn soon came.

Elynsia laughed meaningfully as Jill stepped forward.

“Aah, it’s you. I wonder how will you manage.”

“I will do my best!”

Declaring so, Jill closed her eyes, hung her head low, and kneeled.

I hope we can get along well! I want my own dragon! I wish to coolly ride one, just like His Majesty! Yes, if I can—

The wind blew softly. In a short moment, the gentle atmosphere vanished. Iin its place was a murderous intent.

Instinctively, Jill kicked the ground and leaped away. Sharp, large claws grazed her, tearing her attire from shoulder to chest. A faint heat and pain struck her—she was slashed.

“Rosa!? What are you doing!?”

Rosa roared, ignoring Elynsia’s command. She spread her wings wide and stayed on Jill. Her dazzling purple eyes gleamed in hostility.

“Rosa! I am telling you to stop! Jill, you have to make yourself scarce, I will take care of this!”

She could understand even if she didn’t have any knowledge about dragons—Rosa was aiming for a completely threatening behavior. Zeke hugged the dazed Jill and left the scene.

“Captain, are you okay? Your wound?”

“I, I am okay… My clothes got ripped however, it’s only a scratch.”

“Let’s go to the first aid room.”

“But why… I am the Dragon Princess… I am His Majesty’s wife…”

At her words, Zeke paused for an instant. Wordlessly, he continued towards the first aid room.

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