Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

16. For the Sake of a Human’s Life, it Can’t be Helped (2)

“So, between Tista and Zell, who fell in love first?”

Anrie made such an innocent remark, causing Tistye’s hand to stop moving. Then, perhaps because she had such an interesting reaction, the other women whom were working also participated in the conversation.

“I am also a bit curious about that! A wonderful man like Mr. Zell is hard to come by, isn’t he!? Where did you guys meet?”

“As I thought, was it in the Imperial Capital of Verscia? In such a small village like this, we’ve all known each other ever since we’ve been small—only now are we greeted with some fresh new faces.”

“Umm… that’s…”

Apparently, in Isiris, even information from the Imperial Capital had difficulty arriving. There was also the fact that it had only been a year since Gaizel inherited the throne. Tistye wondered how to answer their questions.

“Hey, which of you fall in love first?”

“I, I think, it’s me…”

At first, her impression of him was that he was a scary emperor. However, after understanding that his intentions differed greatly from his facial expression, she saw him for who he was—someone whom was struggling with the heavy responsibilities bestowed by his predecessors.

Despite so, he still wanted his kingdom to prosper—without unnecessary bloodshed.

That was what attracted Tistye to him.

But, His Majesty said he met me during childhood, right? Then, doesn’t that mean…

When it was put like that, it meant Gaizel was the one who fell in love first, rather than Tistye. But that meeting between them in Lacie happened ten years ago!

Doesn’t that also mean that throughout those ten years of time, he keep loving the same person?

As Tistye’s face heat up, the women stared at her warmly. On the other hand, those who were already married laughed excitedly, “ah, there was such a time for me, too…” Then one of the women patted her shoulder.

“How great! I also want a husband like Mr. Zell!”

“I don’t think you can, after all, you have to be as pure as Tista.”

“That’s not true! I think women also need an aggressive side to them!”

The woman, while clenching her fist, turned to Tistye.

“Tista, you mustn’t be so passive all the time!”

“P, passive?”

“Indeed! Otherwise, he will get tired of you!”

“I don’t think that’s possible!”

Another woman butted in and smiled. At first, Tistye was taken aback, but at the voice of their leader, all hands resumed working.

Returning home and preparing for dinner, Tistye started to recall the conversation.

being aggressive…

Certainly, Gaizel always took the lead. Even after their mutual understanding, they slept in separate beds. Perhaps he was waiting for Tistye to get acclimated with their new surroundings.

However, even kissing was led by Gaizel and never Tistye… As the woman had said, should Tistye take the initiative?

I… don’t want him to get tired of me…


“—I am home.”

At such a precise timing, Gaizel opened the door.

Tistye, whom was indulging in such thought, was suddenly pulled back to reality. She immediately went to greet Gaizel.

Snow was piled up on the shoulders of his black mantle, and Tistye was informed once again how cold the outside was.

“Welcome back, thank you for your hard work today.”


When Gaizel responded calmly, a white breath was released from his mouth. Tistye gently looked at Gaizel’s lips as she received his cloak.

He was usually sarcastic and mean, but there were also times when he was passionate. Noticing that she had touched her own lips, Tistye looked away involuntarily. She felt her ears and cheeks burning.

W, what am I looking at…!?

Tistye shook her head as she hung his cloak on the wall. Then, Gaizel narrowed his eyes at Tistye’s strange behavior.

“Is there something on my face?”

“N, no! Nothing! I will serve the rice right away!”

After dinner, Tistye finished cleaning up and approached the fireplace. Gaizel was unusually lying on the sofa, asleep.

It seemed that he couldn’t sleep well for awhile after arriving there due to nervousness and vigilance, but probably because of the days of working in the cold, his fatigue was at its limit.

Tistye gently draped a blanket over Gaizel, whom was sound asleep. Despite the added weight, Gaizel didn’t wake up.

He must be exhausted…

Tistye crouched in front of Gaizel, feeling the heat of the blazing fireplace on her back. Gaizel’s long eyelashes casted long shadows on his cheeks.

Even the brows, which often had vertical wrinkles, were now relaxed. The streak of his nose was straight and beautiful. Tistye blushed again when her gaze continued below—to his lips.

If it’s now, I might be able to do it…

Pursing her lips, Tistye sighed. She placed her fingertips on the edge of the sofa, and gently leaned closer to Gaizel.

Their lips were about to touch—

—however, it was instead the tip of her nose which touched Gaizel’s face first.


Surprised, Tistye hurried away from Gaizel and created some distance between them. Despite so, there was still no sign of Gaizel being awake.

Stretching her chest, Tistye again sat near Gaizel.

Wh, who would’ve thought that it would be this difficult!

She used to not think too much about it and even thought she was accustomed to it! But now she felt embarrassed because she couldn’t even manage to do it properly. With one breath, Tistye braced herself and approached Gaizel’s lips.

Her face was gently approaching his slightly opened lips—


Consumed by fear, Tistye only managed to drop a kiss on Gaizel’s cheek instead of his lips.

However, it only lasted for a very short moment—she was unsure if her lips managed to touch him or not—despite so, Tistye had already withdrawn herself back. Her heart was pounding loudly, filled with indescribable feelings.

E, enough! More than this would be impossible for me!

Covering her mouth with the back of her hand, Tistye rushed away. She felt dizzy—her face must be quite red! Tistye ran away to her bedroom to hide.

Gaizel, whom was supposed to be sleeping on the sofa, opened his eyelids. His face glowed red instantly. Blinking a few times, he immediately recalled what had occurred just now.

…Wait, what does she mean by that?

He was feeling really fatigued today and he remembered dozing off on top of the sofa. Tistye came over, and watched such him for a while. Unable to resist his urge to sleep, he just let her be—that was when Tistye approached Gaizel.

I was afraid I would surprise her if I just suddenly woke up like that…

However, the one who surprised Tistye was none other than her own self, when she—for some reason—butted her nose against him.

Gaizel was worried, but still pretended to be asleep, praying things would be clear soon.

As if answering his prayer, Tistye approached him yet again. Gaizel desperately tried to calm his mind—he could hear her gentle breathing and even her swallowing.

Eventually, Gaizel felt that a shadow was descending above his head. At that point, her intent towards him was already crystal clear.

Tistye was very feminine, if he woke up now, she may never attempt to kiss him again—while making such excuses, Gaizel continued to pretend asleep.

There was a soft touch… on his cheek, and not the lips.

A soft and damp sensation, right on his cheek. Next to Gaizel, who tightly closed his eyes, her rushing footsteps could be heard. Eventually, Tistye’s presence completely disappeared and calmness returned.

N, no, it’s not like I am disappointed it wasn’t on my lips, but still…

Gaizel couldn’t stop thinking about it—where or whom did she get the idea from?

The feverous sensation lasted as he gently extended his fingertips to his cheek—right on the spot where Tistye’s lips previously were. She had kissed him—and it was her own initiative.

…No, right now isn’t the time to fuss about that… I have to think about what to do after the winter ends, and also about Tistye’s future.

There was a turmoil in Gaizel’s heart.

However, his facial muscles were as slack as usual—or maybe more, because Gaizel was trying to prevent a smile from appearing.


“So, between Tista and Zell, who fell in love first?”

Of course it’s the Female Lead!!! In a situation like this, it’s always the Female Lead!!!–therefore the answer is Gaizel.

At that point, her intent towards him was already crystal clear.

Tistye was very feminine, if he woke up now, she may never attempt to kiss him again—while making such excuses, Gaizel continued to pretend asleep.

Your intent too, has become crystal clear, young man.

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