The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

13.1 The Lone Demon and the Evemeria

Once the sun went down, the area began to shine due to the candlelight.

On the night of Evemeria, the knights would light the candles scattered throughout the Fashitar Palace using magical light.

Decorative trees and wreathes would shine even brighter, and when their brilliance and shadows fell on the snowscape, it was akin to a kaleidoscopic festival night.

The snow that slid down the air was poetic—fortunately, there was no wind.

From somewhere, she could hear the voices of children singing in a choir.

She was sure that the Evemeria Mass was being held in the church’s cathedral.

Evemeria was a family festival. There would be church masses during the morning and night.

Inside Dia’s beloved, beautiful, cathedral, incense burned in a hanging burner. The bishop’s prayer echoed beautifully within the shadow of the stained glass.

Enshrined in the Church of Fashitar was the same Saint Deer-Antler which could commonly be found on the main pillars of churches in other kingdoms.

The maiden who bore the pure white deer’s antler, which harbored the blessing of all things, was the saint in charge of restoration. She went on a pilgrimage along with her disciples to spread her teaching—

—however, during her pilgrimage, she was perceived as an evil beast, and by the end, one town collapsed with one side turned into a garden of white lilies.

Nevertheless, when she told Dilvier the story, the fairy of the night only shook his head with furrowed eyebrows.

“The Saint of the Deer Antler is indeed a demon.”

“…Well, yes, it can’t be said that she’s human.”

“She’s responsible for restoration, after all. It’s not something a human can possibly do.”


“She has a professional contractual relationship due to her singing. Besides… in other kingdoms around the world, demons and human beings are attracted by singing. Each different race has a different contract. In regards to demons, the general rule of their contracts is such; familiar contracts are done with those of lower stature while singing contracts are with those of the higher stature. …In other words, the Saint of the Deer Antler who had been close to humans due to such a summoning, and by the end of that, fell in love with her contractor, tried to realize it, but it didn’t happen, and she collapsed instead.”

Dia’s eyes widened at hearing for the first time the true story behind the scripture.

In that regard, what she had perceived as a journey of business between demons and humans, ended up being the tragic love of a demon.

But… by knowing that, I end up liking the Saint of the Deer Antler even more…

It truly made her wonder. The person who brought about many miracles and salvations turned out to also be struggling to live with her loved one.

When she lowered her eyes, Dilvier told her the reason.

“Humans and non-humans have different fundamental body structures. The humans of this world have no natural magic. Instead, you have magic zone, which handles the coursing of magic in your body. There’s also the thing called upper limit, which is the range of motion for magic, right?”

“Indeed, it’s basically resistance to the erosion of witchcraft—resistance of magic, right?”

The word ‘resistance’ didn’t exist in Fashitar.

The magic of the land was so thin there was no need of it. Leaving that word as it be may had proven unbearable for the people of Fashitar who had decided they couldn’t attain it anymore—therefore, it was omitted.

Dia knew the word ‘resistance’ because Noin taught her about it.

From the beginning, it was said that Dia’s body had adapted to the contract between the two. Because Noin frequently visited, the magic foundation around Dia’s build was also adjusted.


However, yesterday, as a result of the misunderstanding of both parties, Dilvier ended up telling her under the ornamental tree. That Dia’s body, which had continued to eat the food made by Noin, had built up its resistance. That was why Noin could be close to her. It seemed that as of the present, even if the number of non-humans in her vicinity increased, it wouldn’t cause any harm.

“When we talk to humans, or when we favor a certain human being and have already attained her in our hands, or merely want to invite her to our kingdom, we need to make sure that the human wouldn’t be impaired by our magic.”

“I see, that’s the purpose of Noin’s meal.”

“It’s common for all spirits to use food as a method of attaining someone. On top of that, you’ll also receive a certificate from your spouse as according to their genealogy—such as a ring or a necklace. However, Lord Noin is also special. There are only few high-ranking spirits who are as good at cooking as that person. Most spirits will give you the fruits they’ve grown, small baked goods, or sugar candies. Also, if it’s the king of a genealogy or an aristocrats in general, they would usually tell their subjects to prepare the food in their stead.”

I see… that’s why the picture in the church has a table laden with a feast and spirits on it…

Thinking that, Dia exclaimed and nodded in understanding.

That painting was part of a series of works, there were also other non-humans inside it.

Then, while portraying human desires as an obstruction to their faith, the painting also showed that the temptation originated from the non-humans. The original implication was to warn against going to the realm of the other side, which was considered a sin.

If so, is the lack of remorse towards the purging of the Gillasfi family partly due to the educational and religious beliefs that have been created since the foundation of this kingdom?

“By any chance, do the fairies attract people by dancing?”

“Yes. We dance, and it has some implications, but it’s basically that… demons will bestow a ring that is made out of their own magic.”

“What about dragons?”

“As for a dragon, the human would require a strong body that can withstand transformation. If you don’t meet the requirement, then you will have to train. You will be collecting blessings through adventures to raise the level of your magic.”

“…It contains a lot more effort than I expected. I see, that’s why in one of the religious paintings of Fashitar, dragons are depicted as power.”

I see.

Again, Dia had acquired new knowledge.

For the humans of Fashitar, said power is the most annoying thing… it’s seen as heinous… Because they shouldn’t exist—because it’s a wish that can no longer be granted to the people of Fashitar…

The church, although it enshrined the Saint of the Deer Antler, at the same time had its own device to cutoff the days spent with non-humans, so that they would stay as mere fairy tales.

It could be said that the church was in such shape that it wasn’t there to honor the faith itself, but one that was created for the sole sake of humans.

“…Did the Saint of Deer Antler forget to bestow her ring?”

“No, she proceeded to bestow it. She tried to make his body adjust little by little, but she miscalculated. When she thought he was ready, it turned out that he wasn’t—and the ring rejected him. The tragedy of killing someone by loving them is exactly this.”

Nodding at the words, Dia peered at the other side of the window.

The supper prepared by Dilvier was superb.

The food of the royal palace, which was delivered to Dia, was eaten by the night sparrow whose appearance was akin to a narrow towel.

Occasionally, it would topple on its side because apparently, it had ingested the snow daffodil.

That said, it seemed to welcome the poison, finding the stimulation as delicious. When it got up, it would resume its meal at once again.

Because it was a meal scene staring a towel that could bark, her mind became a little bit unstable as she watched. Dia returned her eyes to the dishes in front of her in a panic.

A cream soup which contained broth and steamed mushrooms. When she took a sip, her eyes turned wide due to how delicious it was.

Roast beef with rich sauce had a tender flavor, accompanied by some cheese and potato gratin, and a gem-like cut carrot glaze.

Edible flowers were arranged on the gratin, and when she ate one in a single bite, it had a refreshing lemon like flavor.

The salad, which consisted of still hot, roasted, chestnuts, and fried eggplant, was dressed and dried with crushed, dried, strawberries.

The appetizer of smoked salmon mousse and winter vegetables and fennel cream was like a pretty cake, sprinkled with consommé jellies.

All the dishes were very delicious.

The feeling of happiness that filled her stomach was incomparable, and Dilvier said that the dishes were all cooked by Noin.

However, that was also her last night.

On the night of Dia’s favorite Evemeria, Noin still wasn’t present.

“Do you want a cake?”

Fuagh… I will eat two more.”

“Alright, I shall brew tea.”

Dilvier smiled as he brewed tea. Dia then drank another nice tea.

But eventually, the cake on the plate was gone and Dia had to take a bath and prepare for the ball tomorrow.

Because I am going to have my revenge.

Dia, who had chosen revenge over her beloved prince, must therefore put it as her highest priority.

Tonight was the night when she should really think about that.

Her original plan was to enjoy the atmosphere of Evemeria while looking at the ornamental trees, and after a little chat with Noin, whom was sure to come, she would spend the rest of tomorrow reflecting.

It was because tomorrow Dia would be killed that she was sure Noin would come. She was excited to spend her last luxury—Evemeria with her beloved Noin.

As I thought, I am cunning…

Dia prioritized her family until the end.

Not only had she given priority to saving her family during that stormy night, the reason she had to survive until tomorrow night was also to take revenge for them—she couldn’t tell Noin about that, though.

Afterwards, she wouldn’t be able to see Evemeria anymore.

Because the dead could only rise to the ground during the Day of the Dead.

Even though it was because of Dia’s selfish desire, at the end of the day, she still felt sad because it was going to be her last time.

Dia swallowed such feelings, too—the pieces of her jagged heart, the excess of which caused her chest to throb.

Slowly, the night went on.

The beautiful scenery outside the window was akin to a fairy tale. It was to help her redirect her thoughts as Dilvier helped dry her hair. She felt restless because usually, after taking a bath, she would be alone in her room. Then, he carefully applied makeup to her face. It was painted with cream and water.

She had already taken off her favorite dress, which she wore for the Evemeria, her long hair was tied down, and the supper on the table had already been already tidied up.

“Well then, I shall take my leave, but if you require something, please call my name.”

“Yes. Thank you again for today. I’ll just sleep, so please have a good rest.”

When Dilvier went out, the spacious room became a little dull.

The curtains had been opened a little because she wanted to see outside the window.

Should the clock’s hand pass midnight, the candles decorating the garden would be extinguished. All of them would be removed by the next morning. Dia was spending her last moment of Evemeria, which was only a few minutes left, basked in a somewhat nostalgic, tranquil, feeling.

Tomorrow night, I will be killed.


“No, she proceeded to bestow it. She tried to make his body adjust little by little, but she miscalculated. When she thought he was ready, it turned out that he wasn’t—and the ring rejected him. The tragedy of killing someone by loving them is exactly this.”


How cool… each genealogy has its own way to court… I like the dragon’s. To the people of Fashitar, the ‘other side’ is Hell ahahahahaha

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