Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

60.2 Ruiseine is Waiting

“Will tell Mist-onee-chan, nyan.”
Uuuh, forgive me.”

Nymia, she’s got a hold of my weakness.

I politely turn down the invitations of the villagers and head to the center of the plaza. There, I release Nymia and ask everyone to back away from her.

With a, “Hii,” Nymia returns to her original large form. All of the villagers are shocked. The elders even pray to her out of respect.

I give my farewells to everyone and move onto Nymia’s back. Once I secure myself by wrapping her fur around my body, she soars into the sky. I wave to the villagers from above. They all wave back in return. Anemone-san also vigorously waves her hand.

The Dragon’s Gem completely did away with her weak constitution. She seems to have been the only one to have been rewarded from this incident.

I wave goodbye until can no longer be seen. I will come back again someday. Next time, it will be together with Mistral, Ruiseine, and Priscilla-chan.

Nymia accelerates once the village is out of sight and heads towards the ravine Asher-san is waiting in.

I remember something while watching the scenery flash by. “Ah! We forgot Laniceam-san!”

Darn, without Laniceam-san, there’s going to be trouble once we return to the ravine. If he were with us, he’d be able explain what happened in the village and settle things peacefully. How should I explain this to the other men?

“Will work out some way or another, nyan.”

Nymia’s carefree words make me smile.

“True, whatever happens, it’ll work out.”

I follow Nymia’s carefree example and instead enjoy the view of the mountains as they flow by.

Riding on Nymia’s back, I am able to understand very well the harshness of Dragon’s Peak’s natural environment, from the perpendicular rising cliffs, to the bare rock slopes, and to the deep ravines. Maybe it’s because of strong winds, but the sparse growing trees are slanted. Furthermore, the area deeper within Dragon’s Peak transforms into a world of white.

Even though the Amado Kingdom is still in the middle of its harvest season, winter has already arrived for the inner areas of Dragon’s Peak. While there’s practically no snow in the capital city, the mountain peaks have been dyed white. This world really is relentless.

As I gaze upon Dragon’s Peak, a world of white that isn’t snow spreads down below. Right, the world of ash created by Asher-san. Now that I’m seeing it again, the ash covers a much wider distance than I first thought. It engulfed the ravine.

Asher-san has too much destructive power. Just what kind of place is the ancient capital that’s protected by such a dragon. A metropolis populated only by woman? I wonder why men can’t enter. Perhaps one day I will hear about it from Nymia. Maybe she’ll tell me.

While I’m thinking such, Nymia eases herself down towards where Asher-san is standing. Asher-san, from the ground, warmly watches over us.

Nearby are the dragon tribesmen we left behind, although something is a bit off about them.

Nymia lands and I hurry off of her back. I then check up on them.

Aaah, Ahser-san, did something happen?” All of the dragon tribesmen have lost consciousness.

“What, don’t blame me for this.”
“No, it’s just from what I can see, Asher-san might be the cause.”

The now miniature Nymia quivers.

“I merely threatened a flying dragon that passed by.”
“That, isn’t that the reason!?”

I make a wry smile. No doubt, she threatened the flying dragon by roaring out at it. The dragon tribesmen, due to hearing it from so close, were overwhelmed and fainted.

Nyan, think so too, nyan.”

Good grief, this is a problem. We can’t just leave them while they are unconscious like this. Now then, what to do?

While I’m thinking such, Asher-san stomps down on the ground. A small rumbling shakes the ravine.

“Wh- What are you doing?” In my shock, I fall back.

“If they are unconscious, then they just need to wake up.”

Just as Asher-san bluntly stated, they are startled into waking up. They cautiously look around, and upon seeing us, discover Asher-san is the reason for the rumbling.


I look for the most decent person of the dragon tribesmen in order to explain the situation at the village to them. The man properly listens to what I tell him, but I’m not sure if he actually believes what I tell him about the village, or if he’s just terrified of Asher-san.

“Hence, we’ll now be returning.” I declare such with a smile.

Then, without waiting for a reply, I leap onto Asher-san’s back. Nymia is already there making herself comfortable.

Once I’m on Asher-san, she gracefully begins to ascend. Then, she accelerates and the white dyed ravine is below us in one go. She pierces through the clouds and heads for the far of skies of the Dragon’s Forest.

“By the way, how are we returning to ojii-chan’s place?” I’m uncertain as to whether the barrier surrounding the Dragon’s Forest extends to the skies above.

Fufun, the Dragon’s Forest is like a garden for me. There is no problem.”

So, it’s like that. Asher-san back then also reached the moss-covered plaza without any trouble. She must have learned her way after coming and going so many times when she was younger.

The land beneath my eyes transforms into a carpet of green before I realize and Asher-san begins to fly lower. A light dizziness passes over me and without my noticing, we are freely flying underneath the branches of the spirit tree.

Asher-san slows down and flies even lower. As she makes a detour around the massive trunk of the spirit tree, Nymia and I spot a familiar black hill.

We’ve safely returned. Nymia and I smile at each other.

“Incidentally, did you bring a souvenir for the child of the long eared tribe with you?”
Aaah, I messed up.”

At Asher-san’s words, Nymia and I panic all at once.

We forgot. I should have accepted something peculiar at the dragon tribesmen village.

Ahh, what do I do? Priscilla-chan is going to be mad.

Even though it’s too late to do anything about it now, Nymia and I panic from atop of Asher-san’s back.

T/N: For shame, Ernea, for shame.
~Gandire Alea

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