I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

17. Second Go!

“—forgive me, my Master. At that time, deciding whether THAT was an enemy or an ally, I was thrown into a confusion… that’s why I couldn’t make a decision and threw the pebbles thrice.”

The hawk, Takkun, flew around Ally who is sitting on the sofa, while referring to the prince as ‘THAT’.

She had just finished her morning study in the sunny solarium of the Royal Palace West Wing, which was built for Prince Maximilian.

By the way, when she left the dilapidated palace, she insisted upon bringing Takkun—‘this is a pet I brought from my parents’ house.’

As of the present, she was living in the West Wing.

Ally stroked the head of the drowsy Stila, whom was sleeping on top of Ally’s lap. Stila’s eyes were hazy.

“Don’t worry about that anymore, Takkun, In fact, with regards to Stila, everything went in a good direction…”

It had been two weeks since she was brought there and Stila’s complexion continued to improve.

Even though he looked like THAT—a man who seemed to be wearing full-body muscle armor and had arms that looked like something that would deliver a lethal blow to anyone, Maximilian was surprisingly a man who paid attention to details.

In the blink of an eye, Stila’s personal items were prepared. The furniture of her room also matched her height.

…The only problem was, Maximilan’s enthusiasm was too great. The governess he hired to educate Stila only lasted for three days. All the tutors ran away in the fear of Muscle Overlord, whose face was terrible—but behind such features, was a love for his little sister.

“…But I wonder if I truly can take over the lady’s education… well, at least for the time being, until we can find a tutor who can withstand Maximilan’s exuberance…”

The lady’s education, which was required for the already ten year old Stila, hadn’t been completed. Especially when the necessary tutor couldn’t continue. In the end, Maximilan passed the baton to Ally.

Now, everything would truly be solved if only Maximilian didn’t hover around Stila.

To say that out loud would probably break his heart—

no, actually, I did say that out loud, but was ignored.

Of course, at first, considering her own status—which was merely that of a baroness—Ally turned down his offer.

However, Maximilian, and also the other four Muscle Kings, kept pressing her— ““““You can do it! You definitely can! Do it! Do it!””””

Although she was consciously acting as a baroness, it seemed that in the end, the actions and manners that were imbued in her after her previous nine lives as a Duchess leaked out.

“Ally may not appear so, but your attitude is top notch—the royal family of the darkness should all learn from you!”

From a ball-sized black circle floating in the air, Abel voice came.

As she thought, because Abel didn’t want to be found by THAT, these days, he had been using such a method to communicate.

“Abel, I’ve always wanted to ask you this, but are you free? What kind of work do you do in the world of darkness?”

“Me too, I’d like to ask you the same question.”

After being asked by Ally and Takkun, Abel’s face peeked out of the black circle—as always, he was an outstanding beauty of a man.

“Me? To put it simply, I’m the current Demon King?”

Ally and Takkun exclaimed at the same time—“—Huh?!?!”

Stila shook her head for a moment in grogginess, but she continued to sleep.

Ally was so startled; her mouth went agape.

She thought Abel gave off a Demon King-like vibe—but he truly was the Demon King!!!

—Wait. He’s the Demon King—so what? Maximilian, who was in seclusion deep in the mountains, and come back looking like THAT—isn’t he far scarier?

“As of recently, the world of the darkness is lacking entertainment, but thanks to Ally, things have gotten more interesting, thank you so much…”

Two hands suddenly emerged out of the black circle, acting as if worshipping a foreign god. Even though he admitted he was just killing time, Abel, who she always could consult with, helped her a lot.

Two days ago, Marianne, who was finally allowed to leave the forest after Abel’s trickery, arrived at the palace breathlessly along with eight carriages full of food and daily necessities.

At the same time, the royal magistrate, Earl Gashim, also arrived. As such, Marianne and the others’ attempt to cover-up the fact that they had been neglecting the princess was exposed to the sun.

With a fierce and savage voice, Maximilian commanded for the capture of Marianne. Her, along with many other servants, were thrown in jail.

Duke Radphen, the King’s brother, was now accusing the King in the open. The Queen’s narrowmindedness also became widely known.

“…—and now I’m basically the caretaker and the educator of Lady Stila, and at the same time, Maximilian’s secretary for his organization ‘Society to Avert the Crisis of Our Kingdom’, so I am honestly very busy—but thanks to that, my wage has tripled.”

Ally also admired the four men under Maximilian (shortened to ‘Muscle Special Squadron’ because it was honestly too taxing), because they had been putting a lot of effort in recruiting servants into the West Wing! The West Wing, which mostly consisted of men, was a little bit troublesome…

…the aging old maids were all kind-hearted, but Ally worried that they might die of heart attacks once Maximilian’s exuberance acted up.

For some reason, the members of the Muscle Special Squadron, who also lived in the West Wing, had been able to take care of their own necessities just fine—it seemed to be the result of living in the mountains for a long period of time.

After returning to the West Wing, they had to borrow a servant—but it seemed that only one was enough.

But, when they really needed a female servant, they always summoned Ally.

The only benefit of living in the West Wing was that she could ensure Stila’s safety at all times.

On the other hand, it seemed that among those swelling men, it was as if Ally had thinned.


“Me? To put it simply, I’m the current Demon King?”


However, Maximilian, and also the other four Muscle Kings, kept pressing her— ““““You can do it! You definitely can! Do it! Do it!””””

Thanks to a certain reader I am now imagining 5 gorillas worshipping Ally.

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