My Husband Despises me to the Point He Wants to Kill Me Translation

1.3. My Husband Despises Me to the Point He wants to Kill Me

While I was embroidering with that in mind, it became noon in no time.

Breakfast had been brought to my room. Lunch was to be held in the large dining room.

Thinking that he probably didn’t want to see my hair, which was the same red as my brother’s, I obediently did as I was told.

The food had been cut into small pieces so that it could be eaten without a knife. It seemed to be a form of consideration for Jerd who only had one arm.

About three months had passed since he had lost his right arm. Perhaps getting used to it, Jerd ate dexterously using his left hand.

Since he had trained his body early in the morning, he asked for seconds many times. Jerd didn’t turn to look at me, but he didn’t look angry. Lunch passed peacefully.

After lunch, my uncle and his father informed me about the territory in the office.

In here, too, my uncle sat at the front desk while Jerd and I sat side by side.

When I turned to my uncle, we couldn’t see each other.

Jerd was very quiet and spoke very little during meals and in his office. From a side glance, it seemed as if he didn’t have any interest in the territory. However, he was listening to my uncle with a serious face. I thought he was motivated.

On the other hand, every day went by dully. It had been more than two months without me realizing it.

Jerd never failed to train his sword. Seemingly becoming accustomed to having one arm, he was strong enough to face the escorts—as expected of a former escort knight.

His nails had also grown a little longer—after a while, they would surely reach the tips of his fingers like they used to. His nails were a little distorted and whitish, probably because they had been severely pulled off. Still, I thought it was better than bare fingers.

The scars from the burns on his face seemed to sting even now, even though the color had grown lighter.

I didn’t know because he was wearing clothes, but it seemed that there were marks of burns and cuts all over his body.

He must have despised my brother—but Jerd showed no intention of killing me.

On the contrary, he rarely approached me. I didn’t even have the opportunity to hand him the handkerchief I had embroidered.

During Jerd’s morning practice, I decided to embroider the sacred dragon to decorate the front door. If I moved the needle with all my heart, wishing for the safety of Jerd and the territory, my fear of death would be forgotten.

Thus, calm days passed.

One day, Bennio suddenly visited.

Jerd was out because he was visiting the town with my uncle. I thought it was suspicious—Bennio had abandoned me!

Despite so, I couldn’t get him to return, and so I had him go to the drawing room. Of course, and escort and a maid would also be in the same room. I never wanted to be alone with Bennio ever again—after all, he had uttered such foul language to me back then. Not to mention, I already had Jerd as my husband.

“Brit, it has been a long time. You seem to be doing well.”

For some reason, Bennio looked very happy. His smile seemed a little disturbing…

“Long time no see. Is Lord Bennio, whom has one-sidedly abandoned his engagement with me, in need of something? If there’s anything you need, then talk with my husband. So, can you come when my husband is home?”

I wanted to tell him to go home immediately.

He was formerly an Earl, but he had been dismissed and was now a mere commoner. Therefore, I mustn’t be too rude at him.

“You’re the one I have business with. I apologize for breaking off our engagement—so could you get engaged to me again?”

Bennio said something so outrageous, I stared, wide-eyed, at him.

“Huh? What are you talking about? I am already married!”

“I know, and I also know what you have with Jerd is a white marriage[1].”

“Who told you that!?”

“Wasn’t this territory originally your father’s? The Knight Leader is very concerned about you, and has someone send him detailed reports about you.”

I knew father was worried about me, but to such an embarrassing extent… I wish I hadn’t learned about that… even though just knowing that I was fine should suffice…

“So, then my father informed you regarding my marriage?”

Of all the time, why now, Bennio?

“No, it was your brother. We’re best friends and he requested me to make you happy, Brit. Of course, I also want to make you happy. I wish for us to rule this territory together.”

That idiot brother of mine!!!

What? He thinks I will readily accept my former fiancé back? The same man who foolishly got misled by another woman, then basically spat on my face, and broke our engagement as he please!?

I would rather choose to live with Jerd as we were instead of remarrying such a man!

Jerd worked hard without ever complaining even after his body had been reduced to its current state. He treated the servants with courtesy, and his movements were very graceful.

But, because he hated me, he could never look at me as his wife. Despite so, as a husband, he was perfect—

—realizing so, I started crying.

“You’re so happy to the brim of tears? Brit, I am happy, too. To be honest, I am in deep water because I’m now a mere peasant. Your older brother can still keep his profession as a knight even if he becomes a commoner, but I can’t even become a knight because I don’t know how to use a sword. But I am confident in territory management. Such a small viscount territory as this, I am confident I can manage it.”

Well, I am sorry that it is a small territory…

The guy seemed to be putting himself on a high pedestal, but in reality, there were a lot of things he had to learn. I didn’t think it would be possible for a man who could easily be deceived by a woman to properly manage a territory.

“It’s about time for you to excuse yourself. Let me tell you this, I have no intention of divorcing my husband, nor do I intend to remarry with you.”

“At this rate, you will die without ever being loved by your husband, are you okay with that?”

The man knew to poke where it hurt the most.

I was glad I didn’t marry such a man.

“Do you realize you and my older brother are part of the reason why my husband doesn’t love me!? Please, go home already!!”

“What’s wrong?”

Jerd had returned, and I was surprised when I heard his loud voice as he entered the drawing room.

“I was proposing to Brit. It’s her older brother’s request. Other than that, I am the man she has been engaged with for ten years.”

Before I could say anything, Bennio already offered his own explanation.

I thought Jerd would get angry that his wife was being proposed to like that, but he only said in a small voice;

“I understand. I will divorce you and take my leave from here.”

[1] White Marriage: A marriage that hasn’t been consummated yet.



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