I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

34. Third Go! (6)

Ally Crunea, don’t be afraid! Don’t lose to fear! I am Alicia Grants no longer—you now have sufficient power to beat that fucking bitch!

While inhaling the scent of Stila, Ally calmed down and then stood up.

“Now, let’s get back to the West Wing, we mustn’t keep the Earl of Haven waiting.”

She felt something strange oozing out of her brain—something that led to the height of high tension, one on the other side of fear.

She felt a strange sense of duty, one which told her to not miss a single one of Saint Mia’s moves in that life.

“Indeed, you have a point. If Jasper went all the way there, I suppose it is for an important matter.”

Ally nodded, thinking the same.

Maximilian had no reason to refuse Earl Haven’s visit.

Not to mention, Jasper Haven was formerly his childhood guardian and escort—for Maximilian, he was one of his most reliable figures.

Jasper suffered a cerebrovascular disorder more than ten years ago, and unfortunately, his speech impediment remained. Therefore, the person was forced to retire from his role as a guardian, and had to stay in his mansion.

Ultimately, he became the first to witness the miracle of Saint Mia.

The healing magic of Saint Mia, who could use the light element at will, completely healed Earl Haven. Then, Mia was adopted and made her debut in noble society. No matter what happened, it seemed that development remained the same.

Returning to Maximilian’s private room in the West Wing through the use of Abel’s teleportation, the remaining servants came to report the arrival of Earl Haven and his daughter.

Maximilian then instructed a servant to welcome him and his daughter.

“It must be his eldest daughter who has become the widow of a viscount. She has been taking care of Jasper, who conveys his emotions through the use of hand movements and facial expressions, with utmost dedication. Ally, pardon me, but can I request you to prepare tea?”

“Understood.” Ally nodded. “Stila, please return to your room and solve math problems. They are in the top drawer of the desk.”

“Eh? I am not allowed to come with you?”

“It’s because the guest is sick…”

Ally muttered, thinking that Jasper was probably already in a good shape, and that the aforementioned daughter was actually Mia instead of that viscount’s widow.

Stila showed a wide smile.

“Alright, I will show you how smart I am. Besides, it would be a nuisance if a child made a ruckus, right?”

This child—!!!

Her tears spilled involuntarily.

“I think that Stila, whose mere presence has a healing effect, is an eligible candidate for the Saint of Light.”

“I agree. I really can’t understand what those angels of light were thinking. It’s probably because they are shit that their preferences have become shit.”

Takkun and Abel nodded to each other. Ally agreed, but she felt a little sorry because Abel had picked up the habit of cussing due to her influence.

Abel, the angel of lights favor Saint Mia. I’m not doubting your strength, but I think it would be better if you stay in the demon realm…

Representative Geoffrey sent Stila to her room, and as Ally watched them leave, she talked to Abel in her heart. She didn’t know how it worked, but recently, it had become possible to communicate through their minds alone.

“Thank you for worrying about me. Certainly, I am not particularly good with the angel of light, but it will be fine. From the sign of light floating in the West Wing, most likely, I am stronger. The angels of light who are here today are less powerful than our Four Almighty Devas.”

“For the first time, I feel that Abel is reliable. Alright, how about you perch yourself on the shelf there, and blend with your surroundings.”

Takkun, whom was too reliable, stood by on the self, and the black dot also moved behind it. At a glance, the existence of the black dot—Abel—couldn’t be seen.

In the next moment, the servant brought in Earl Haven. There was a sitting area in the private room, and the bedroom was separated by a door. Maximilian judged their relationship was good enough for him to be brought to that room.

“Your Highness! It has been a long time!”

First, came in Earl Haven.

Although he was about the age of Ally’s parents, it was as if he experienced rapid aging after acquiring the cerebrovascular disorder, despite so, the person whom had been treated like a caveman by the social circle raised his voice with a vigorous footstep.

“Oh! How fortunate! What a wonderful man you’ve become!”

Earl Haven exaggeratedly spread his arms.

Maximilian, whom looked at his figure with wide eyes, smiled when his false appearance was praised.

However, she could also feel his consideration—that it wasn’t good for a person who had fallen ill to bare witness to his true appearance; which would cause even those whom had survived the most dangerous of battles to run with tails between their legs.

“This is amazing, Jasper! What kind of miracle occurred to make you so energetic?”

“Haha! As I thought, you’re surprised, aren’t you!? Indeed, a miracle truly happened. Today, I decided to introduce the person who caused said miracle to you, Your Highness! Do come in!”

“Yes, Stepfather.”

From the other end of the door that was left ajar, there was a voice akin to a bell.

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