I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

6. First Go! (6)

“Alright, Lady Stila, please say ‘aah’…

After adjusting the heat of the Barley Porridge Super-Express to just the right temperature using wind magic, Ally offered a spoonful to Stila.

Crap! For a second there, I thought she was Jean!

As a matter of fact, the girl in front of her was a princess whilst she was a mere baroness!

Even if she had hit her head against the wall in her mind, she still had to deal with the actual consequences—

—Stila’s eyes went wide open as she burst into tears.

“Ah, ah, I’m sorry! Lady Stila, forgive my uncouthness!”

When Ally kneeled, still holding the bowl and the spoon, Stila shook her head.

“No, I’m not mad at you… it’s just… I remembered my mother… my mother who kept being ridiculed by everyone in the royal palace, but still was very kind to me…”

The name of the low-ranking woman who became the King’s hand and conceived Stila must had been Kelly.

Ally hurriedly placed the spoon on the table and wiped the tears flowing down Stila’s cheeks with a handkerchief.

“I’m sorry, Ally. After my mother died half a year ago, all the things that could be turned into money in this palace were taken away. Sometimes merchants would deliver food and daily necessities, but before I knew it, they had already disappeared. You’re so kind to me, Ally, but I have nothing to reward you with…”


This time Ally knelt to the floor and looked up to the heaven.

She wanted to spat curses all around, thinking of what they had done to a poor 10-year-old girl.

She thought that at the very, very least, the king and queen should have a complicated fracture throughout their entire body and suffer tremendous pain.

But, I can just grant said wish of mine using my own hands, right? In fact, I can just do it right now, right—!? When I activated my magic just a moment ago, it went splendidly…

Ally stared forward while holding Stila’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Stila. This Ally will always be on your side. I may be dirt poor, but I’m confident enough that I can grant anything you wish for using my own hands!”


“Yes, watch this!”

Ally raised her hands and began casting the darkest magic, the most difficult of all.

“Dark apostle with jet-black wings, show your powerful visage before me! The rest of the chant omitted—basically, you’ll follow behind those idiots who are supposed to be working in this imperial palace, and get all the evidence of their injustices!”

The jet-black darkness that popped out of her palm swirled and eventually began to take on the appearance of a person.

The strength of magical power grew according to bloodline, but it also required enormous mental fortitude and physical strength.

In other words, the daughter of the duke, Alicia, may have been able to use high-level magic, but still, she couldn’t cast any due to it requiring a tremendous amount of stamina.

Fufufu, however, the current me is different!

I have a bottomless, inexhaustible physical strength, which is the result of my cultivating the field from the age of six!

‘Fuhahahahaha!’ The boisterous laugh of a man could be heard as a handsome man emerged from the darkness.

It was a minion of darkness.

“Gather information. You shall gather them from Lady Stila’s surroundings!”

Ally’s tone became firm as she commanded the highest-ranking minion on an errand.

“Ally, you’re amazing…”

To the stunned Stila, Ally only smiled and said, “I’m not done yet.”

“Awaken, Clay Doll!”

When she crouched down and touched the floor, a huge earth wall rose from outside the window. It became a number of dwarfs that took sickles and ropes from the warehouse and scattered them in all directions.

“They shall do the field work and also hunt for wild boars and wild pigs. This solves the food problem! Alright, Lady Stila, let’s continue eating!”

Ally offered a spoonful again. This time, Stila, with gleaming eyes, obediently opened her mouth.

“Issh… delishhious…”

Good, good, Ally nodded.

Ally spoon-fed Stila the right amount of food as to not shock her empty stomach, then gently stroked her head like she would Jean’s. Stila began to exhale a healthy breath.

She let Stila’s body lean against the back of the sofa to prevent the food from flowing backwards.

“This constitution of mine is amazing… when I was a duchess, I would already be exhausted after one spell… on the other hand, I wonder if that Saint Mia can stupidly spam magic because she’s a muscle-idiot?”

Then, she had nothing to fear about Saint Mia.

After all, as a baroness, Ally had been training her body every day in the countryside, over mountains and valleys, therefore, she could tirelessly chant high-level spells one after another.


But, I can just grant said wish of mine using my own hands, right? In fact, I can just do it right now, right—!? When I activated my magic just a moment ago, it went splendidly…

Taking the matter into your own hands… and I meant it literally.

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