The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

55. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (3)

From Veilburg castle, where she had remained for about a month, the figures of Sufia waving her hand, and Mihari—the guard—giving a salute from the gate could be seen getting smaller and smaller.

The blue sea of Veilburg shone brightly.

When they turned to change direction, a storm of cheers rose from the city. From the wall of the military port, Hugo, of the Northern Division, whom was appointed as captain, was giving rough salute.

Everyone saw Jill and Hadith, whom took it upon themselves to protect Veilburg from the attack of the Goddess, off.

“Aren’t you grateful that you protected them, Your Majesty?”


Hadith’s answer, even though they were seeing the same scene, was abrupt.

However, Jill saw his eyes narrowed in tenderness. Rave, who was perching on his shoulder, also seemed proud.

“Starting now, we shall be returning to the Imperial Capital of Raelm!”

As Hadith pulled the reins, their altitude increased steadily.

While Jill was cheering, Camila and Zeke were screaming.

“What~!? We’re still going higher~!? Noooo~! I’m going to die, nooo~!”

“Shut up! Don’t scream, and stop trashing around!”

“Umm, Zeke and Camila are…”

“Don’t worry. The dragons are listening to me. The saddles have been tightened—and even if they fall, the dragons will catch them.”

“Dragons sure are smart!”

From behind the ecstatic Jill, various things like “What do you mean, ‘if they fall’—!?”, “I want to faint…” could be heard, which was disregarded by Hadith and the dragons.

Whether it was due to the dragons’ condition being top notch, or because they were in good mood, the speed increased. Soon, they had passed the mountain and the river.

“Amazing, Your Majesty! This is really fast, won’t we be arriving soon?!”

“That’s just impossible. Dragons can’t fly for hours. From Veilburg to Raelm, that’s like crossing the Rave Empire from East to West, so it will take two days, even at this speed. Not to mention, those two behind us will most likely need some breaks. We’ll probably reach our destination after three days.”

“I’m happy that I’ll be able to ride a dragon for three days!”

“Then, I guess some service is at due.”

Maybe because of Hadith who laughed mischievously, suddenly the dragons, which were flying amidst the clouds, made a full turn.

It’s like a dream!

While cheering, Jill frolicked.

“Are you having fun?”

“Aplenty! Not to mention, Your Majesty is so cool, riding a dragon like this!”

The figure of Hadith, whom controlled the dragon with a stunning tug-of-war, up close, looked like a dragon knight—even though Jill once saw him as an enemy.

Hadith face turned red as his gaze swam to Jill, who praised him with honest excitement.

“R, really?”

“Yes! I wish I could see you do this all the time—ah, but, Emperor, you better not strain yourself.”

The descendant of the Dragon God Rave, Hadith, whom was said to be a vessel, held too much magical power inside his body. As such, he had poor physical condition. Incidentally, his heart was also weak.

Trivial things could cause his palpitation to go awry, and once that happened, he would fall down immediately.

Knowing that, Jill tried to check Hadith’s complexion.

Before that could happen, Hadith hugged her from behind. He buried his face in Jill’s hair.

“It’s alright. Whenever I see how happy you are, I am energized.”

“Eh? Is that so?”


Even though the breeze should had been comfortable, Jill became uncomfortable and lost her balance.

She no longer heard the screams behind her—perhaps because she had fainted.

In fact, when she opened her eyes, they were already on the ground, taking a break. Zeke and Camila were both on their saddle.

Thus, the air journey on the dragons continued peacefully on the first and second days. Jill gleamed the entire time.

“Hee, so you’re the middle child of the seven siblings?”

“Yes, Emperor, I have two older brothers and two older sisters. I also have a pair of twin little brothers, and one little sister.”

She was glad that she was able to ride on a dragon, but what she enjoyed the most was that she had a lot of time to talk with Hadith alone.

She was able to do so back in Veilburg, of course. But other than during their bedtime, there was always someone else—Rave was also there.

However, as of the moment, Rave was helping Zeke and Camila ride their dragons, as such, he had to leave. Or perhaps, Rave was being considerate and giving them some alone time.

“How about you, Your Majesty?”

The above the sky environment brought a feeling of openness.

Hearing what she herself had said, Jill regained her senses—

—Hadith had a brother, and other than that, he wasn’t too close with his family.

However, Hadith didn’t seem to mind and answered while controlling the dragon.

“As of now, I have an older half-sister, and two half-brothers who should be the same age as Vissel. After that, I have two younger half-sisters, and a younger half-brother. I used to have a lot more.”

“Because of the Goddess, many died…”

“Yes, about seven of them—or maybe more. In all actuality, all of them were supposed to die from my curse.”

Towards Hadith whom said so casually, Jill pursed her lips.

For the most part, the Goddess is to blame—but there are also those who took advantage of the situation and spun a conspiracy, resulting in Hadith being regarded as cursed.

The center of the kingdom was such a place.

Jill, whom was the fiancée of the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Kratos, had seen and heard the story of his past before the Goddess rewound her time.

There was internal conflict stemming from Kratos.

Within the Kingdom of Kratos itself, the only ‘good’ relationship there ever was, was between a certain brother and his little sister. They were close—too close, which led to Jill annulling her engagement and then being executed under false charges.

Let’s not dwell on that anymore. More importantly, this is about His Majesty.

In the future that Jill knew, after the ensuing rebellion and civil war, Hadith would execute the Royal Family of Rave—including his half-siblings, and also his brother, Vissel, one after another.

After a war with the brother he trusted, who colluded with Kratos, Hadith was fed up with the repeated betrayals and became an outrageously cruel emperor.

However, as of the current, his hands, arms, and back, which supported Jill were gentle and warm.

“Since I’m hated, there’s a chance you might get harassed too—”

“—I’ll protect you, Your Majesty!”

The words of Jill, whom had regained her spirit, made the stupefied Hadith blink.

After learning of the disastrous end that awaited her engagement with Prince Geraldo, Jill got married to Hadith as a means of escape.

However, after having her time rewound, she decided to save the pitiful and kindhearted man, despite knowing how strong he was.

This time, not only avoiding the war with Kraitos, she wanted her love to be fulfilled.

There were many problems—such as the gap between their ages; which were ten and nineteen, or the fact that Hadith was targeted by Goddess Kratos—

—however, Jill became the bride of Hadith, and defeated the Goddess.

“I’ll destroy them all!”

“O, okay? ‘Destroy’—oh, yeah, right, you did destroy the Spear of the Goddess, after all…”

“Leave it to me! If it returns, I will destroy it again!”

“B, but, wouldn’t it be better if only the Goddess is destroyed? Certainly, I am disliked by my surroundings, but you see, Older Brother Vissel is kind—albeit I don’t know if he will approve of us…”

Hadith still didn’t know the biggest betrayal in his life would come from his own brother—Vissel.

Jill smiled.

“I will not destroy those who’re on your side, Your Majesty.”

If they are enemies, then, I’ll destroy them—Jill left those words unsaid.

Not only that, the first enemy the Emperor will face won’t be his brother, but—

“—Oi, we’ll be able to see Raelm, soon.”

To the voice of Rave, who was suddenly already beside them, Jill turned forward.


When they turned to change direction, a storm of cheers rose from the city. From the wall of the military port, Hugo, of the Northern Division, whom was appointed as captain, was giving rough salute.


So now we’re dealing with Vissel, the second coming of Ashole Prince.

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