The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

53.1 His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life

A sword was held against a female commander, who couldn’t conceal her shock when the 12-year-old Jill appeared on the battlefield.

“No way, you’re their commander?”

“Yes, and I believe you’re Crown Princess Elynsia Deus Rave?”

“…Indeed, I am—and you are?”

“Jill Saber.”

“The daughter of the Saber Family? Aren’t you the fiancée of Prince Geraldo? …I see, so that’s how things are…”

The female commander of the opposing kingdom closed her eyes, seemingly pondering something.

There was no sign of resistance.

However, sensing some urge, Jill advanced the talk.

“I shall make you a prisoner. I guarantee your lives, so tell your troops to surrender. Also, don’t expect reinforcements.”

The operation Geraldo entrusted to Jill went very well.

Princess Elynsia’s unit had not only been lured out, but also cornered.

Even if Elynsia’s troops were the valiant dragon knights of the brave first empress, once they were trapped within the anti-aircraft magic circle, they would be reduced to mere sitting ducks. If they still tried to escape, their annihilation would be inevitable.

“His Highness Crown Prince Geraldo told me to not commit any unnecessary killing.”

“…I understand. Your advice is probably the wisest decision. Vissel must’ve had played hand in this situation… Haha, what an outcome. In the end, to him, I’m merely a menace.”

“Attack—!! Attack—!!”

Suddenly, there was the roaring sound of a horn. At the same time, magical power erupted from the Rakia Mountains, sweeping through the entire vicinity, shattering the anti-aircraft magical circle—screams and yells rose.

There’s another troop—!? From where—!?

Before Jill could finish thinking, the enormous magical aura transmitted from across the border made her skin crawl. Her subordinate answered her previous question—

“—right on the summit of Rakia! A crimson war flag! It’s the army of Emperor Rave!”

“Hadith Theos Rave! No way, he crossed over the Rakia Mountains already!?”

Who would’ve thought that it was the greatly rumored Emperor Rave. He must had come to aid Elynsia.

“Jill, let’s take Princess Elynsia with us and withdraw, this is no longer a battle we can win!”

At the sensible words of her calm lieutenant, Jill bit her lips intently.

“To withdraw, without even putting up a fight—!?”

“After that previous blow, the anti-aircraft magic circle was destroyed, and there’s also enemy reinforcements. Our troop will inevitably be swarmed by confusion… and to march to the top of the Rakia Mountains in this season will spell death for us. We are completely overwhelmed—I don’t doubt you can see this, too.”

“…This is unbelievable, for His Highness Geraldo’s plan to be thoroughly grasped by the enemy!”

“By the Emperor of Rave, whom should’ve been defeated by His Highness Geraldo, none the least. I want to doubt the enemy’s sanity, but I think the most sensible conclusion we can reach is that the Emperor has been deceiving his allies, too, by making them think that there wouldn’t be any reinforcements.”

It sounded so nonsensical, Jill wanted to laugh, but the stunned expression of Elynsia as she looked at the reinforcements confirmed the theory once and for all.

The lieutenant suddenly turned his gaze towards the Rakia Mountains.

“We’ve defeated the Dragon Knight of the First Empress, and made her our prisoner—that should be enough to consider this mission well done. Our new objective is to return with the crown princess; we absolutely mustn’t look away from her.”

“—Understood! Withdraw! Inform everybody of our new objective!”

“—did you, come to save me… Hadith?”

Behind the dispatched messenger, Elynsia briefly muttered so, before ending it with a laugh.

Jill immediately grasped her sword.

“Unfortunately, the fact doesn’t change that we’ll be bringing you back with us.”

“…Even though I had refused your plan and instead took Vissel’s side, only to end up becoming a pawn in his disgraceful scheme…—no, I see… you’ve doubted Vissel since the beginning, huh? You knew this would happen.”

Elynsia casually stood up while lamenting how much of a foolish child she was. There was a smile on her face, but it was really heart wrenching—it was as if she was crying, instead.

“I’m but a piece that deserves to be disposed—this pitiful half-sister of yours, who couldn’t even decide whether to become your ally or your enemy.”

“Don’t move, if you show the slightest resistance—”

Suddenly, there was a shock from below, and Jill’s sword was blown away.

a hidden dagger!?

Due to how unnatural Elynsia was—to laugh amidst such a predicament, Jill was thrown off guard—the bow and sword of Jill’s subordinates immediately turned against Elynsia.

“As if I would let you escape, Princess~ Zeke!” “Yeah!”

“Hold it, Camila, Zeke!”

Some distance away from Jill, Elynsia turned her hidden dagger to her own throat.

“Crown Princess, what do you think you’re doing!?”

“…At the very least, I will not become a burden to him. If I were to become a prisoner, I’m sure he would come to my rescue. You’re a good child, I have always known that. But, merely for the sake of protecting ourselves, we cursed you, called you a monster… even though we, these selfish creatures, deserve to be called such even more than you.”

“—Camila! Shoot!”

Following the commander’s words, Camila pulled the string of her bow and arrows immediately struck Princess Elynsia’s shoulders and feet—but the princess only laughed, grit her teeth, and remained still.

The princess held the dagger she was about to use to cut her own throat with dear life.

“I’m so sorry, forgive this pathetic older sister of yours.”

“…Stop, please stop… Your Majesty the Crown Princess, we aren’t going to take your life.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be your ally—at the very least, I won’t end up being your enemy, Hadith. That is my form of apologizing.”

With a smile, Princess Elynsia slit her own throat.


53.1 His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life


With a smile, Princess Elynsia slit her own throat.


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