I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

31. Third Go! (3)

“Ally—!! Ally—!! Don’t dieeee—!!!”

Hearing the voice of her cute master, Ally quickly woke up. The appearance of Stila, whose beautiful violet eyes were soaked with tears, appeared before her.

“Lady Stila… Ally is fine… I just woke up after taking a nap… I am sorry that I wasn’t by your side…”

Ally slowly stood up and hugged the crying Stila.

Losing her mother, Lady Kelly, Stila was traumatized. Ally looked around, slapping her weak self whom dare made Stila sad.

Staring at her with relieved faces were the four muscle devas, Abel in form of black dots, Takkun—however, the figure of Maximilian which shocked Ally a while ago couldn’t be seen.

“Umm, where’s His Highness?”

It sent chills down her spine when she assumed that after gaining that second form, the dude had exploded.

For Ally, Maximilian had undergone three transformations instead of two. That pathetic form he had in her previous lives, that Overlord Muscle one, and then that third one… It was truly unimaginable what would happen.

“Um… that’s, he was summoned to the royal palace. The Queen is holding a tea party today to pick a partner for him on this very day. Somehow, after seeing the new figure of His Highness, the Queen started dancing like a madwoman…”

Stephen revealed in a bitter tone. After only a few minutes of having fainted, such a ridiculous development happened.

“It seems that my Brother isn’t able to conjure up his fighting spirit in that form… that’s how he easily got taken by the people of the royal palace…”

Ally’s eyes widened at Stila’s words. Her eyes felt so dry, it was as if they were ready to fall off.

Martin, the musclehead, shook his head.

“It’s not that he wanted to fight them… he went to the royal palace out of his own accord, because His Highness also thought that it was unpleasant to keep refusing the calls from Her Highness the Queen.”

“Exactly, it is as you said…”

The genius Chris nodded and resumed the explanation.

“His Highness and us have just realized that our appearances are staggering and frightful to others. To revert back to our pathetic figures is out of the question, but I am beginning to think that our appearances are also interfering with public affairs. The spirits might have seen through that dilemma and granted us that candy…”

“Certainly… I don’t feel any malicious intent from this candy…”

With a thoughtful gaze, Geoffrey, the representative, stared at the palm of his right hand. There laid the same candy that Maximilian had eaten.

“I feel like a grandchild who asked his grandparents for a toy to roll on the floor, but received a large four-wheeled carriage, instead. From the spirits we’ve summoned, I only feel their genuine desire of wanting to help… this is probably the transformation we need.”

Geoffrey then swallowed the candy he had obtained from the grandma (or perhaps grandpa) spirit.

When she thought she could hear the sound of crunching using back teeth, a mist surrounded Geoffrey’s body. After a couple of seconds, the fog disappeared and a beautiful, broad-shouldered man with long, brawny, legs appeared.

For a moment, Ally thought that the glasses of his former self would also be resurrected back with him, but that didn’t happen. As expected, it seemed that the grandma and her cute grandchild had poor eyesight.

Fumu. Just like when His Highness transformed, it seems that our attire has also shrunk to fit us.”

Geoffrey saw his reflection within a mirror which was attached to the wall and checked the details.

“…But, as I thought, what a pathetic appearance… it’s not as pathetic as the figure in my dream, still, I can’t show Marilyn this figure?!”

No, in fact, you should positively show this new appearance of yours to her—Ally swallowed such words. If it was the kind and intelligent Marilyn, no matter what kind of appearance Geoffrey had, she would still love him.

Martin, the musclehead, gazed at Geoffrey’s appearance and exhaled deeply.

“Men who actually know the difference are always envious of our muscles… but for the general public, an elephant is an elephant no matter what.”

“It seems so.” Said Stephen.

Chris, whom had been thinking with his hand on his mouth for some time, spoke.

“Geoffrey, is it truly impossible to fight in that form? Or, could we achieve something through the help of our determination?”

“Ah, alright, let me see—the heroic fighting spirit… no, as I thought, I can’t let it out… However, if I am determined, I think I can do something with this transformation! Gununununu…!!!”


The smoke exploded and Geoffrey returned to his usual sweltering and thick form.

Everyone who was there burst out with relief.

It seemed that Maximilian, whom went to the royal palace in his second form, which he was unfamiliar with, could revert to his original form when necessary.

But, if that happens, many ladies will faint and another problem will occur…

Ally didn’t know what she should be concerned about. As she embraced the thin body of the crying Stila, Abel said in a laidback tone.

“It seems that the Crown Prince has arrived at the tea ceremony venue. I shall show the real time event using the big mirror over there.”

When she thought about how thoughtful Abel was, in the next moment, Maximilian, whom had a well-balanced toned and manly figure was projected onto the mirror.

A cool black outfit which was clearly different from the other men in the social circles. The red cravat, embroidered with flower, added a touch to the wild atmosphere of Maximilian.

Maximilian’s face, as he stood in the center of the hall, was steep. Rather than in a bad mood, he seemed annoyed.

He, he is attracting the attention of his surroundings!

Maximilian, whom always disappeared into his surroundings, is now attracting his surroundings…

Some ladies were staring bashfully at Maximilian.

Everyone seemed to be getting excited.

It seemed that Maximilian had rarely appeared in glamorous events since he began to dream about the threat at the age of nine. Being in the mountains for two years added to his enigma.

Traces of arrogance could be seen in his violet eyes, under his silver locks of hair, which stared down the ladies.

“His Highness… I’m somehow sure he’s just nervous inside…”

As Ally murmured, the four muscle devas and Stila nodded at the same time.

“I am honored to meet you.” Towards such ladies, who gave such elegant greetings, Maximilian only nodded his head.

However, the ladies received the awkward but attentive attitude of the Crown Prince with a positive regard. The Crown Prince was so tall, they had to look up.

She could hear someone whispering that his straight-laced attitude was wonderful and also numbing. He not only had a handsome innocence, but also a mysterious, exciting, aura.

Four ancient spirits were flying around to protect Maximilian, whom experienced being popular from the first time. He was truly frightened inside.

The grandma spirits seemed to be sizing up the ladies whom were trying to approach Maximilian from head to toe. Then—Kats! Releasing a mysterious sense of pressure, it seemed that they were trying to drive those ladies away…

Apparently, it seemed that the second form had been prepared for socializing purposes. Maximilian himself couldn’t fight, but there were reliable helicopter parents (no, in all actuality, monster grandmas) protecting him—therefore, there was no need to worry.



The smoke exploded and Geoffrey returned to his usual sweltering and thick form.

Everyone who was there burst out with relief.

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Good things don’t last forever…

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