I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

4. First Go! (4)

Judging from the ninth execution, the royal palace she should’ve seen for the first time in her 17 years of her life was as she remembered.

The Kingdom of Hollandia was a fairly powerful kingdom and had its own customs. When it came to its royal palace—as expected, it was huge.

The kingdom was large, as such, there were many aristocrats. Amongst those people, there were those whom only possessed the title and not territory.

The Baron of Crunea barely had any territory, therefore, it was unlikely for her to advance as a royal maid. Even if it was possible, she probably wouldn’t get too far.

Well, even so, being a royal maid was still a good career.

If I recall, in my previous life as a duchess, there are many maids hailing from baron and viscount families—there are too many low-ranking aristocrats in this kingdom.

Ally stepped into the royal palace, carrying a small handbag and wearing her mother’s shabby dress. She had to enter through the back door, one she never used when she was Duchess Alicia.

“Ally Crunea, I’ve been waiting for you. Please change into this maid uniform. Stila is in the eastern palace, so you’ll have to head there. That area lacks manpower, so it seems you’ll be in charge of everything—but it’s fine, right? After all, you look sturdy.”

The Head Maid snorted through her nose while staring at Ally’s tan.

I probably worked too hard as a farmer…

As I thought, Marianne is the head maid—just like in my previous lives…

Amongst the six countess that worked there as a maid, Marianne, who had climbed up the stairs and became the head maid, had a very bad personality.

Despite so, if it was the Duchess Alicia, Marianne would still bow her head.

“Yes, I understand.”

Ally received the maid uniform and bowed her head. After all, there was no way Marianne would bow and greet a baroness like her. That would cause quite a shock.

She was sure Marianne knew she came from the countryside.

She borrowed the dressing room and changed into her maid attire. She thus headeding towards the eastern palace.

In the corner of the royal palace, there was a very old building.

I forgot how many generations of queens have reigned, but isn’t that villa supposed to house very old people with the purpose of recuperating them?

Stila, whom Ally was supposed to serve, was ten years old. Oddly enough, she was the same age as Jean.

“Nice to meet you! My name is Ally, a lady from the house of Baron Crunea!”

As she passed through the door of the palace, no butler came to welcome her. As such, Ally had no choice but to declare her arrival.

However, there was no reply.

Even if the place was chronically understaffed, Ally raised her eyebrows—how can there be not a single servant here? She’s a princess! Royalty, even!

Belfia, the mother of Maximilian, was a jealous woman.

I can understand her to some point… if a vixen were to steal my adorable son, I would be exasperated, too.

Princess Stila’s mother was a low-ranking servant of the royal palace. Not only had her husband laid his fingers on a younger woman, whose status was lower than that of a maid, he even got her pregnant—suffice to say, Belfia’s wrath that day was terrible.

“But… how is a ten-year-old girl supposed to live like this? This is too much.”

Ally shook her head—her duke’s daughter mode had been triggered, it seemed. Even though she wanted to discard it.

At that point, knowing that no one would receive her, Ally slowly entered the imperial palace.

Everything was old and dilapidated—the building was obviously not well maintained. After proceeding through the poor building, she spotted a girl lying in a sunny corner of the corridor.

***T/N: Toxic af woman–as expected of Maxidiot’s mother.

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