Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

15. For the Sake of a Human’s Life, it Can’t be Helped


Tistye awoke to the crackling sound of fire. She raised her body slowly. The fireplace was the room’s only source of light—nothing was visible except for some wooden crates by the wall.

It looked like an old mountain hut. Tistye became absent-minded for a moment, but when she realized Gaizel was lying a little further away from her, she immediately rushed to him.

“Lord Gaizel…!”

She touched his body gently.

His body was terribly cold to the touch—despite so, his breathing was stable; he was alive. From the bottom of her heart, Tistye felt relieved.

“—he’s still asleep.”

Suddenly she heard a low voice.

When Tistye turned around to search for the voice, there was a sturdy-looking man with fine beard. A small hatchet was held in his right hand—Tistye grew wary.

“However, he’s safe. Rest easy.”

“…and you are?”

“Is that how you look at your benefactor?”

The man sighed and added the firewood he had in his other hand into the fireplace. The flame burnt up anew, rising just like a new tree, swaying and illuminating the dim room. Apparently, he wasn’t from Verscia.

“I, I am very sorry… it’s because there are some circumstances…”

“Well, obviously. You guys decided to go into the mountains in such attire, that’s just not normal.”

That being said, Tistye looked at their attire. Because they were just traveling, not only were they in incognito, said attires were also in tatters. Tistye finally recalled their situation.

Chased by the soldiers, we jumped off the cliff…

It seemed that Tistye had fainted due to the impact of the fall. Afterwards, Gaizel probably booted his horse to go on a little more—how far did they actually go?

“Thank you for saving us… and, can you please tell me where is this?”

“This is Isiris. That said, there’re only a few small settlements on the outskirts of the North.”


Tisyte’s heart slightly relaxed due to the familiar name.

Of course, she was still wary because in the end, Isiris still belonged to Verscia.

However, she had also heard that it was hard to move in the North of Isiris—especially during the current season. Not only that, food and supplies were also difficult to obtain. If so, the messenger from the royal capital may yet have to arrive.

That’s good, then… it doesn’t seem like we will be caught right away…

Despite so, when Gaizel wakes up, they would have no place to go.

We can’t return to the Imperial Capital… nor can we return to Lacie…

Tistye stared at Gaizel whom was sleeping soundly, and exhaled as if she had decided something.

“Um… I would like to ask for your understanding…”


“It will only be until the end of winter… can you please let us stay in the village?”


The sound of something heavy falling could be heard from the front door. When Tistye heard the sound, she immediately ran towards the door.

Gaizel opened the door from the outside, and was dragging a big deer by its foot over the soil.

“Welcome home! Amazing, what a big catch!”

“Yes. I found it by chance—I was quite fortunate.”

“It’s also a big help! I will have the rice ready soon!”

At first, Tistye—who had never seen raw venison—trembled when she saw the bloody, grotesque, texture.

However, as a result of struggling in such a harsh environment, she had recently become accustomed to it. Tistye was having the flashback of a few weeks ago as Gaizel changed into his winter attire.

—the sturdy-looking man was named Dita. He told them that he lived in the village of Isiris alongside his daughter.

“In villages, it’s only natural to help each other—keep that in mind.”

Dita kindly lend them one of his unused huts. Therefore, Gaizel disguised himself as ‘Zell’ and Tistye as ‘Tista’ and they began living as a young couple.

“Hunting is a man’s job. The captured prey shall then be shared.”

Elderly people and young people were both present in the village, and Gaizel, whom was young and well-built, was especially welcomed. Dita seemed to be the leader of everyone. Gaizel was quietly learning about hunting methods and tools—he often received curious glances because of his newcomer status.

On the other hand, it was Anrie who guided Tistye—she was the aforementioned daughter of Dita. Her age was about seven or eight years old—a cute girl with eye-catching black hair.

“While the dads are hunting, it’s the women’s tasks to preserve foods and create products to sell in town!”

At the meeting place she was brought to, the harvested crop were dried. Tasks such as making parquets was also done. At first, most were curious about Tistye’s unusual hair color, despite so, when the woman who seemed to be their leader appeared, everyone closed their mouths at once.

Tistye got frustrated many times with all the unfamiliar work, but she still desperately learned how to do them.

Thus, Gaizel and Tistye decided to hide and live in the small settlement in Isiris.


After dinner, Gaizel stopped Tistye, who had finished cleaning. He left the sofa in front of the fireplace to crouch down and see how Tistye was doing.

“I… what I said before, I meant it. You can just return to Lacie if you want.”

Tistye smiled as she stared at Gaizel. While saying that, Gaizel closed his eyes.

She shook her head slowly.

“—and as I said before, I won’t.”

“You don’t have to force yourself to stay with me. I am the Emperor no longer—be it authority or wealth, I have them no longer.”

His words caused Tistye’s chest to tighten.

“Lord Gaizel, the reason I want to stay with you has nothing to do with that.”


“Since coming here, you’ve spoke more often with me, Lord Gaizel. I also can be with you for a longer time than when I was in the royal palace—that’s why, I am really happy.”

Tistye recently felt that the voice of Gaizel’s heart was becoming less frequent.

Of course, it still sounded more vivid than all other voices of the hearts she had ever heard—but perhaps, it was because Gaizel himself had more time to convey what he thought.

While he was in the royal palace, he was probably pressured to be more recognized than the previous Emperor, as such, he thought that he must never show any of his true feelings. His arrogant attitude and words were akin to his strength.

However, in that village, where Gaizel’s identity was unknown, there was no need for him to put up a front. Gaizel could become himself—which yield a positive effect.

“I see…”

Gaizel quietly gazed at Tistye, who laughed gently. The corners of his mouth raised a little as he said, “I will retire first.” And went to the bedroom.


“You don’t have to force yourself to stay with me. I am the Emperor no longer—be it authority or wealth, I have them no longer.”

Oof. This sentence, depends on who you said it to, can come across as being rly hurtful… no, actually, to whoever you said it to, it’s rly an ‘OOF’ sentence. GAIZEL C’MON COMMUNICATE MORE WITH TISTYE AND COMPLETELY GRASP SHE ISN’T THAT KIND OF PERSON, DON’T WORD THINGS LIKE THIS, MAN.

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