I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

20. Second Go! (4)

“—anyway, according to the dream, the threat will start appearing in social circles. In the dream, as I was threatened and cornered, I kept crying for help over and over, but my voice didn’t reach anyone. However, I am different, now. I shall challenge the threat head-on and be sure to overcome it…!”

Again, when Ally saw the hot and sweltering fighting aura leaking from Maximilian’s body, she couldn’t help but think—RUN SAINT MIA, RUN!

However, it seemed that their dreams were quite blurry in nature…

While she was thinking so, Maximilian was already staring at Ally.

“I’m glad Ally is here. I don’t have a fiancée to escort, and for the longest of time, I haven’t shown myself in any social circle. As my mother would’ve said, if I have no experience in dealing with a lady, I won’t be able to stand up against the threat.

“Eh? Huh? Me? Partaking in social event with His Highness? You are aware that I’m merely a baroness, right?”

“It will be alright, Ally. Even though you’re a woman, you have quite some interesting muscles. As such, you’ll be able to perform the role well.”

“Would you please stop measuring the value of anything through muscle?”

In front of her chest, Ally imitated the shape of an ‘X’ with her hands while shaking her head at an extremely high speed.

The first prince, escorting a baroness—that was just too damn unprecedented.

Imagining the tyrannical Queen Belfia allowing such to happen was already hard enough.

“Then, before the social season starts next month, why not find someone and get engaged with her in an instant? You’re the prince after all. Since you were little, there must’ve been quite a number of spouses arranged for you. Besides, all of your entourage is properly engaged, how is Your Highness not?”

“That’s right. Well, one of the reasons is, no woman matches my interest.”

“Oi, properly look at your own self from top to bottom.”

Did you say something?”

“N, nothing—ohoho! Ohohohohoho!”

Stared by Maximilan, Ally lied in a hurry.

“But the biggest reason is also related to my recurring dream. In that dream, an incredible beauty keeps showing up—however I… I keep making that woman cry…”

After a momentary pause, Maximilian stared straight into Ally’s eyes and smiled.

“For some reason, the woman in my dream resembles you, Ally.”

Ally gasped.

His words pierced her heart—

—inside her heart, she kept denying it—there’s no way I look similar to that woman… she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

That woman inside his dream should possess golden hair which flowed down like rippling water and bBlue eyes like a clear sky. Her overall features should be as adorable as a porcelain doll—

—a feature Ally no longer retained in her current life.

Which shouldn’t have mattered anymore, no matter how half-hearted she was in leading her life as a baroness.

A sickly brother and somewhat unreliable parents. A narrow territory, a modest farmland, thus the people who lived there—those were her responsibilities in her current life in their entirety.

Why am I being sentimental like this?

Didn’t I say that I’ve moved on already?

That I won’t be involved with him anymore?

Right at that moment, Ally hit her cheeks with both hands as she stood up and said—

“—speaking of which, Your Highness, the queen is planning to hold a musical concert today. High-ranking noble ladies will be present. Shouldn’t you ask for your mother’s advice regarding whether or not she saw anyone suitable to be your fiancée?”

“…That mother of mine… I don’t have that much free time right now. Stephen, use spying magic!”


Oh, so the spying role still belong to Stephen, after all. Ally again corrected her posture.

Magic was inherited through bloodline and could be called a privilege of the aristocrats.

However, she would like to see how much they had developed.

In her previous nine lives, those men could hardly use any magic due to being slender beauties.

When she was excited about how he would cast the spell and what kind of spell he would use, Stephen moved to an empty space. He suddenly distanced both of his legs, opening his stride and dropping his waist—then, as he pulled his left hand, he stuck out his right hand—


“No, hold it right there, the way you cast magic is absolutely wrong!”

Ally stood up and shouted. The bloody eyes of the men gathered on Ally all at once.

“Is that so? All this time, whenever we want to use magic, we single-mindedly keep this kind of posture and continue to cry out until the magic is activated. Could it be, not only is Ally’s attitude that of a high-ranking aristocrat, you also have high magical prowess?!”

Maximilian said in a slightly stunned tone.

Stila nodded her head and smiled. “Precisely~ Ally’s magic is really amazing. She can control anything—be it water, earth, fire…”

Ally slapped herself on the forehead. Stila was still showing a large, endearing, smile.

Ally was so busy she completely forgot to shut her up about her magic!

***T/N: So, to summarize the Muscle Special Squadron’s method of casting;

1. Hol’ up a pose that is possibly, most likely, from other arcade fighting game or shounen animes.


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