I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

24. Second Go! (8)

“The reason behind this dark color is so our group will mature into something that is as calm as the color.” The costumes of the Muscle Special Squadron were black-themed.

To differentiate between the men, the tailors squeezed their wisdom, and thus their cravats (the men’s scarfs and ties) were of varying colors.

Maximilian chose the blood red color, while the representative—Geoffrey, chose blue.

Since they were all muscle heads now, Ally had decided on some new nicknames for them—the muscle idiot Martin’s color was yellow, upstart Stephen was white, and Chris, who seemed to have already departed with his genius title, chose green.

All the four muscle devas started making ‘kyakyaufufu’ noise.

“I have to immediately ask Marilyn to embroider my coat of arms!”

“I agree. As I thought, the cravat must be embroidered by the hand of my beloved!”

“I so want to show my new outfit to everyone! How about inviting them to a tea party!?”

“That’s a good idea! However, it’s been a while since I last danced, I have to practice…”

In a distant, foreign, land, it was an aspect of the culture for a lover to embroider her boyfriend’s headband during sports festival—it certainly felt similar to what was currently happening…

Their concern for their master forgotten, Maximilian, whom was ignored by his entourage, soon shifted his attention to Ally.

I have a bad feeling…

His gaze was seriously annoying.

“…If you pay me for it, I suppose I can treat it as part of my job and embroider for you.”

“F, for real!? But my royal coat of arms is quite complicated…”

‘Who do you think I am?’—Ally almost spouted that.

Something as simple as embroidering the royal insignia, she could do it even with eyes closed!

…That was also of the legacy of Duchess Alicia which remained in Ally.

“…It’ll probably take some time, but I’m skilled at embroidery. I think it won’t be a problem.”

“I see!”

Maximilian’s face beamed—

again, the same bad feeling.

However, his smile was befitting of his age.

Despite positively looking like a 29-year-old, Maximilian was actually still 19-year-old.

If Ally acted like a businessman from hell, then perhaps he would stop clinging to her and leave her alone.

If you think only this will make up for your actions in my past nine lives, think again.

She had to admit that when she looked at Maximilian’s smile—whose heroic impression either collapsed or super evolved—for a fleeting moment, ‘adorable’, was what she thought.

Such thinking sent a shiver down her spine.

So, the saying was true—no matter what kind of person one is, if a dog or a cat is kept for three days, the person will be accustomed to the pet in the end.

“Alright, everyone! Now that we’ve got new looks, let’s start the magic training!”

Maximilian’s cheeks were dyed by heat as he raised his right hand towards the four muscle devas.

“Uh, but it’s about time for Lady Stila to have dinner…”

“I am fine~? The servants of all the brothers have prepared it for me.”

Stila, who was looking around at the tailoring process slash battlefield, came back and smiled.

Then, she showed the sandwich within her hand. Behind her, the tailors, whom were in a dead state, were crowded with food served by the servants.

“As long as Lady Stila is fine, this Ally is happy…”

Ally squeezed her cheeks tightly.

Even if she finally got used to the strength of the Muscle Special Squadron, she couldn’t get used to how taxing today was.


All the four muscle devas started making ‘kyakyaufufu’ noise.


LMAO if Maximilian is on the level of Pet (dog or cat) as of now, what was he before, Ally?! What was he before?! A cattle that would sometimes trash around your field/ run away?

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