I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

9. First Go! (9)

One of the great things about the legendary ‘Summon’ magic was that the animals could then move of their own accord. Therefore, it couldn’t be traced back to Ally.

It was written in an advanced spellbook, that ‘Summon’ magic was basically a feat that allowed anyone to make a contract with any animal.

In conclusion, Ally’s current skill level was as good as some of the best wizards in the kingdom.

But, to me, it’s still nothing.

I may be fighting Saint Mia in the future, but for now, I’ll lay low.

She didn’t intend to get involved with Saint Mia, but confronting her may be inevitable, since Ally had resolved herself to protect Stila.

Ally didn’t know what would happen to the men of the kingdom, but if Stila were to die, she would surely regret it.

If she combined the knowledge she had accumulated as the daughter of the duke and her current physical strength, she might be able to blow that holy woman away!

If she were merely an ordinary noble lady, she would already be losing her strength and be greatly exhausted after one spell. That was why Duchess Alicia couldn’t use magic as a means to prove her innocence, and was then condemned of attempting to assassinate Saint Mia.

It was never a match, to begin with. When the aristocrats, her brother, and even her father were all on Saint Mia’s side, there was no way Ally could win.

I don’t want to care about Maximilian anymore, but I sure as hell want to shoot a hole through that holy woman’s face!

From the next day onward, Ally’s mouth was limited to swearing only, as she put on hold using magic. She returned to a life of doing all that she could.

Of course, it was for the purpose of building her physical strength.

After finishing tasks of housework while singing a song to Stila, who was on Ally’s back, Ally started her full-fledged muscle training.

When she was the daughter of the duke, she had golden hair and blue eyes, her appearance could be described as princess-like.

But now, Ally had brown hair and brown eyes, which made her look ordinary.

Even though she was a lady, she was tanned from sunburn. All her limbs were thick due to cultivating soil.

But it was a cheap price for power.

Eventually, she would attain a great enough power to blow that woman away with a mere fist!

“Hey, Ally, why do I have to be on your back as you exercise?”

“That’s because I need power… I need more power, that’s why, Lady Stila, you have to eat more food and gain weight!”

Stila had the same silver hair and purple eyes as Maximilian, and even shared his blood. Ally put such an angel-like girl on top of her back.

Ally worked on her push-ups while sweating a fountain.

I want to prove that magical power increases in proportion to my physical strength! Such is my obligation as Ally-Boot-Camp! I also want to secretly spread it to other noble ladies so they wouldn’t be oppressed by that holy woman any longer!

Ally first felt sympathy for Saint Mia, who had fallen from another world—but then that supposed holy woman created a harem by enchanting men one after another! Unforgiveable!

Ally’s nose flared up as she repeatedly exercised.

What was Prince Maximilian currently doing?

Well, whether he was fine or sick, she honestly didn’t care.

Even though it could be said that Ally skipped life starting from her second reincarnation, she had basically seen that guy get enchanted by Saint Mia nine times.

Although she knew it was due to Saint Mia’s ‘Charm’ spell, it was Maximilian himself who ordered for Duchess Alicia’s execution.

As such, she no longer had any room for trust or love for him. It wasn’t about not wanting to forgive him, it was just—she didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Ally was Alicia no longer—as such, she wouldn’t yearn for Maximilian’s love.


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