I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

30. Third Go! (2)

After returning to the West Wing from the magic training area, Ally let Stila—whom had been neglected by the servants for the entire ten years of her life—take a nap. In the meantime, Ally prepared for the next day’s tea party.

The fiancées of the four muscle devas had been close friends of Duchess Alicia in her past nine lives. Therefore, she didn’t need to inquire about their favorite colors, flowers, teas, or sweets. She probably knew them better than even their own fiancés—the four muscle devas.

She couldn’t join the circle nor the tea party like she used too, but to be able to see them from the viewpoint of a maid wasn’t so bad.

“Still, for them to be able to wield all the four elements, I am glad. Next on the list is for them to train their mastery over the darkness~ Well, the current Maximilian and the others wouldn’t lose to the apostles of darkness… wait, if there’s only four apostles serving under Abel, then we’re lacking one?”

While spreading the pink tablecloth, Ally tilted her head.

Black dots fluttered in the air—Abel appeared.

There was a laid-back voice.

“To be defeated by a hero is one of the roles of the Four Almighty Devas of the Darkness, therefore, there’s always a spare. As the five take turns, he who got defeated by the hero first would then be known as ‘the weakest of the Four Almighty Devas’.”

“Oh, I see, so that’s how the Four Devas of the demon world work… sounds quite troublesome, indeed.”

As Ally closed her eyes, Takkun, whom was perched on the coat hanging near the fireplace opened his beak.

“For some reason, it feels as if you’re bamboozling the heroes of the worlds…”

“No, not really. I am doing it sincerely. For the demon world, it’s important to have the hero return to their hometown and be welcomed warmly.”

“I think that’s what people call a ‘fixed game’, or ‘pre-determined result’…”

“Well, if the Four Almighty Devas and the Demon King actually die each time a new hero is sent from another world, the Demon World would collapse, you know. That’s just asking for the impossible.”

Abel and Takkun, who had become quite friendly, exchanged a smile. Meanwhile, Ally was moving her hands at high speed, progressing the preparation of the tea party.

When she thought that her best friends were going to sit there tomorrow, a smile naturally came to her face.

…Speaking of which, I wonder how the low-ranking apostle of darkness I contracted with in my past nine lives is doing… that child was always with me until the end…

When she thought of asking Abel later, there was a rustling sound from the other side of the door.

It was one of the four muscle devas—Ally immediately sensed it.

…Because if it was Maximilian, his arrival would be accompanied with a slight tremor.

“Miss Ally! Something has happened!”

The door swung open suddenly, and it was the upstart Steven who jumped in

The spy who once treaded on the royal palace ground soundlessly was now stepping as if he had eaten bubbles.

“What happened?”

“It’s about His Highness!!! Something happened after he ate the hard candy given by the spirits!”


Ally experienced goosebumps all over her body. After all, those were the same candies recommended by the ancient spirits to her while saying, “Ally, try some too!” back in the mountain! They seemed very delicious, to boot!

Oh my god! I was optimistic that Maximilian would have super-evolved internal organs!

Ally rushed out of the room. Maximilian’s room was supposed to be just one throw of a stone away, but as if the floor was made of fluffy material, it felt like a long time had passed before she could get there.

Ally sled into Maximilian’s room with her momentum. Black dots appeared from behind her—Abel. Takkun also came along.

“Your Highness!! Are you alright!?”

She yelled and caught Maximilian’s appearance. Her eyes opened to their widest extent, to the point they felt dry.

“Eh, who…?”

Such words fluttered out.

What was in front of her was neither that The End of the Century’s Champion Maximilian, nor that beautiful youth Maximilian of her previous nine lives—

he, he changed yet again!!!

Ally screamed soundlessly.

His majestic appearance and firm muscles hadn’t changed, but his appearance was 40% tamer than that Overlord Muscle…

…His appearance had changed to a good one. To the firmly muscular and hard-boiled look of a fearless man with a wild air.

“Ally, apparently, I got a transformation (henshin) ability… this form of mine can be called my second form…”

With a large, muscular, but nimble-looking hand, Maximilian, whose muscles were now balanced, muttered.

His appearance was that of a wild, beastly, boy—possessing both ferocity and charisma. A figure that embodied the masculinity ladies dreamed of.

Ally fainted while looking at Maximilian’s figure—he now looked like the illustration from the cover of a popular romance story for women!!!

As the last remaining trace of her consciousness left her, Ally remembered uttering, “What is what, anymore…”


See, told ya so, Abel work in Bamboozlement Department.

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