The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

13.2 The Lone Demon and the Evemeria

Even after all the days that had passed, Dia still couldn’t forgive those who had killed her family. At the same time, it was when she reached thirteen years of age when the people of that kingdom decided she was no longer necessary.

She had chosen the knife she would bring along with her for tomorrow’s ball, but she had also considered various means.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t blessed with the presences of conspirators. Those who had been involved in the purging of the Gillasfi had been wary of exactly that, as such, there was no opportunity for Dia to contact those who were dissatisfied with the current state of the kingdom.

In the first place, I think this revenge only involves me. It’s the result of my grudge, which stemmed from the thinking that the royal family is mistaken, and that this kingdom has done something taboo—but until the last moment, it’s merely a theory of my person. Therefore, it would be difficult for me to become a flag for some underground activity or participate in some kind of movement, because there’s almost no cause for them.

In the end, Dia only had herself.

When she thought she was going to get married and become the crown princess, she thought said position would allow her to bring great hardship to the kingdom. She would become someone who poisons instead of being poisoned—indeed, she had planned that. She sometimes kept the poisoned jug of water with her.

But now, …I can stab them using my own ‘knife’. Without me, no one will know the taboo this kingdom has committed. With this, I can mislead them into deeper obstacles…

…that mean of revenge was available because she had met a non-human named Noin.

Because she already knew everything, she knew that disaster was inevitable.

On the other hand, what about Noin?

Even if Dilvier said he had misunderstood, he was still a high-ranking spirit.

The promise between them had certainly been broken, so there was nothing to talk about unless Dia officially apologized. He seemed to have a bad taste, one which allowed him to enjoy the ‘stage play’ where Richardo and people of that kingdom would kill Dia. Based on that alone, it wasn’t unreasonable to think he wouldn’t forgive her.

Even in the stories, a non-human would curse his beloved woman when she drank water from a fountain she was told not to drink from. The scriptures always depicted non-humans as a selfish excuses of men who were unable to feel the slightest bit of mercy.

…I wouldn’t wish for such fate as long as I am still alive. My revenge still needs to be carried. Even if it’s Noin, unless I’ve done what I need to do, I can’t be killed.

Potsuri, potsuri—

a quiet whisper fell on the surface of her heart.

She already had resolute determination, but also a naïve wish to overturn it.

Lost, wavering, and lost again.

Her heart swayed like a weathercock fluttered around in the wind, but always returned to its original place.

What I truly want to do is something I can no longer do.

The truth was, she wanted to laugh, throw away her notion of revenge, and surrender to only the most convenient option—which was to keep herself alive and spoil herself.

It was a pretty normal, guilty, but nice wish.

But Dia was no longer normal.

Another one, then another one—the ones she loved fell one after another. The day of the storm, Dia had broken beyond saving.

Therefore, even if she wanted to escape from there due to being unable to stand it, she would always end up returning and knocking on the door of revenge.

It was like a nightmarish maze.

Each time, she would be struck by the brutality and ugliness of herself as she tried to ruin herself—it was like seeing a monster in the mirror.


She was overlooking the beautiful night garden outside the window.

Each time she soaked in the beauty of the night, Dia felt the relief and heartache due to being close to something very important. It was as if she was confronted by her sins—and still, she loved the night.

She wondered why there was the hole in her heart remained even after she had eaten such delicious food and drank tea made by a beautiful fairy.

From that point on, perhaps because she had realized it was her last Evemeria, the feeling of happiness that had just been accumulating flowed away.

She inhaled her quivering breath and clenched her teeth.

However, even when she tried to empty her heart so that tears wouldn’t spill, pain continued running amok in her heart.


It was a very lonely night—Dia wailed and cried a lot.

She sobbed and wept, and cried like a child. Dia was in a bird cage on a wide vacant ridge with nobody.

However, crying a lot tired her. In the end, she ate a delicious biscuit she had hidden under the bed.

This was the only food Dia could eat with peace of mind because it was given by a knight when she brought back a mukmugris during the hunt back then.

At the end of her miserable and lonely life, the night was as overwhelming as usual.


When she was going to sleep, as Dia brushed her eyes and headed towards her bedroom, she was hugged gently from behind.

Looking back, Noin was there.


Swallowing and breathing, Dia blinked slowly.

Perhaps she had been mistaken. She wriggled so she could feel her forehead with her hand—but instead, she was embraced further.

Her heart was filled with a violent turbulence of emotion no words could express.

“Since it’s Evemeria today, do you mind staying up a little?”


“You—if you promise to stay held by me, I will take you to a festival of Evemeria outside the kingdom—so what’s your answer?”

“Y, yes! I am going!”

“…Good. Then change your attire.”

When she was lifted up and their foreheads touched, Dia exhaled a sigh of relief. It was as if the cold, sad feelings in the bottom of her stomach had vanished and a roaring blissful feeling was in her chest.

Rather than annoyed that her tears had stopped, Noin smiled for some reason and dropped a kiss on Dia’s forehead.


“Listen, Dia. At tomorrow’s ball, neither me or Dilvier will be close to you. But the contract and protection will still remain. I am a spirit, I don’t have morality like humans. Don’t worry about it. There’s not much I can say right now, but as expected, tomorrow, the procedure on this side including the land contract adjustment will be completed.”


“I will watch you until you finish your story. If the price I get from you doesn’t lead to the end, come to my side. At the present time, the qualities of fruition and the expiration qualities which are tied to the end of what I own are easy to determine…”

Dia’s eyes wavered and her tears spilled from wide-open eyes.

Noin, who stared at such a Dia, kept her within his arms. Rather than smiling in good mood, his smile was wishful.

To be honest, I don’t really understand what you’re saying…

They were the words of a spirit, which were a little difficult for Dia to comprehend. It was said difficulty that made it all the more difficult to grasp—

—but all was good.

Noin was there and Evemeria wasn’t over yet.

That was enough happiness, she no longer cared about the future.

“…I see, it’s that kind of thing.”

“Well, while still not knowing, I shall change my clothes.”

“We don’t have time—it’s a special night. Let’s go. Don’t release me, okay.”


She was being held tightly like a child by her beloved king of the night—to which she clung.

When the window opened, snow blew in.

The moment Noin glanced at the large ornamental tree of the royal palace of Fashitar, he snorted.

When she saw the ornamental tree of the Evemeria in the town she was heading to, she was confident that her own kingdom’s tree wouldn’t hold a candle to it. She smiled.

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