The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

60. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (8)

The one-story hut at the foot of the mountain had a large living room in front of the entrance, a kitchen and bathroom on the left, and a bedroom on the right. Other than that, on the far right, were two other bedrooms.

One of the bedrooms belonged to Jill and Hadith while the others settled for using simple means to sleep. Camila and Zeke slept in the living room with cushions and blankets. Judging from their sex, position, and relation—it might be a reasonable room arrangement.

However, Zeke, who became the knight of a certain little girl, was dissatisfied with said arrangement. Even if she was the princess.

“Oi, Your Majesty, as soon as we go back to the Imperial Capital, you will sleep in a different room than the Captain, right?”

“Different room? But why?”

Hadith replied with an expression that said he didn’t understand the meaning of the question. After all, when he was changing his attire, he made sure to do it in the living room, where Jill couldn’t see—just like right now.

Since Hadith had taken such an attitude, Zeke became vigilant.

“You must have been kept awake at night since you’re sleeping beside a ten-year-old.”

“But we’re a couple.”

“…Of course I know that!”

“I see, you’re already thinking about returning to the Imperial Capital…”

Hadith laughed, pissing Zeke off.

“Aren’t you, Your Majesty the Dragon Emperor, returning there? Or perhaps, you really don’t plan to?”

“I do.”

Hadith, who denied such idea in an instant, seemed to have a grasp on the situation. It was as Jill had pointed out—it was as if he had calculated every step.

“Starting from tomorrow, I leave Jill to your care. Jill is smart, and she’s aiming to gather every bit of information she can get about this empire—but she is still at that age.”

“Captain can’t be stopped, huh.”

“Basically, I don’t want to interfere with what Jill wants to do. I don’t want to be hated, after all.”

—or is it because of trust?

Because he was being stared at, Hadith, who took off his underwear, turned around.

“Do you enjoy watching a man change his clothes?”

“Your body is very well trained.”

“But not as trained as yours.”

“I used to have a simple life, after all.”

“I haven’t experienced a life in the outskirts of kingdom quite like this before, being royalty…”

Hadith, who wiped his body with a cloth in a bathtub, had neither unfamiliarity nor dislike towards it.

In the first place, Hadith’s luggage consisted of a portable food in a pot, a map, a linen cloth of all sizes, a simple emergency kit containing medicines and disinfectants, and currencies.

It were completely distressing and unlike the usual disposition of an emperor. As if he was used to being abandoned like that.

now that I think about it.

“…Something smells strange—what did you put on just now?”

“Essential oil. Do you want to use it too? It feels refreshing. It can get rid of body odor. For hair, I recommend this balm—”

“—are you a maiden!?”

“Jill said she likes this smell. Said that it helps her sleep. Other than that, before my beloved girl, I want to appear beautiful.”

No, I can’t catch up.

Zeke sighed and laid down in his simple makeshift bed while keeping an eye on Hadith.

“I don’t care. I wish I could get paid.”

“Then protect Jill.”

“There’s no need for you to tell me that. That’s my job, that’s what I am going to do.”

When he closed his eyes, the smell of essential oil wafting in the room was certainly pleasant.

I hope I am not smelling something strange with a hypnotic effect…

Nothing about Hadith smelled like an emperor. Those noble who denounced him as a false emperor—Zeke understood their feelings a little.

“When the worst came to be, hand me to my uncle.”

Zeke accidentally opened his eyes again—

—after finishing with wiping his body, Hadith laughed quietly while putting on his nightwear.

“To protect Jill, you’ll at least do that much, right, Knight of the Dragon Princess?”

Zeke unconsciously balled his fist, before pulling the comforter over his head and closing his eyes.

That would mean betraying not only Captain, but also the others.

Even if he was confident he would survive, that didn’t mean it wouldn’t be heartbreaking—

—or, as long as he didn’t believe it, would it not hurt?

As he thought, he really didn’t understand what that Emperor was thinking.

One thing was certain—he cared about Jill.

Zeke decided to remain silent and sleep.

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