The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

15.3 The Morning Meeting and the Rose Necklace

Dia was told about the origin of Fashitar, which wasn’t even mentioned in her favorite picture book.

In the past, there was a part where she sympathized with the ancient magician, but now that she knew he was courting someone whom was already married, she had no choice but to gather up all that sympathy and throw it away somewhere.

“Bastard! That guy is trash…!”

“Don’t worry, the person himself is still paying for what he did.”

Noin seemed to think that Dia would be happy to hear that, but she instead felt frightened by it. Dia blurred her reaction by drinking tea.

As a human being, she wanted to forget about that particular time she enacted a terrifying retaliation against him.

“Your family, whom shouldn’t have been on the receiving end of the curse, ended up falling due to the cursed deeds of Fashitar. Originally, it wouldn’t have been strange for the royal family, whom breached the contract, to meet their demise. Perhaps because of the long history, the line that separated the Gillasfi family from the people of Fashitar has blurred, hence it’s considered null. It could also be because of the pedigrees. Perhaps your ancestors have married several times with the royal family, hence mixing their pedigrees and drawing in the curse.”

“My father is a son-in-law of the royal family. Before, I’ve heard that my great-grandmother married to the royal family.”

“That’s perhaps why human beings who’ve inherited both the characteristics of Gillasfi and the royal family were born. This also applies to the Second Prince—he’s on our side.”

“Who would’ve thought… His Highness Jillreid?”

“If it’s his case, it may be because he was drawn to our side.”

When Dia leaned over to Noin, who muttered with an unpleasant smile, the laughing spirit revealed a surprising truth.

“That prince’s spouse is a fairy.”

“…that’s the first I’ve ever heard of it.”

“For some fairies who are attracted to humans, there is no prey that is as ignorant and easy to catch as the humans of this kingdom. Though they may be born with their favorite nature, they don’t have the blessing of birth, they walk carelessly, defenseless to the fairy’s trickery.”

“There’s such a fairy in this kingdom?”

“It’s our genealogy. She seems to have fallen in love with the prince during the case of 13 years ago, and said that she would build a suitable house to stay here. But she must have also been the daughter of a count, hence she was able to become his spouse.”

“…There may be things in the world that are better left unknown… How did she become the bride of Jillreid? That question of mine shall remain unanswered forever.”

Towards her reply, Dilvier nodded with a mysterious look. He had just made a declaration that there was an underlying story behind the marriage of the Second Prince and the Countess, after all—how was she supposed to remain calm?

Since a fairy’s hypnotism of that kind was a little too stimulating to humans, there was no doubt the story would be quite disastrous.

Dilvier poured tea into Dia’s cup, which had completely emptied due to the deliciousness of the steaming tea.

Even though Dia, whom was selfish and cunning, said nothing, Noin seemed eager to be the one to explain everything with his own words…

“So, are you satisfied yet?”

“Once I have my share of Supri, should I go to the Land of the Dead for the time being?”

“After you drink, I shall be the one who take you. No need to go to the Land of the Dead.”


So it’s okay to stay by Noin’s side instead of going to the Land of the Dead? Perhaps he has negotiated that part with the Spirit of Death…

For the Spirit of Death, Dia was both a Gillasfi and a cursed human being.

Despite so, if she was killed, then she might be able to get out of that circle.

Perhaps she could stay with him for the rest of his life—

—Dia warned herself that she shouldn’t expect too much, but dreamed a little about her glorious second life.

To stay with him forever.

No, the dead would reincarnate once the soul reached its full circle, or using the outsiders’ term, ‘become round’—so at least, until then.

If she could be with Noin, she wished she could find a way so that her soul wouldn’t become round.

“I’ll pay the price, so I have one thing to ask.”

“…What? Depending on the request, I might reject it.”

“Can I hold on to this rose ornament during the ball? I don’t want to lose it.”

Geez. If only that much, I will fulfil it without any consideration.”

“I see, so it’s okay.”

“Since I am in a good mood, you needn’t pay a price—Dilvier.”

The ornament that Dia entrusted to Noin was made into a delicate necklace, one with a beautiful chain made of material similar to a thin ribbon.

It seemed that the chain, which looked like glasswork with a light and pale color of the night, was a blessing stone carved from the magic of Noin.

By arranging night stones at regular intervals in the chain so that it didn’t appear childish when coupled with a ball gown, Dia could finally stay with her important ornament. She could always touch it—a sigh of bliss was exhaled due to her relief.

“Fufu, tonight, nobody else other than me will wear such an amazing necklace. Even if it’s a little sad that everyone is attempting to kill me, still, no one can beat the me who has this necklace!”

“Nice to hear. So, no matter what happens today, behave proudly.” Dilvier sounded like an educator.

“Yes.” To which Dia nodded.

Dia was going to have her revenge.

Hence, she would hold up her head and go forward.

Of course, that clarity and determination weren’t there for her to swallow the suffering of that day—

—they were for revenge.

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