The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

64. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (12)

“Have a safe trip.”

“See you.”

After receiving a bag containing a lunchbox and a gentle kiss from Hadith, Jill went to Zeke, whom was waiting in front of the stone wall.

Sauté, the chick which seemed like it only consisted of a head, chirped. The clever chick was also seeing her off.

“Saute, you mustn’t eat from His Majesty’s fields! Camila, I entrust His Majesty to you.”

“Yes, yes~”

“Zeke, let’s see who can reach the road first!”

“Just run, already, otherwise I’ll leave you behind.”

Zeke’s reply was lacking in motivation, but he still went after Jill down the mountain path.

On her fifth day of work, she had become quite accustomed to said mountain path. The stream flowed across the stones as it slowed down and the road leading to the castle gate came into sight.

“Zeke, don’t hesitate to overtake me.”

“There’s no way I can do that. I’m still your knight. That said, you’re as lively as ever, huh, Captain?”

“Because today’s lunch comes with dessert!”

Staring at Jill, whom happily spun around the road, Zeke’s eyes were filled with mixed feelings.

“You haven’t forgotten why you took the risk of becoming an apprentice Dragon Knights, right?”

“I still remember, you know.”

“Then, that’s fine. Listen well, Captain, you mustn’t stand out—well, you already are, but don’t become more conspicuous than this.”

“I think you’ll stand out more than me, Zeke. I got first place in the rookie training competition the other day! However, I lost in the quarterfinals… hence why, I mustn’t lose again.”

When she felt a bit down, Hadith promised to make a jam for Jill using the strawberries he had harvested. She was truly looking forward to it.

“I never thought I would get in the top ten… In the first place, I’ve never won anything during my time in Veilburg—isn’t that quite a shocker?”

“Even if you have no magical power, it will be more of a shocker if you actually lose against those newcomers.”

“It’s fine to be ambitious, but even if they are ‘newcomers’, they could’ve belonged to the Order of Knights at some point, or are experienced mercenaries—there are a lot of them who are skillful. Sure, there are those who’re still green, too—but all of them are older, and not to mention, are all men. Captain is not only the youngest, but also the only female recruit.”

Then, he pointed an index finger at the tip of her nose.

“Be aware of your position, okay? Even if the leader is a woman, the Dragon Knights is a society of males, and there are a lot of immature ones who become apprentices. It’s about time for their screws to be loosened. I will also pay close attention, but do be careful—there might be those who’ll attempt silly mischief against a woman.”

“…’Silly mischief’?”

“T, that’s… well, ask Camila.” It would be ridiculous if he was the one who said it!

Jill laughed at Zeke as he softly averted his gaze.

“It’s alright, I shall just aim for their weak spots.

“I understand. I am in the wrong. Let’s stop this conversation. I intended to give you some advice, but I felt like at this rate, that Emperor is going to kill me.”

“His Majesty? But Zeke is only worried about me, there’s no reason for His Majesty to get angry…”

“That’s beside the point. You have to keep in mind that a man is that kind of creature!”

At the end of the conversation, her hair got ruffled. Thus, she had to adjust it using her hands as she passed through the gate.

She had become accustomed to the sight of the bustling market in the morning. She saw many faces.

“Jill-chan, do your best today, too. Here, as a thanks for the other day—for you, too, Sir.”

The fruit store clerk threw apples to Jill and Zeke. When they went around the city, the clerk was involved in a horse-drawn carriage accident, thus they helped clear the shop. From that moment on, they started receiving that kind of greeting.

“Thanks.” Zeke responded immediately before biting into the apple.

“On my way home, I will be shopping, so expect me to come, Old Man.”

“Well, that will depend on how good of a Dragon Knight you become. Today is the baptism of dragon, isn’t it?”

The clerk laughed at Jill and Zeke.

“What, so you guys didn’t know? When you go to the training ground, there’s a dragon that’s always with Lady Elynsia, right? Yes. There’s that thing called the annual baptism of the dragon amongst the Dragon Knights—to put it short, it’s a dragon aptitude test.”

***T/N: There’re actually a lot of interesting conflicts so far, Jill losing her signature magical power… how the dragon despise her because she’s from Kratos… I truly wonder where this story will develop.

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