Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

13. From Today, the Address is Uncertain (4)

“—it’s dehydration.”

“I am sorry…”

“He may be tired. I’m sure he will recover if he takes it easy.”

In the end, they were rescued by a staff member who rushed in thinking there was a robber when Tistye screamed. After bowing to the doctor, Tistye went to Gaizel whom was lying on the bed.

Perhaps because the medicine and the fluid he took worked, he was deeply asleep. However, his cheeks were still flushed. Tistye took the towel on Gaizel’s forehead and dipped it into the ice water on the tray.

I am sure he has been overdoing it…

While squeezing the towel, Tistye felt guilty towards his consideration. Now that she thought about it, unlike her, who returned to Lacie in a horse-drawn carriage, Gaizel rushed towards her hometown on a single horse through day and night. The fact that his condition worsened might be proof that he didn’t take any breaks along the way.

Even so, all I ever thought of was myself…

Depressed to the point of tormenting herself, Tistye quietly laid down. Then, fleetingly, the voice of Gaizel’s heart descended upon Tistye.


“…Your Highness?”

When she lifted her face in a hurry, Gaizel’s eyes were slightly opened. His eyes seemed hazy—as if he hadn’t completely awakened yet. Still, he reached out with his left hand and took a silver lock of Tistye’s hair that had fallen onto the edge of the bed.

Tistye watched his gesture like a baffled child. Although he himself was wordless, the voice of his heart spilled.

[“I am glad… you’re truly here, right…?”]

His facial expression was as unfriendly as ever, but the voice of his heart was calm, with a tinge of relief. While gently pulling the tip of Tistye’s hair with his fingers, he stared straight unto Tistye’s eyes.

[“I thought… you’re going to disappear from my side again…”]

In the end, Gaizel closed his eyes—perhaps because he felt drowsy again. His hand, which was entangled with her lock of hair, also lost its strength—it then slid down to the side.

[“Please… I beg of you… don’t disappear from my sight without a word again…”]


Eventually, she couldn’t hear the voice of his heart anymore. Thus, Tistye gently put Gaizel’s left hand, which had fallen of the side, back on top of the bed. While muttering sorry, she lovingly entwined her fingers with his.

When she decided to divorce him, Tistye returned to Lacie without speaking a word to Gaizel. Gaizel, whom returned to his residence, must had been truly shocked by the sudden disappearance of Tistye—

—to the extent that even now, it still haunted him in his dreams.

“Yes. I shall never leave you again.”

She pulled Gaizel’s large palm and pressed it against her cheek. It was still a little hot—however, it was the same hand the man would use to wield a sword. With a mysterious feeling of satisfaction, Tistye stared at Gaizel with a laughing expression, which at the same time, was akin to crying.

When Gaizel woke up, the room was already dim. Moonlight was shining through the windows, therefore, the inside of the room could still be seen—although barely.

Damn… I fainted…

The bath felt nice. Because he was unsure what he would do once he returned to the room, he took a longer bath than usual.

When he was relaxing in the room, trying to cool his burning body, Tistye returned. His memory of holding her on the sofa was still intact—however.

apparently, I didn’t do anything terrible.

Staring down at his left arm, Tistye was there hugging his hand. She had fallen asleep while leaning against the bed. Gaizel unconsciously smiled while he arranged her bangs, which were ruffled.

…It’s either she’s being defenseless or I’m not seen as a man…

He raised his upper body, taking care not to wake her up. He carefully released her grip and put Tistye’s hair behind her ear before finally placing a gentle kiss on her temple. In her sleep, Tistye let out a soft noise, and Gaizel felt his body get a bit hot.

—as of now, returning to Verscia is the top priority.

Gaizel shook his head to regain his composure and exhaled.

He stared at the bed, which was too wide for him to sleep in alone, and then to Tistye, whom fell asleep in a position that would most likely cause discomfort to her body.

The next morning, when she woke up, Tistye was in a daze.

Huh!? Wha?! Why?! What’s this situation!?

She remembered it clearly. Sshe was supposed to be sitting on a chair beside the bed, but for some reason, now she was on the bed—and was being embraced by Gaizel from behind.

She looked down immediately—fortunately, even though it was ruffled, she was still wearing her gown, and everything underneath was still there. Confirming that while holding in her embarrassment, Tistye immediately called out to Gaizel whom was behind her.

“Your Majesty, what is—…”




“Lord Gaizel, hold on!”

She never knew because she was never the first to wake up, but it seemed that Gaizel was weak in the morning.

Aside from Tistye, who desperately tried to wake him up, he was muttering something before trying to return to the world of sleep.

At the same time, his embrace also became stronger—it was becoming unbearable!

In contrast to how she felt, Gaizel’s appearance looked relaxed—his clavicle could be seen, along with lean bosom, and a tight belly—Tistye immediately averted her gaze. The sight of his bare skin was too strong. Tistye had to close her eyes.

B, but when did I go to bed…!?

In fact, Gaizel, who woke up in the middle of the night, just put her on the bed to prevent Tistye from hurting her body. But it seemed that he had unconsciously hugged her.

Not knowing such a thing, Tistye tried hard to escape from Gaizel’s arms while panicking.

“Lord Gaizel! Wake up, please wake up!”

[“How soft… and nice smelling…”]

“Don’t fall asleep again!”

Eventually, only the voice of his heart could be heard. Tistye tried to grab his thick arms, which were encircling her waist, and shake them off. The luxurious bed wavered greatly, and Tistye gradually began to sweat.

When Tistye was about to crawl out of the bed, a maid who was carrying breakfast opened the door right at that moment. The panicked Tistye and Gaizel’s arms which clung to her waist—such an embarrassing sight;

The maid, with an all-knowing gaze, immediately closed the door with a gracious smile like an angel of God. In a sense, that maid was competent.

“W, wait! You’re mistaken! It’s a misunderstanding!”

About to die of embarrassment, Tistye desperately screamed.

***T/N: Need we say more about Gaizel’s preciousness.

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