I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

8. First Go! (8)

“As you might have expected, thievery ran rampant in this palace, to which the King and Queen turned a blind eye. It seems that the situation was better when Lady Kelly was still alive.”

Reading the report brought by the Apostle of Darkness, Ally sighed and rubbed her forehead.

“Even that King, Aghail, submits to his wife, that foolish Queen Belfia… and that queen is a psycho…”

If it was only theft, then the budget allocated to that old palace shouldn’t had been used yet.

It seemed that Kelly had lived in that old imperial palace ever since Stila was born.

“It seems that if someone were to work seriously here, they would receive the Queen’s loathing, while doing the opposite would earn them compliments, and not to mention, free loot—ugh, what’s with those people!?”

Even though Stila had already been mistreated to such an extent, executing her would be hard. She was still the fifth princess, after all.

Therefore, if they instead weakened her through malnutrition, her cause of death could easily be declared as sickness.

“It seems that Kelly fell ill and withered away in no time—that’s also suspicious. The reason she was sick all the time was probably because she couldn’t see a doctor.”

Ally put the report on the table and exhaled deeply.

“My god, these bloody servants… after depleting this place of its valuables, they made themselves scarce before their shitty crimes could be discovered. Perhaps because those pieces of shit couldn’t find it within themselves to watch the princess wither away from their very eyes. One of them also felt bad and sneaked in some food and other daily necessities…”

She cursed so much that she began to immensely doubt she was a duchess in her previous life—

—but it couldn’t be helped. Shitty people are shit!

“Then… I was hired. They probably thought my incompetence would be the death of Lady Stila…”

Ally put a hand around her mouth—

—their mistake is thinking that I’m a mere countryside baroness!

“Alright, who’s currently in charge of this imperial palace—I remember. When I tried to stop Saint Mia from selfishly wandering around the palace, it was the Royal Earl Cileian, but now, it should be his brother—Earl Gashim, the Duke of Radphen.”

Ally grinned—King Aghail and his younger brother, Duke Radphen, had a very bad relationship.

It was partly due to the discord between their mothers. One was a queen while the other was a consort. But, there was also the fact that Duke Radphen was a little more competent at everything than the King.

“Because Saint Mia hasn’t descended yet, Duke Radphen should still be sane… If I deliver this information to Earl Gashim, the magistrate of the royal palace, there’s a possibility that this would be taken seriously.”

There were many ways to prosecute those people without revealing Ally’s identity. It would be easier to search for those missing servants, who escaped because their conscience couldn’t bear it.

Ally copied the documents brought by the Apostle of Darkness—she also had to ensure that all traces of magic were erased so the original source couldn’t be traced back. Then, she opened the window and whistled.

From the darkness, animals sprang up. There were many species—such as dogs, rabbits, snakes, wolves…

Wow, as long as I have the knowledge of the magic, I can cast it! Just like this ‘summon’ spell!

Impressed by her magical power, which could also be considered a cheat, Ally shouted—

“—alright, who wants to be my messenger!?”

“Master, I’m up for the task.”

Along with the cool voice, a hawk descended.

“Wow, how kind of you. Okay, I’ll request you, then. Deliver this letter into Earl Gashim’s mansion. If you can, I’d like you to directly get it into the hands of the Earl.”

“Easy feat, Master.”

The hawk took the letter from Ally’s hand into its beak and fluttered into the sky with triumph.

***T/N: Little did they know, the countryside maid they hired just a week ago is proficient at everything magic. Yeah, those are what I do if I can spam spells endlessly too–eliminating house chores > dominating the world–always.

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