The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

16.2 The Pie Stew and The Hairdresser

“Is that why last night, I was to not let go of Noin?”

“Indeed, because you’re still adapting. Your resistance against the genealogy of the night has been increased, but unexpected outsiders were lurking all over town on the night of the festival. If monsters or dragons who felt like sightseeing came into contact with you, you would have been inflamed by the magical pollution.”

Dia thought that her low magical zone simply meant that she couldn’t recognize the glitter and scent of the magic which overflowed the world.

—to have not properly inherited the information that affects our survivability; it is our own fault. I wonder if the royal family of this kingdom truly thinks about its people…

No matter how condemned Fashitar was, it wasn’t a closed off kingdom.

If external affairs were managed properly, information from outside the kingdom wouldn’t be blocked.

So how could they just discard away such vital information, which would cause everyone to lose their lives upon attempting to leave the forest?

“It’s shameful to not even know of such a basic thing—wouldn’t the people of Fashitar die if they tried to leave this kingdom? Especially with their magical zones being so low.” Said Dia.

“Of course, they will. But, there’s a bigger problem than that—the spirit of death who cursed the people of this kingdom has a hobby of wandering around the forest’s perimeter of Fashitar. When I am absent, I have the genealogy fairies watch over the forest. The moment anyone leaves the boundary defined as Kingdom of Fashitar, what is going to claim their life first isn’t the magical pollution, but the genealogy of the death.”


Given their rigorous patroling, it was only natural for Prince Jillreid’s knights to discover the changes impacting that kingdom—after all, their area of patrol was around the border area.

Perhaps it was true—Ricardo was being reckless. He tried to kill Dia faster than his original plan intended—whatever it was. The changes that the forest was undergoing would surely cause rumors to circulate—one of those rumors being that the Gillasfi family was actually innocent and the forest indeed needed to be protected.

That was why, to prevent such rumors from spreading, he had to remove her as fast as possible.

…They’re behaving just like children.

Even when they could see that something was happening, they turned a blind eye to it and insisted they saw nothing.

Dia sighed—why did her kingdom had such a sturdy blindfold?

Or maybe that was part of the curse.

For example, it might have been the Spirit of Death’s plan all along. He will find it pleasing if the protection of the King of the Night is broken, right? Moreover, because of the townspeople of Fashitar, of all people.

Since the opponents were non-human, it wouldn’t be too bizarre of a truth to discover that to them, the people of Fashitar were mere pieces that could be thrown away at any time. Dia felt scared when she considered that.

“Will Dilvier and the Spirit of Death be defeated by the super spicy oil that caused Noin abject misery?”

“If it works for such a high-ranking entity like Lord Noin, then it may be so. However, when a Spirit of Death collapses, his surrounding vicinity will also suffer the same fate. Of course, Lady Dia is no exception to this—and also the spouse of Jillreid, who is the twilight sea fairy—also known as an evil fairy to humans. Therefore, it’s better not to make such an attempt?”

Mugu… It’s more difficult than I thought…”

“Hey, didn’t I tell you not to meddle with the genealogy of death?” Said Noin.

“…Because I feel that the hatred of that spirit is too deep-rooted, I am forced to take some measures, just in case. For that spirit, this is the turning point of the contract, isn’t it? Would he be dissatisfied with it? Will he ask for more, instead?”

“If he wants to rampage, he will do it head-on, no planning whatsoever.” Said Noin.


Dia’s impression of that Spirit of Death as of the current was; a being with gloomy atmosphere, but at the same time old and intelligent.

She thought that Noin would also be wary of that spirit, but it seemed that her impression and the actual reality differed greatly.

“But well, I have the contract with me. All that left is to negotiate with a certain company regarding the third prince of this kingdom. It’s annoying that not all of that spirit’s magic has been restrained, but his words and actions will no longer be able to shake off the foothold of the contract.”

“…Who would’ve thought that the third prince, Calred, would also be the main focus?”

“If that certain company manages to get a hold of that third prince, he will surely be worked like a horse—but that might be better. Now that I think about it, that prince must be the same age as you—what, are you worried about him?”

When asked so, Dia blinked.

It was no exaggeration to say that Dia, whom had been the fiancée of the first prince ever since she was brought to the royal palace, considered the third prince her hateful enemy.

He would always ‘happen’ to forget to buy my share of delicious foreign sweets… or that time when a merchant brought some wonderful fruits… everyone except for me got to taste them…

When she recalled the mean things he had done, Dia wanted to just collapse on the floor.

Noin and Dilvier watched her with rounded eyes.

That prince…!!

Dia despised him for a whole different reason than killing her family.

“That bastard, just hand him to the Spirit of Death! When I am feeling better, I will discuss about Calred being worked to death by that company! I won’t forgive him, the wound in my heart won’t heal unless he’s being fed to the Mukmugris!!!”

“…She seems to resent him a lot, alright.” Said Dilvier.

“…Why, though…” Said Noin.

***T/N: Well… Dia’s heart is in her stomach, and what Calred has done is an equivalent of a gut-punch to her… …I’ll briefly excuse myself.

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