A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

70. Julia and Elliot (3)


Because of my sudden action, William’s eyes went wide.

He never expected this—as such, until my lips left his, he was stunned speechless.

—the kiss itself probably didn’t last long.

Just like the kiss of a child, it merely touched…

But despite all that, William’s face turned bright red. I smiled—

—even his ears went red, he was just like my beloved Elliot…

…he blinked his eyes multiple times—his shock grew—

—despite that, I couldn’t see any sign of rejection.

“—Ame, lia…”

William stared down at me, who lied on the bed. He tried to hide his mouth using his right hand.

There was a slight heat in his voice—and also his eyes.

Usually, he would turn away from me, as if nothing had happened, as if to conceal something—

—but now, he kept staring at me, never letting go of his gaze.

I was overjoyed. The feeling of being loved made me forget the pain—I reached out to William again.

Then, his big hands gently wrapped around mine.

His hands were truly warm… the inside of my chest felt hot.

Oh, William, William, I love you, I really love you…

My heart painfully tightened to the point I couldn’t bare it.

‘I love you’—I moved my mouth to form said sentence.

William hugged me and whispered the words of love straight into my ears.

It took me less than a second to realize that they were his heartfelt words, and that it was his truth.

His arms enveloped me, his hot breath caressed my nape—I could hear the beating of his heart.

I was being hugged by him—he, who was still alive, and loved me dearly.

What a dream-like reality.

But this wasn’t an illusion—this, was unmistakably real.

ah, William…

Tears flowed down my cheeks.

My feelings overflowed—I didn’t need anything anymore.

I was happy enough.

As long as I could be loved by this person, I was ready to throw away everything else.

If I could engrave my image in his heart, I would gladly give this life to him.

—ah, how I wished this moment would last forever!

I wished I could stay like this forever!

While being held in his arms, I hoped I could live with this person…

“Forgive everything that I’ve done up till now… It really was terrible of me, to leave you alone like that. Amelia, I’m a really weak person… a cowardly, stupidly, man, more than anyone else…”

William’s whisper entered my ears—causing a slight trembling.

“—still, you loved me. You’ve kept me smiling for these last two months. Before I knew it, I was attracted to you. Listen, Amelia. As of now, I’m inarguably in love with you. I really love you. Therefore, Amelia… I want you to stay with me forever. Let’s get married, as soon as possible.”


His arms were on my back, holding me tightly.

Don’t let me go—

—as long as it’s with you, I’ll go anywhere.

That was what I always wanted.

The proof of love I had always dreamed of.

That was why—I, I cried, and I found myself unable to stop.

His voice was both lovely and excruciating—I was happy, to the point it was painful. I couldn’t breathe.

I was prepared.

This good feeling was also a sign of departure.

When I loved him, and he loved me back, that would be the true end between him and I…

…but, after everything…

—I wanted to stay here.

I wanted to be with this person forever.

I wanted to live with this person, something that shouldn’t had been allowed.

Absolutely not—

—then, I shall tell this person all about my feelings.

I love you. I really love you… I wanted to confess, so you would never forget about me…

—as if responding to my feelings…

…my throat that had only been able to produce air until now—as if waiting for this time,


“—Willi… am…”

—I spoke a word.


Towards my raspy voice, William lifted his head—his face was distorted, almost as if he was crying.

“Amelia, your voice—! But…”

William muttered those words, and held me even stronger than before—

—I loved him.

He said he was relieved, over and over again in a wavering voice.

He was so dear to me, I found myself returning his embrace.

Albeit my voice was still hazy, it conveyed my feelings clearly.

“Of course, William, I love you too.”


My words caused William’s shoulders to tremble as he hugged me.

His bangs tickled my neck. His whispery voice kept calling my name, as if wanting to confirm if what I had just said was the truth.

“William, William, William…”

“Yes, Amelia…”

In response to my voice, he lifted his face from my shoulder and stared into my face with a warm gaze—and…


He slowly laid me on the bed and deeply kissed me.

Again and again—I had never seen such a side of him.

He was many years older than Elliot, whom I was familiar with, and I was attacked by the burning smell of alcohol and the sensation as if someone set my entire body ablaze.

The inside of my mind blanked. I couldn’t think about anything.


William’s thin lips kept whispering my name between kisses.

They eventually left blooming red flowers on my neck, on my shoulders—on my chest.

My body was exposed to the cold air of the autumn dusk, as the string of my bathrobe was released.

However, I didn’t feel cold at all.

It was probably because of William’s burning lips.

My whole body felt hot, as if I was on fire—a sigh spilled from my mouth.


Hot, it was hot… my thoughts were about to separate from my body…

…my awareness dimmed—it was as if my body was no longer my own…

William extended his hand to my lower abdomen—I used to think that it was hot, but before I realized it, it was so cold, I trembled.

Then he paused, furrowed his eyebrows, and muttered—

“—is it too hot?”

William’s right hand, with a look of concern, rested on my forehead.

At the same time, he paled.

Please, do you know?



“You have a fever.”

I was strangely convinced by his words—ah, I wondered if that was the reason for my headache back then.

When I became aware of it, I was already having chills.

However, I still wanted to reassure William somehow…

Desperately, I moved…

“Everyone, catch a fever at some point in their life…”

“Why would you make a joke at a time like this!? I’ll call the doctor—anyone! Is anyone there!? Call the doctor, as soon as possible!”

He said that and shouted outside the room—

—his voice sounded unusually harsh. Soon enough, a reply came from the maid outside. “Understood!” the running of the maid could be heard.

After confirming so, he held my hand again, enveloping it with both hands.

“I’m here for you. I will always be with you.”

Those nostalgic words relieved me from the bottom of my heart—

—but, at the same time, drowsiness attacked me.

My eyelids became as heavy as lead.

I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

…my entire body soon lost its strength.

My right hand, wrapped within his hands, would no longer move…


Ah, did he perhaps notice my right hand drooping helplessly?

His face turned pale as he kept calling my name. I was reflected on his eyes.

Don’t make that face… I’m fine, I’m alright… It’s just a fever, I will get better soon…

I tried to tell him that, but my mouth wouldn’t open.

“Amelia! Amelia! Stay awake! Amelia!”

The only thing echoing in my head was his sorrowful voice—

—ah, this was the opposite of that time…

As my body grew hot, what flashed in my mind was the no longer breathing Elliot from that day.

I stayed with him the whole time.

Oh God, if William was experiencing the exact same pain as me from before—or even just a little, don’t let him, please!

I didn’t want to torment him. I definitely didn’t want him to feel the same pain as me from that day.

“Amelia, please answer, Amelia!”

His horribly distraught voice desperately tries to recall my consciousness.

But that didn’t happen.

My body became numb, as if I had disappeared into the bottom of the deep sea—

—I could no longer hear his voice.

My field of view was enshrouded with darkness, and I couldn’t think of anything.

I love you.

In my fading consciousness, nearing the end, I whispered once and for all—my dear love for him.

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…and what immediately greeted me were…

I love you. I really love you… I wanted to confess, so you would never forget about me…
“—Willi… am…”
—I loved him.
“Of course, William, I love you too.”
“William, William, William…”
—I love you.

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Amelia got her voice back, yay…? But what was the point of her being mute? I briefly recall her mental disturbance but that’s it. So when is the plot going to move…

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