I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode

27. Second Go! (11)

“What is your opinion, Ally?”

Maximilian turned his head to gaze at Ally.

Stila, whom was able to obtain some illumination from Chris’ weak fire, was immersed in the spellbook—her eyes shone.

“Let’s see… If it’s either the apostle of darkness or the angel of light, since it’ll be a one-to-one contract, I don’t think just being beautiful would suffice to summon them. However, since there are many spirits of nature—such as fire, water, earth, and wind; I think there would be some who will come out if Your Highness humbles himself…”

Ally stared back at Maximilian, pondering.

Certainly, back when his appearance was still the spitting image of a youth in from religious paintings, spirits eagerly pranced around him.

…Now that I think about it, until my 9th life, Maximilian only need to walk outside to have a butterfly perch on his fingertip and bird on his shoulder…

The Maximilian of her previous nine lives was also the same man who proclaimed that if he hadn’t been born as the King’s son, he would have chased his dream of becoming a bard.

Back then, he even wrote a love song for her—

“—Wow. He sucks.” Was her impression after receiving it—however, deep down, she was really happy.

Despite so, in the end, he devoted said love song to Saint Mia; to her, and only her—

—as the memory of her past captured her, she grew rapidly depressed. Ally quickly pulled her hair.

In a hurry, she looked at the current Maximilian’s hands—

it’s full of scratches. Wouldn’t be suited for a lyre.

After confirming so, Ally exhaled.

My, Ally. You’re surprisingly bad at concealing your desires—do you want to be held in these manly hands that badly?”

“No, that’s not it at all. I don’t know the beautiful man that is from ‘the dream of His Highness’—but, one thing is for certain, the real His Highness lacks the skill and appearance to make what you said sound innocent. Therefore, please think before you speak. Your words just now can be deemed as sexual harassment.”

It was truly nice that there were no young maidens applying to become a maid of the West Wing.

Whether it was his true nature or due to the influence of his dreams, Maximilian’s remark just now sounded like what the former Maximilian would say, back when he was still a little handsome… that was why, please stop.

Other than that, if his mouth wasn’t corrected before the social season, his sexual harassment could have him be brought before the royal magistrate judge.

“I, I wasn’t sexually harassing you! B, besides, I would only say that kind of thing to the girl in my dream and Ally!”

Because Maximilian slammed his foot on the ground like hell, an earthquake with a seismic intensity of three occurred locally.

“Well, well, Your Highness, Miss Ally is just being bashful. After all, she’s a baroness—under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t be able to get close to Your Highness. Therefore, it’s only natural for her to be confused by Your Highness’ sudden advances…”

The representative, Geoffrey, showed a friendly smile.

She was confused by his sudden advance, sure. But she never intended to get close to him in the first place!

In turn, Ally stared at the Muscle Special Squadron. To describe the feelings she directed at them at that moment—I still haven’t forgotten my past resentment towards you guys!

Even right at this second, I still want to escape… but I have to take care of Lady Stila…

Formerly, when she was still Alicia, the Duchess, she had never met Stila.

During of her adolescence, Alicia was the most active in the noble society. Nevertheless, she had never met Stila, nor Kelly in the royal palace. Perhaps, in her previous nine lives, they were secretly killed, as the Queen intended—indeed, it might be so.

I have no idea what will happen during next month’s social season.

…I have to protect Lady Stila no matter what, even if it means dying!

While confirming her resolution, Stila suddenly yawned.

“Everyone, this shall conclude today’s practice. Each of you, please think of a chant that will smoothly summon the spirits of the four elements. Regarding the apostle of darkness, it would be best for you to continue your muscle training before going to sleep, since power factors greatly. Of course, don’t forget healthy nourishment and proper sleep schedule.”

The apostle of darkness and angel of light both had a high amount of pride, so they would never appear before those with weak magical power.

In her past nine lives as the Duke’s daughter, she was able to wield the darkness attribute. However, it was only now that she was able to make a contract with an apostle of darkness of such high ranking.

If in the future they would inevitably come face to face with the angel of light, therefore they should continue training their bodies and amplify their magic.

While holding Stila, whom was sleepy and rubbing her eyes, Ally gazed at the Muscle Special Squadron. When they saw the princess was about to enter the world of dreams, no one dared to resume the special training.

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“That’s a good question. But, in my opinion, you aren’t obligated to say anything in that regard. Yes, not until your past wounds have healed; not until you’ve seen that they really have changed; and not until you are comfortable enough to tell them about those memories.”

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