Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

4. The Life of a Newlywed is Full of ups and Downs (4)

Tistye gently stared at Gaizel, who silently lowered his eyes.

His metallic navy-blue eyes were shaded by his eyelids. His long eyelashes casted a gloomy shadow.

Although his appearance was that of an elegant beauty, suitable for the almighty emperor of Verscia, in Tistye’s eyes, he looked very fragile and downcast…

…I wonder if His Majesty is always facing everything alone…

Determined, Tistye sat down on the sofa, right next to him, and took his hand.

“—Lord Gaizel, I’m on your side. So please, cherish your own feelings. Don’t treat them lightly.”


Gaizel’s closed eyes slowly fluttered open.

His deep blue eyes bore straight into Tistye.

It wasn’t the kind of gaze he would usually show. His current gaze was that of an utterly baffled person who couldn’t even think of a single word to say, while also being preoccupied by his own feelings.

However, soon, he showed a confident smile.

“—Even without you telling me, I already know.”

Kuku’, seeing Gaizel’s newfound joy, Tistye exhaled in relief.

As if remembering something, with his free hand, Gaizel then searched inside his jacket. He then took out a small, cloth-covered, box.

“Try opening it.”

Tistye received the box and opened it as she was told. The box housed a silver ring. At the top of the ring, a beautiful light green jewel was encrusted.

“Wear it.”

“Eh!? B, but, something this precious…!!”

“In Yenzie, it seems that this stone can only be exchanged between members of the royal family.”

His words caused Tistye’s eyes to bulge.

“T-then that makes it even more precious…! This thing, I can’t… I will be troubled…”

“Do you think I would let a woman who’s going to be my wife wear something that anyone else can also wear?”

“B-but that’s…”

Before Tistye could finish her words, Gaizel already took her left hand. With the speed of light, the ring was slid unto Tistye’s ring finger. On Tistye’s hand, the ring gleamed.

“Don’t take it off as you please—this is an order.”

“A, alright.”

[“If any ignorant men were to approach Tistye, this thing will act as insect repellent! …Ah, but, is the jewel too big, after all? I found out that Tistye likes subtlety… Perhaps, the crystal of Ix, or the agate aquamarine would make her happier—alright, I’ll hereby summon the merchant once we return! Those are supposed to be Tistye’s favorite gems, right? I shall order the merchant to make two or three more pieces of jewelry using those stones!”]

“I’m truly grateful! This gift is already abundant!”

If I let him be, things will surely get out of hand…

…Staring at her left hand, which was now adorned with a ring, Tistye chuckled happily.

Perhaps satisfied with the outcome, Gaizel gently intertwined Tistye’s hand with his right hand. Wrapped in his large hand, which covered even her fingertips, Tistye’s face grew hot.

Suddenly, with her hand still inside his, Gaizel pushed Tistye down.

“—Lord Gaizel!?”

Gaizel approached to Tistye, who lose her balance and fell on her back.

The mesmerizing and beautiful sight that was his eyes, and his nose—Tistye could only open and then close her mouth, as if she had forgotten how to breathe.

Gaize’s face gradually inched closer as he put his hand on Tistye’s cheek.

Tistye’s heart was pounding like the morning bell, she didn’t even know what kind of expression she was making right at that moment.

W, what do I do!? We, we are a couple now, so kissing should be a normal thing to do, b, but! I’ve never done that before! It’s going to be my first! What should I do!? Or should I just stay still!?

Thus, Gaizel’s face descended, and as she closed her eyes, Tistye readied her heart and waited for it…


However, after a long wait, there was no sensation of their lips touching. The one that arrived was instead the voice of Gaizel’s heart.

[“Is she… still wary of me?”]

—L, Lord Gaizel?

[“…No wonder. In the first place, it’s not like you came to me because you yearn for me.”]

When Tistye opened her eyes, right in front of her, was the eyes of Gaizel.

The beautiful, metallic, navy color—the splitting image of the starry night of Isiris, seemed lonely.

“What were you expecting?”

“T, that’s…”

“—how useless. I’m going to sleep.”

Gaizel released Tistye and stood up—and when she thought he was about to go to the bed, it seemed that he wanted to leave the room entirely.

“L, Lord Gaizel, where are you going…”

“We have to wake up early tomorrow. I will sleep in another room.”

“B, but…”

Tistye couldn’t utter anything.

To tell the truth, from the moment she arrived there until the present time, they always slept in separate rooms. It was because Gaizel’s work lasted until late into night, and that Tistye might not be used to her new surroundings yet.

But today was their honeymoon.

To some extent, Tistye had prepared herself.

…However, it seemed that Gaizel had changed his mind after seeing how Tistye shrank after he merely pretended to kiss her.

—‘Let’s sleep together!’, in all actuality, saying that out loud would truly be embarrassing…

Perhaps noticing how deep in thought Tistye was, Gaizel smiled again—it was his usual unpleasant smile.

“If you so wanted to be embraced, I don’t mind hugging you?”

“I, I’m fine!”

—oh no!

She got provoked, and instinctively said that instead!

However, instead of being offended, Gaizel seemed to be enduring laughter.

[“As I thought, she’s really cute… I really want to hold you… But I don’t want to terrify you…”]

She blushed when she heard the voice of his heart.

Tistye peeked at Gaizel’s face. The expression he was currently showing—no trace of that brutal image called the Ice Emperor could be seen.

Maybe, that was the true Gaizel.

“Later, then.”

“Ah, Lord Gaizel, wait…”

“There’s still more?”

“Um, I have but one request…”


Tistye inhaled deeply towards the seemingly stunned Gaizel.

“I, I wish you would call me by my name!”


For a moment, there was a long silence, as if every sound in the world had been stolen.

A, as I thought, is requesting this out of the blue too strange?! But still…!

…Still, she wanted to hear her name being uttered by that mouth of his.

Of course, she was unable to say that out loud.

Tistye could only wait for Gaizel’s reply.

However, what came first wasn’t his answer, but the voice of his heart.

[“She wishes… for her name, to be called…? By me… me? Me? Calling whose name? Tistye’s name, yes, I know it already. Not even once have I ever called her by her name, she might be displeased with that—but, to suddenly request of such a thing! With such timing! Isn’t she being overly cute!? What is she aiming for!? What do you want me to do!? As I thought, should I just hug her right now—”]

“—WOAH!!!” Upon hearing the last part, Tistye screamed as she held both hands up to Gaizel, as if saying ‘I yield!’

She thought that by doing so, she would be able to block the voice of his heart, but… it was to no avail, the voice of his heart kept flowing inside her mind.

“F, forgive me, as I thought, it’s better if you just forget what I’ve said—”


A low-pitched, steel-like, firm voice.

Gaizel had called Tistye’s name. His voice filled the interval created by the faint, rippling, sound the lake made.

His voice was kinder than she had imagined—sweeter, to the point Tistye didn’t realize she was being called at first.


“—y, yes!”




“I, it’s enough, already…”


It seemed that he intent on teasing Tistye, who grew red from top to bottom. Gaizel repeatedly called her name—eventually, while holding his stomach, he laughed.

“Your Majesty! Forgive me! Please, have mercy!”

“I’ll call your name until I’m tired of doing so. Tistye—”

“Please, just stop already—!”

Staring at Tistye, who squeezed her ears with both hands, Gaizel was delighted by calling the name of his beloved wife.

***T/N: He doesn’t have the balls to actually call her by her name until later in the chapter but has the balls to push her down. HMMMMM.

And Gaizel is someone you get when you can’t decide between sharptongued badboi with heart of gold and a guy who is as pure as his heart. Therefore author gave u 2 in 1 and FCK IT I AM BAGGING THIS MAN HOME AINT NO ONE STOPPIN ME–

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