The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

62. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (10)

“Everyone! Calm down and evacuate!”

Instructions flew from the Dragon Knights. However, confusion had already spread to both the examinees and the townspeople in the square.

Screams and angry voices rose—people started running while pushing each other. Because of that, the instructions of the Dragon Knights fell on to deaf ears.

“Oi! Captain, what are you planning to do—as expected!”

Jill rushed ahead, from behind, Zeke’s cry could be heard.

Perhaps frustrated, the dragon gradually moved, and the ground shook each time. A Dragon Knight fell in front of said dragon, about to be trampled mercilessly.

Zeke took out his great sword and slipped in from underneath. In the meantime, Jill embraced the Dragon Knight and escaped.

“Are you okay?”

“Y, yes, how about you?”

“I am fine, just go evacuate the residents! The street on the South side is open, so head there!”

Due to everyone scampering away all at once, the East and West main streets were blocked. The dragon turned around and saw Jill. She took the long sword from the waist of the Dragon Knight without hesitation.

“Damn! This sword feels heavy! If only my magic is still available, such a small dragon, I could bring about its demise through a blow to the jaw alone!”

But it wasn’t too big to handle. She focused her remaining magical power on her arm muscles and soles of her feet. The dragon looked down at Jill—apparently, he recognized Jill as an enemy.

“Hey, you! It’s useless! The sword won’t work against the dragon’s scale!”

“Just get away, already! You’re in the way!”

After Jill shouted at him, the Dragon Knight nodded.

Even if it was a small dragon, it was taller than a two-story house. The dragon roared its flames—Jill ran away from it. She aimed at its soft belly and the inside of its feet.

“Zeke! Assist me!”


Zeke leaped in front of the dragon who swung its forefoot up to crush Jill. Even though she can’t use magic, she is still damn courageous about it!

When the dragon shifted its attention to Zeke, Jill get under the dragon’s bosom and slashed at its hind legs. Because of her lack of magic, it only resulted in a cut.

However, it was enough to surprise the dragon.

Its huge body staggered and the rear legs collapsed, leaving it straddling the stone pavement. Although she managed to avoid it—barely—she lost her posture due to the trembling of the ground. Aiming at Jill, the dragon swung down its tail.


If she couldn’t avoid it, she must intercept it.

She gathered all her available magical power—

—however, shortly after she held her sword, the dragon stiffened.


“That’s it, the exam is over!”

A cool female voice resounded.

The dragon collapsed on the spot as if it had lost its power. Jill, crushed by the tail that slowly fell, crawled out.

“Oi! Are you safe!?”

“Y, yes…”

She stood up with the help of Zeke.

There was a shadow again—it was another dragon.

However, this time, there were people aboard it.

While the manned dragon floated in the air, the same voice from before descended.

“Such a great move—never would I’ve thought that a child would be able to perform that. The other one, too, fought against a dragon without magic.”


“You guys pass. You’ve shown your capability, and the results are good. It’s a prototype exam, hence it’s different from usual—but it yields good harvests.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means everything that happened after the roads were closed was merely the exam.”

Zeke frowned at Jill, who answered with a sigh.

To confirm Jill’s answer, the Dragon Knights begun to give quick instructions—it was as if the previous commotion had never happened. The Dragon Knight rescued by Zeke and Jill gave a thumb-up when their lines of sight met.

Residents whom were supposed to have evacuated also returned after a short while. The residents were also looking at the square.

“In other words, it was all a mere act!? What about the destroyed fountain!?”

“It was going to be demolished in the near future, anyway. So, we thought about destroying it during the exam.”

“Then—!? The rampaging dragon!?”

“It’s a dragon that belongs to the Dragon Knights.”

Zeke growled and crouched down.

“Now that I think about it, it only attacked the Dragon Knights and the examinees…”

“A smart child, isn’t it? However, there needs to be a considerable trust and the dragon also need to be trained to listen to commands. Therefore, apprentices, don’t try to imitate this. First, you have to make sure whether or not it’s a rampaging dragon.”

“…But, I also think it was quite stiff?”

Towards Jill’s question, a woman on the back of the dragon—whose face couldn’t be seen due to the backlight—tilted her head in confusion.

“Stiff? This child? Hmm… maybe it’s feeling sick somewhere…”

“…Umm, who are you?”

“Ah, pardon the late introduction.”

From the saddle of the dragon, a woman hopped down.

Before she knew it, the dragon flew and the soft breeze danced.

She brushed her long, silver locks behind her ear, and her black pupils looked straight at Jill.

Donning a knight uniform, her cloak was crimson.

The color that was exclusive to the Royal Family of Rave.

“I am Elynsia Deus Rave—the princess of the Rave Empire.”

It was the princess of an enemy kingdom that was supposed to die in the future.

The bitter memories resurfaced all at once. But it was different now—she was still alive and laughing, as the evidence showed.

“Would it be easier if I introduce myself as the next Duke of Noitral? I have been leading the Dragon Knights here for half a month. Nice to meet you.”

Despite being a princess, Elynsia tenderly reached out—

—swallowing down all the agitation concerning the future, Jill squeezed out her hand.

“I will be in your care.”

Would Elynsia be able to start over? Would she pick Hadith’s side and help him in this life?

That’s right, after all, His Majesty—

Then, she suddenly remembered.

“My lunch box!”

She rushed to the bag she was carrying. Jill, witnessing the tragedy that had befallen Hadith’s handmade three-tiered sandwich through her very eyes, collapsed on spot.

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