Translation Yankee wa Isekai de Seirei ni Aisaremasu.

16. That, how was it?

Me, Gusu-oyake, and the Chibi leave that room and go to where the Speck maid is waiting. The Speck then leads us back to Gusu-oyake’s room in silence. There, we’re given tea… to drink.

Fuu,” I breath out. “Hey, Gusu-oyake.”
“That, how was it?”
Etto, I am not sure.”

So, it’s like that. Well, for now, this tea is great. Yep, totally hits the spot.

“Zero-sama, your room has been prepared. Please, come this way.”
Agh? Alright, then, later Gusu-oyake.”
Ah, yes. Until next time.”

Speck Lilly leads the way to a nearby room. Naturally, we ain’t talk about a thing during that time.

Woah, ain’t this a nice room? Like a hotel.”

It ain’t better than camping out, but this is good room. Now to just take it easy… this chick is still here.

“Hey, stupid eggplant.”

There, called it! How annoying…

“Can you hear my voice, stupid eggplant? Say something. Or have you become unable to comprehend human words?”
Argh!? If you’ve got something to say, then spit it out!”

Gaaaaaa! Seriously, what’s with this chick!? Look me in the eye! What did I do?

“…Because of you, Grace-sama’s position has plummeted. Do you understand that?”
Ah? I know?”

I know that without needing the Speck to say anything. If she’s just gonna lecture me, then she can get out!

“Grace-sama, she has been giving it her best until now. Enduring. And today, all of that’s been wiped away.”
Ah, really? That’s gotta suck.”
Che, honestly, do you understand what happened? That had that gone badly, you could have been killed? Grace-sama having her right to the throne revoked wouldn’t have been strange.”
“Shaddup, that’s why I’m here!”

Ooh, she has the nerve to go off at me like some adult. I know, I’m gonna knock her off her game!

To start off, I show her a determined posture.

“Bringing a bastard like you into the castle. It’s a blunder unseeming for the royal family. Presenting you before His Majesty has ruined Grace-sama.”
Che, yeah, that’s true. Although, looks like I ain’t the only one with some lip, you shitty bitch.”[1]

Hey, what’s with that face full of doubt? Is this Speck really that clueless about herself? Well, whatever. For now, I’ll just continue where we left off.

“Even so, Gusu-oyake gave it her best. She gave it her best. So I want her to be recognized. She said she wants to be praised. Nothing more than that. I refuse to believe she can’t even get a small bit of approval.”
“…Aren’t you afraid of turning everyone around you into your enemy?”
“When I say something, I don’t care about the other guy’s position or expression.”
“You’re an idiot.”
“Shaddup! The hell, you picking a fight?!”
Han, I’ll bring food to your room after this.”

Just as I was getting to the good part, the damned Speck turns for the door. She then quickly disappears from sight. Although, she stops right outside.

“…Still, thanks.”

She then leaves without waiting for my reply. Che, don’t go and thank me. All I did was get frustrated and make things worse for Gusu-oyake.

“Hey, Chibi, did I mess up?”

Hm? What the, what’s with those gentle smiles? And why are you all patting my shoulder?
…Right, there’s no point moping over whether I screwed up!

Alright! I’ll leave that all in the past! From now on, I’ll do whatever I want!”

I guess it’s cause of what I said, but the Chibi are all smiles now.  Alright, from now on, the problem is improving Gusu-oyake’s position. No, isn’t getting Gusu-oyake’s opinion first more important? I should hear what she wants to do.

My meal is brought by someone who isn’t the Speck. I scarf it down without a second thought and then lay down.

First, I’ll organize my thoughts. Me and the Chibi think late into the night. After that, we head to Gusu-oyake’s room to discuss our future plans.

The castle in the middle of the night, it’s so dark that it’s hard to see. There’s also no one around. Still, the atmosphere feels pretty good. Like that tingling of nerves from being at school in the middle of the night, something like that.

On my way to Gusu-oyake’s room, I notice a door has been left somewhat open. Light is leaking out from the room inside. I hear something like an angry voice too. I try to ignore it and pass by, but then I hear something that makes me stop.

“That vulgar man! Grace is being deceived! I absolutely won’t allow it!”
This voice belongs to that damnable damned Amaris[2]. And she’s talking about me.

That bitch! Just a bit should be fine. I’ll just tell her exactly what I want to say.

I go to march in in high spirits, but that Damned Bitch’s following words freeze me in my tracks.

“For starters, what is that guy?! He kept staring at me! Aren’t they scary?! What’s with those eyes!? I would have broken out crying if other people weren’t watching me… He looked straight at me, a member of the royal family, without turning away! Damn it! Damn it!”

Ahre? This chick was trembling scared? No, it’s because you were looking straight at me. I see, she was forcing herself. Right, now’s probably a good time to leave.

“Aaaaah, seriously! Why is Grace even consulting with a guy like that!? If you’re troubled, then you can talk to me! I’m sorry for not realizing, Grace… Do you hate your onee-chan now? Eh? You love me!? Onee-chan loves you too, Grace!”

Bad. This is seriously bad. She’s talking to a Gusu-oyake plushie. I didn’t see anything. You Chibi got that? You didn’t see anything either.

Therefore, when you see something terrible, quit turning blue in the face and stop trembling. We gotta hurry and bolt!


I jump. Right now, I’m confident this is the most nervous I’ve been since I was born. That’s how shocked I am to hear this voice.

Ano, what are you doing in a place such as this? This behavior is frightfully questionable.”
“Ye-Yeah, I was just on my way to your room.”

Hm? Was this girl taking a bath? Her hair is wet. Doesn’t that dampness carry a feminine charm to it? Well, not like this is gonna make my heart race. This is Gusu-oyake after all.

It’s then I hear the door slowly creak open behind me, giiii.

Shit, I missed my chance to run away.

“…What are you guys doing out here?”
Onee-sama? Please excuse this noise. I shall return to my room immediately.”
Not good, not good, not good. Is Gusu-oyake blind? Right now, if I turn around, I’m gonna be killed. No doubt about it.

The Chibi say it all with their behavior. I- I’ve gotta get out of here, ASAP.

“I see. Then, what are you doing out here, you vulgar commoner?”

And now she’s talking to me. Calm down and think up a way out of this. Absolutely don’t turn around.

“N-No, I was just on my way to Gusu-oyake’s room. On the way, I ran into her.”
Ahre? But Zero-san, you were standing here just now.”
“I was on my way! And ran into you, Gusu-oyake! Right, Gusu-oyake!?”
Eh? Eh? Eh?”
“I see. Grace, head on back to your room first. I’m… going to have a small talk with this guy.”

Not good! Save me, Gusu-oyake! I’m going to be killed! I desperately look at Gusu-oyake. You can do it, Gusu-oyake! I believe in you!

I think she notices my frantic behavior. Alright, perfect!

“Mn—… I see! So it’s like that. Understood. In that case, I shall return to my room first.”

Hey, wait. Bastard, what did you say? Ahre? Did my desperate pleas not get through to her?

“I’d like for you to make up with my onee-sama. Do your best.”

Gusu-oyake misunderstands and leaves with a smile. Wait, you’re making a huge mistake.

No, I still have a chance!

“With all that said, I’ll be around.”

Gatsuu, my head is grabbed.

“Well, that’s true. Now is good, come inside for a bit.”
“No, I shouldn’t! I’m in a hurry!  Wha—!? Le—Let’s talk again next time!”
Fufufu, if you’re talking, shouldn’t I listen in my room?”

My pleading is futile. The Damned Bitch drags me into her room by my head. Only my screams echo through the corridors of the castle.


Manai Zero
Skill:    The Person Loved by Spirits
Special Feature: Intimidating Eyes
Items:   Stone Ax
              (Mithril) Pipe
              Light Armor
Objective: Escape with my life so I can consult with Gusu-oyake on what we should do from now on.

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[1] あぁそうだな、俺は口の聞き方もなってねぇクソ野郎だ
[2] This was a pun: クソアマアマリス

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