I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

35. Third Go! (7)

The lady who quietly came in was as beautiful as an angel.

Pinkish gold hair. Transparent blue eyes. Graceful, bow-shaped eyebrows. A petite nose. Lastly, small, well-formed lips.

Ally was bowing slightly, in addition, there was also the fact that Maximilian was tall. Therefore, she couldn’t bear witness to the otherworldly beauty.

Well, indeed, she doesn’t belong in this world. Long time no see, Mia. You haven’t changed at all—in a sense, I am touched.

Behind the tea wagon, she bowed like a proper maid, despite so, there was a burning flame in Ally’s heart.

Her slender body unleashed an elegant movement, giving a polite greeting that was proper of a lady.

“A pleasure, Your Highness the Crown Prince. I am honored to be able to meet you. My name is Mia, the adoptive daughter of Jasper Haven.”

“Welcome, Lady Mia. I didn’t know that Jasper had adopted a daughter. It’s considered to be a miracle for you to be able to use healing spell.”

Mia slowly raised her head. Her slightly flushed cheeks, that pure maiden-like bashful expression, changed to the expression of that bitch for a moment when she caught sight of Maximilian.

“As of the moment, she is thinking, ‘What, he looks so different from what I’ve heard.’ And is being optimistic about it— ‘Well, as long as he is handsome, all is right with the world.’”

“Amazing, Abel! You can live broadcast the voice of someone’s heart!”

“She seems to also harbor a strange confidence that there are no enemies in sight—which explains why her heart isn’t really guarded. It might be a temporary situation.”

The light was twinkling around Mia.

Ally didn’t have a light element, so the spirits’ appearances were hazy, but she was positive those were Mia’s guardian angels.

“Your Highness, Mia is a very beautiful lady! She’s also able to use the rare healing ability infinitely, even the first generation can’t hold a candle to that! Haha, you needn’t narrow your eyes so! I can see that you’re bedazzled by Mia’s beauty, which embodies the dream of man. Truly, what a heavenly girl she is!”

“No way, Stepfather, your words are making me blush…”

Mia deliberately wriggled herself.

Ally spat under her breath—“Geh!”

After all, that woman was a ‘burikko’[1]Ally cursed her entire being.

Mia was the type whom was disliked most by women, but was most adored by men.

“Well, if you said that she’s beautiful, then she might be so… it seems that she has some talent, perhaps it would be a good idea to put her in the Magic Research Institute.”

Maximilian glanced at Mia while answering with a tone that clearly expressed, ‘I am agreeing to you out of courtesy’. Towards his simplicity, again, the face of that bitch appeared on Mia.

Looking into the eyes of her stepfather, Jasper, Mia nodded, before leaning slightly to stare at Maximilian’s eyes.

Sheshe’s probably wondering why her fascination magic isn’t working!

Ally screamed in her brain, to which Abel responded in a laidback tone.

“Bingo, you’re correct. Did you notice the odd color in the center of Earl Haven’s eyes? It’s a hollow, pool of darkness. That’s the indication that someone is bewitched. Apparently, it doesn’t work for the current Crown Prince. His ‘muscle armor’ seems to be active.”

Mia tried to charm him again, and repeatedly blinked in high-speed, as if impatient.

I see, she can charm someone with just one look.

While making a new discovery, Ally brightly stared at Maximilian.

“Well, since you’ve come all the way here, please enjoy some tea. Ally, that table—”

“Y, Your Highness! Actually, Mia isn’t only capable of healing, you see! C, can you believe it, Mia is a messenger of God who fell from another world!!”


Maximilian, whom was about to move to the table along with the four muscle devas, looked back as if he was surprised by the words of Earl Haven.

Mia smiled, as if saying, “Finally!” but Maximilian’s next turn of action went against Mia’s expectations.

“All the spirits, listen to me! I want a barrier! Earth, water, wind fire—catch that girl!”

Due to the begging of their cute grandchild, the legendary grandma spirits immediately executed the magic despite the short chant.

Mia’s face froze as she went, “Eh?”

By that point, her body was already surrounded within a circular barrier. Meanwhile, Earl of Haven was also surrounded.

“Chris! Call the medic immediately! I am going to bring those two to the clinic right away!”


The genius Chris read the situation and didn’t use “OSU” to reply. He then conjured wind magic to call for a medic. Whether or not the voice was transmitted immediately, the other side of the corridor became noisy.

“Y, Your Highness, what is the meaning of this—”

Earl Haven knocked on the transparent barrier. Mia was sitting in a daze.

“Jasper, you’ve let your guard down. The only reason I welcomed her was because I thought she was your family. If this girl truly came from another world, then why would you easily bring her to the presence of the Crown Prince? She’s too obscure!”

“Well said.”

Takkun muttered.

Certainly, Mia could be considered an outsider—no one had any idea what kind of impact she would have on their world. However, to think from the perspective of national defense, or to have her quarantined—such were rendered useless because she could charm anyone with one look.

Ally was stunned, and stared at Maximilian.

In this tenth life of hers, he was too princely, alright! Except, his muscles were also too insane.

She felt her heart rejuvenated.

She could taste a heartfelt satisfaction at seeing the current state of Saint Mia. Ally unconsciously put her hands on her chest and enjoyed the numbing sensation that penetrated her entire body—


[1] Burikko: Burikko (ぶりっ子, sometimes rendered Burriko in English) is a derogatory Japanese term for a style of personal appearance and demeanor that is considered phony childishness and cuteness

**E/N: Burikko… I keep reading it as burrito


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