The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

63. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (11)

“Jill-chan really stands out~ is this okay, Your Majesty~?”

Surrounded by tall and thick walls were four exceptionally high observation towers at each corner of the city’s four walls. They overlooked the surrounding area and the city.

Camila lifted her face from the telescope. Meanwhile, Hadith was clutching his chest, trying to calm his fluttering heart.

“As expected, my bride is too awesome…”

“Your Majesty, are you aware that we’re doing this by your command? It’s already hard enough to come here without being noticed…~”

“To top it off, she’s also very cute… I have to prepare a special dinner to celebrate her passing the exam.”

The sight of her carrying the lunch box is too adorable…

Camila sighed.

“It seems that you’re ignoring me~… Well, not a problem… Your Majesty, a while ago, did you stop that dragon?”

“Yes. But keep that a secret from Jill, and also the fact that we’ve been following her today.”

He knew that the dragon would be used for the entrance exam. Therefore, Hadith decided to watch from a distance and help if there was an emergency.

“Because Jill is a serious person, she might get angry because I was being dishonest. Even if I didn’t stop the dragon, I am sure my Older Sister would’ve stopped it.”

“Well, if a Dragon Emperor were to face against a dragon, it won’t be a match, or an exam. But isn’t Jill-chan the Dragon Princess? There’s no protection of any kind on her?”

“Indeed, Jill is a Dragon Princess whom has been blessed by the Dragon God. Despite so, dragons are the alter ego of the Dragon God—they’re divine ambassadors, meaning that they are under the Dragon God. Moreover, she possesses the magic of the Goddess, which dragons dislike. I think it would be hard for her to make them obey. Also, bBecause Rave is too indulgent, those dragons aren’t disciplined.”

Then, Rave started groaning in his head, so Hadith frowned.

Rave complained, saying that dragons were sacred creatures, therefore, mustn’t easily obey human. There was also the fact that dragons were made in his image. Rave who found those dragons precious wanted them to be as free as possible—

Was I spot on? Hadith decided to say nothing.

“In addition, the Dragon Princess exists for the sake of the Goddess.”

“Well, that’s what you said. But what will you do if Jill get angry~?”

“I’ve explained it properly—to which she answered that if the Goddess returns again, she will basically turn Her into wood chips. I couldn’t stop laughing, I thought I would acquire bronchitis.”

“…At that time, I had fallen asleep, already… that sounds like Jill-chan, indeed~”

“I wonder if the Goddess will truly be reduced into wood chips…”

Remembering the conversation incited a laugh from Hadith. He had to cover his mouth with his hands.

The fact that Jill managed to split the Goddess spear in half was already shocking enough. However, if she managed to turn the Goddess into wood chips, Hadith thought he would never cease laughing. Also, Jill seemed to think that the Goddess was merely a black spear.

In truth, the Goddess’ true appearance was a pretty and lovely maiden which fascinated everyone who saw it—

it would be better if I don’t say that out loud.

When facing the Goddess, Jill looked reliable, but also a little scary. He felt some kind of anticipation when he thought mentioning it would cause her to become jealous—despite so, he was also aware that in the end, he would be the one suffering the consequences. That much, Hadith already knew.

He had also discussed it with Rave—the prize he would receive on the dawn of victory would remain as a prize only if he stayed still.

“But, despite not being able to use your sacred weapon, you still followed her, Your Majesty~”

“We were fortunate. If the dragon was instead a high-ranking, powerful, and intelligent one, it won’t obey unless I carry the heavenly sword with me.”

“Then, if you’re able to command dragons, shouldn’t recapturing the Imperial Capital be an easy task~?”

The Dragon Knight Jill had chosen was intelligent.

However, inside the smiling Hadith, there was a gentle Dragon God whom was akin to a supportive parent.

“I told you, dragons are the ambassadors of the Dragon God Rave. Regardless of being used in conflicts between the people, a dragon attacking the people or the member of the Royal Family of Rave would result in harm. Furthermore, it’s exactly those people and the royal family that the Dragon God should be protecting. Hence why, it would be considered unreasonable. If overdone, Rave would lose his status as a deity, which would cause this emperor’s protection to diminish.”

“…Doesn’t that mean that dragons are pretty much weak against internal conflict~?”

“But, just as a dragon is allowed to protect itself, it would be a different story if the Dragon God—the Dragon Emperor is harmed. It’s acceptable for me to purge humans using dragons if it means protecting myself. Whether that human is a commoner, or a member of the royal family, or even a dragon.”

The sensible Dragon Knight seemed to have captured what Hadith intended to say. The tips of her eyebrows, which were trimmed every morning, seemed to go down a little.

“Which means…”

“That will be the last resort. None of the Royal Family of Rave knows the horror of throwing stones at me. The only existence that is thought to be permissible to harm me is—”

‘—only me.’

Hadith’s eyes became wide open. He looked around sharply—

—the voice he had heard just now, it was the Goddess’.

“What’s wrong, Your Majesty~?”

“No… I think it’s just my feelings…”

In the middle of shaking off said feelings, Hadith reconsidered—

—because Jill was with him, the Goddess couldn’t follow Hadith. Other than that, the Goddess must had been quite exhausted after her previous battle with Jill, and it would be difficult for Her to move.

However, if there was a vessel, the story was different.

In the first place, such a possibility existed—the origin of Georg’s false sword proved that.

It was truly unpleasant.

However, that kind of situation, which he would usually try hard to ignore, now didn’t feel so painful—how mysterious. In fact, it felt a tad bit fun.

Because someone said she would protect him. Someone asked him to keep on living. Someone promised to make him happy—

—despite so.

I wonder to what extent you truly love me.

Hadith’s dark attachment, surely, Jill hadn’t noticed that yet.

***T/N: I wonder if Hadith noticed how deeply in love he was with Jill to the point he can get a literal heart attack… bruh ur not a yan you’re actually cheri.

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