The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

17.1 The Other Side of the Gate and the Last Road

At dusk, the royal palace of Fashitar was enveloped with a magnificent bustle.

In the square in front of the royal palace, there were horse-drawn carriages with aristocrats inside. On the straight road leading to the royal palace, aristocrats could be seen chatting.

A large wreath was displayed on the front gate. A bright red flag indicating an event was fluttering in the evening breeze under the national flag.

White snowflakes were reflected in the red flag along with the majestic blue flag of Fashitar.

She wondered what kind of feelings the people who saw the royal palace spreading in front of them experienced—what kind of anticipation they felt as they headed to the Crown Prince’s birthday.

Some may be happy and excited about the future of that kingdom—while others may be looking forward to the ball itself.

The engagement of the First Prince had been announced in the kingdom, and each princess already had either a spouse or a fiancé.

However, the noble ladies were being busybodies about how the third prince hadn’t found anyone yet.

In that kingdom, encounters in celebrations were preferred—thus, the women in pretty dresses quickly glanced towards their surroundings. The relatives and the attendants of those women, who were of appropriate age, also didn’t show any hesitation to make new acquaintances.

Even if they didn’t become the fiancée of a prince, they still looked forward to a wonderful encounter that evening.

It seems that Prince Jillreid won’t be participating tonight.

Dilvier had informed her in advance that some people wouldn’t participate due to various adjustments.

Those people would be Jillreid and his family, the second princess and her fiancé, the elder brother and the uncle of said fiancé—there was also a musician and a young secretary.

The reason why those people were chosen was a mystery to Dia. Despite that, she knew that the outsiders were at work.

It seemed that outsiders other than Noin were also responsible with the future of Fashitar. That was why they screened for those who would be tasked with managing Fashitar. In other words, the people on said list were considered ‘beneficial’ by the outsiders.

Those people were made absent that night to prevent them from coming in contact with outsiders who were coming to witness the breach of the contract after Dia had drank the poisoned drink.

It seemed that the third prince—Dia’s natural enemy, would be attending the ball as the result of both the Spirit of Death and the demon of a certain company—which was responsible for the distribution of Colhem—dividing their share.

For that demon of a certain company, it didn’t matter even if the third prince was missing some limbs as long as he was still be able to do his job as an intermediary.

Spoken like a true demon, indeed.

Long-lived ancient creatures cared not about chipped toys or damaged tools—such as humans—as long as they could still fulfil their purpose.

On the cloudy night, the stars twinkled. The thin crescent moon was a reminiscent of a dragon’s eye.

Those clouds in the skies were snow clouds—their colors were a fascinating gray; just like the fur of a Mukmugris. Only the parts where they were snowing from were pale and violet.


she could hear the sound of a carriage’s wheels running on the cobblestone.

Music originating somewhere without interruption. A servant informing someone that his work was finished. The sound of a crystal bell amidst the fog—Chirin.

A grand staircase lead from the window to the outer building of the royal palace—there were plenty of flowers on both of its sides. A bright blue carpet was also laid over the middle of the stairs.

The smiles of the ladies who climbed up the stairs in hand with either their escorts or families, or even fiancés—all of them seemed brilliant, maybe because Evemeria had just dawned.

Looking at such a scene from the window of the exterior building, Dia was focused on the long line of carriages.

It seemed that each carriage bore the personality of the house it belonged to—and they were all as gorgeous as the dresses of the ladies. Despite so, the precious white carriage could only be used by the royal family.

That carriage with the light blue and gold decorations, along with a red flag by the window… could that be the carriage of the Marquis?

The forest in the distant didn’t shine like the forest of Weim, despite so, it was still part of the environment Dia had grown up in.

Back then, during her childhood, Dia was able to see the bustling streets of the royal capital and also its music hall—the beautiful spring in the gentle hilly area of the forest—

—afterwards, as she started living in the royal palace, Dia could only know hear about her kingdom without seeing it for herself.

“Now that I think about it… if His Highness Ricardo had it within him to treat me like a normal fiancé, as in, invite me to visit the territory of the other aristocrats with him, introduce me to his friends, visit the famous theater together, and treat me to the shops of the royal capital… I wonder if my love for this kingdom would have overridden my desire to for revenge?”

“Even if you ask such, there’re no ‘ifs’ in life. Now that you’ve reached this point, it’s unlikely you will ever get those things, anyway. You’re better off joining our side.” Said Noin.

His words were both cruel and kind—Dia smiled as she nodded.

Standing next to her while assuming the form of Joel, Noin made the knight who was originally supposed to escort Dia retreat somewhere else. Then, he himself accompanied Dia to the venue where the ball was held.

Dia was relieved that she and Noin could walk through the royal palace instead of her being walked by the original escort knight—it would surely be pressuring.

For the last time, this is also a good thing.

Dia, who was far away from the ballroom, was aware of the extent an outsider’s capability reached—but it didn’t scare her enough to occupy her mind throughout the night.

Instead of being freed from that kingdom, which stretched outside her window, and even beyond that gate—

this is what I get.

The fact that I am no longer the child abandoned by you, whom was also unable to reach you.

Even if we stay as two different beings until the end—I am appeased.

Thus, Dia went to the venue. Instead of being that miserable person whom was unable to get a new dress and was forced to wear one of her old dresses, she could be a proud person with a wonderful dress.

At that ball, undoubtedly, Dia would be the only wearing an ornamental necklace personally bestowed by the King of the Night, wearing shoes as light as feathers, and dressed in a fairy embroidered dress.

After having all those specialties, there was no way she would find those people, who had kicked her out of the circle, as scary anymore.

Considering such a thing, Dia went to the venue where the ball was held, and passed through the corridor in front of the library and also the kitchen—after that, she halted just as she was about to step onto the large corridor.

“…What’s wrong?”

“No, this place is…”

The large corridor was quiet.

Said corridor, which lead to the hall, would also be treaded by royalty—therefore, stunning silver crystal candlesticks stood side by side on the left and right of the walls. They were lit using magical fire.

Unlike invited guests, who would enter through the entrance of the main gate, Dia’s entrance, who lived in the royal palace, was on that side instead.

However, the royal family had already entered the venue.

There was something odd in the quiet corridor.

…Is someone else here?

With a sensation of being surrounded by a large number of people, Dia suddenly looked around—she could even hear some whispers!

However, there were only Noin and Dia around—when she tried to listen carefully, she also couldn’t hear those strange whispers anymore—she could only hear the noise of the hall.

Is there someone inside the shadow of those candlesticks…?

…Did I just see the fluttering of a red dress behind that magnificent decorative mirror…?

She felt some chills went she saw something crossing the edge of her vision—when she turned around, there was nothing there.

As she thought, it seemed like there were lot of things lurking in the corridor.

“They’re the fairies of Dilvier’s clan. They must’ve come to take a look at the person who liked their clan prince. They’re lurking around because otherwise, the magical pollution they would cause would be overkill… but well, it seems that you’ve become able to perceive them.”

“I can somehow feel their presences—but if they’re Dilvier’s relatives, then I am not afraid. But, Dilvier is a prince?”

“Well, he is.”

“My…–!! Who would’ve thought, Dilvier is a fairy prince—!? Then—mugu—!!”

For some reason, when Dia swooned, Noin pinched her cheeks—Dia got annoyed.

In addition to being a maiden dressed up so beautifully for a ball, it was her last night—her last chance to fulfil her wish.

It would be too miserable if her cheeks were swollen red as she headed for her revenge—therefore, as she shielded both her cheeks, she retaliated—to which Noin only smiled; brilliantly, to boot.


The one who stood before her was no longer Joel, but the beautiful King of the glorious Kingdom of the Night.

She was fascinated by his beauty, and almost stopped breathing due to the temperature of his finger, which was on her chin.

That beautiful, but also wild entity peered into Dia’s eyes, as he whispered in a sweet voice. At that moment, he was akin to an evil creature which tempted humans.

“Listen well, for you belong to me. No matter how much you hurt your feet trying to escape, no matter how far you’re trying to run, I will never let you go anywhere again. No matter what happens in that hall, or in the future—you shan’t forget this.”

“I—myself belong only to me. The revenge is also solely for my own sake, therefore, I won’t give it up—not for anything, nor for anyone. No matter how much I love Noin—no matter how much I want to keep holding your hand—those people are who matter the most to me—I shall kill their destinies. …Still, when everything is done, will you take me home?”

When asked so by Dia, the beautiful spirit in her line of sight looked shaken.

The brilliant, vivid purple eyes of his reflected the light, and Dia saw her own eyes, which were the same color as him.

Even though he cruelly laughed as the answer to her request, only his words were able to mess her up so much.

What a troublesome being you are!

Due to his blessing and the fairy’s hypnotism, even the color of her own pupils had changed color!

“…Good grief, you’re such an adorably greedy person.”

“Is it okay to look forward to the future? If my question is only this much, that troublesome principle of your magical contract won’t be an issue, right?”

“Yeah—I will take you home.”


“Listen well, for you belong to me. No matter how much you hurt your feet trying to escape, no matter how far you’re trying to run, I will never let you go anywhere again. No matter what happens in that hall, or in the future—you shan’t forget this.”

But my good Sir, the speed at which you assumed your true form–which you were so reluctant to transform into some times ago–just because the girl you loved is swooning over a fairy prince, as if you want to one up Dilvier, makes me think that you‘re the one who will hurt your feet trying to chase after Dia and beg for her to return if she ever tries to escape from you.

Still, this is probably the healthiest instance where that line was ever used.

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