The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

11.2 The Queen and the Fiancée

In actuality, long before Ricardo started mixing snow daffodils into her jug, Dia had already decided to never forgive those who took her family away from her.

…at first, I thought of becoming the crown princess. I wanted to gain enough power to destroy those with high positions and great authority. But after a while, I realized the people of this kingdom would never make me the wife of the first prince…

…then, I started planning my escape from the royal palace…

Nevertheless, before the poisoning attempts started, Dia recalled how sweet and earnest the people of the royal palace were.

Some may think that a child whom was kept hidden because of underlying political reasons and schemes in general would have their hatred washed away due to their mundane everyday life.

But Dia was six-years-old at that time.

Because she was merely a six-year-old, family occupied almost her entire ‘world’—

—and it was robbed before her very eyes.

Dia, who started her new life in the royal palace from that point, couldn’t go anywhere after all.

She knew how foolish her revenge sounded, but she wasn’t as virtuous as to abandon the hatred she had devoted her heart to.

Dia couldn’t rinse her hatred, nor walk blindfolded—a path the vast majority would probably opt to choose. It wasn’t that easy for her.

To tell the truth, when I once again met with Noin, I wanted to reach out to him—

—I wanted to tell him, you’re the one I fell in love with—The Prince of the Night Kingdom.

However, she had already broken her promise. If she told him that, surely, Noin would find Dia beyond unforgiveable.

If yet another cursed people of Fashitar desired some disproportional things, the same mistake would be repeated—Dia might be killed before her revenge came to completion.

The moment I will reach out to Noin is after I die—after my revenge is fulfilled.

Only after she died without regret could she have as many wishes fulfilled as possible.

For that reason, she desperately tried to keep Noin there while steadily accumulated various scenarios of revenge.

“Dia, …I hope you have a happy future.”

Her brother’s voice as he muttered that was wheezing.

He, whom was one of her family—her only treasure in the world, would never want such revenge.

Aah, even if so…

The family inside her memory was always smiling happily.

As long as those memories stayed with her, as long as the fact that Dia couldn’t save her family during that stormy night remained—Dia couldn’t go anywhere.

She couldn’t forgive those who took her family away and destroyed the future she wished for.

Outside the window, it was snowing.

Under the pure whiteness that was the layer of snow, the curtain would fall—signaling the end of her life.

Hopefully, it will cover the foolish hatred of this tiny human.

It’s the morning of Evemeria…

Even after everything, the world still looked beautiful.

For some reason, even though Dia failed to love herself until the end, she still loved the kingdom very much.

In spite of her revenge, she still cherished the people who lived earnestly in that beautiful, closed off, kingdom.

Because of her wishy-washiness, it was no wonder Noin continued to misunderstand her.


“Let’s store this tea for the time being. …Someone has arrived. It’s an informal visit, therefore formalities are unnecessary. The two of you will be speaking, while the guards and I will be waiting outside the room.”

“My, aren’t you a bit laidback?”

“I would like to think of it as being proud.”

Dia gave a small nod to Dilvier’s frosty voice.

She was relieved that the laidback attitude had extended to not only Noin, but Dilvier also.

It had always been strange.

The people of this royal palace are so wary of me, they never trusted me enough to pull me onto their side…

The only one she often met alone was Ricardo, especially after becoming his fiancée. Besides that, the King, who often put a picture book on his knees and read it for her. There was also the Queen, who would visit Dia—said visits were unbeknownst to Dia, though.

Perhaps, it never occurred to them that Dia might hate them for killing her family.

They were prepared to kill the entire household of the Duke of Gillasfi to make the most out of the kingdom.

If they suspected even a little about Dia knowing the truth of that day, surely, they wouldn’t be treating her the same way.

However, even in the present moment, one of them still visited her without feeling wary at all.

Even after making me the fiancée of Ricardo, and giving me a proper education as the survivor of the Gillasfi house, there’s a proper sense of distance between me and the royal family…

It was quite shocking when she found out there was actually close to no consequences for them if they broke said distance…

…did they truly believe she would love them when they killed her family?

Did they think that for Dia, a family was easily replaceable like that?

Dia exhaled a small sigh from her chest—she felt severely insulted.

But, I’m glad I am not alone at this time…

Without Dilvier, Dia wondered what kind of feelings she would be experiencing throughout that festive morning.

She wondered what she would be doing inside that room during her cherished Evemeria.

“Please, come in.”

The corridor of the royal palace with its high ceiling was wide and cold.

But due to the visit of the queen, Dia had to open her room’s door and wait.

Eventually, she could see the Queen and her entourage approaching from across the corridor.

She wore a nice dress as she bowed her head deeply and waited for the Queen’s arrival.

Because the queen was walking at such a leisurely pace, her hips felt like they might break.

But it was the obligation of a subject to give such a salutation—and Dia was no longer exempted from such a rule.

“My, Dia, there’s no need to be so uptight! Even if your engagement with that child is no more, you’re still our family. Besides, Marietta is with me today. We will be attending the morning mass of Evemeria together.”

As she lifted her face and responded to the Queen’s words with a small smile, she could feel her blood going back to her feet.

The beautiful Queen, smiling like a blooming flower, was cheerful—as if nothing sad awaited.

Dia, who was thrown out of the social circle, endured said happy smile.

The Queen smiled like a girl—

“Lady Diarashe, I would like to bother you a bit, I hope I don’t become too much of an inconvenience to you.”

“No, not at all. I should be the one visiting you in the main building. Thank you for kindly visiting my wing.”

“It’s of no problem at all. The main building is noisy with people preparing for the ball. We just stopped by on the way to the mass. You’ve been awakened in the morning of Evemeria, there’s no need of you to walk that far. Forgive me, Dia, for I can only pay you a visit at such a time…”

—towards said smile, Dia wondered if she herself showed a proper smile.

Unlike Dia, who didn’t have anything to do anymore, the royal family and their entourages were busy preparing for the festivals.

They would need to show up for masses at the church during the morning, noon, and evening. At every meal, they would have a livelier conversation than usual.

They would also have to listen to servants reading their cards, which were sent by countless people. They would receive a mountain of gifts and exchange gifts with close friends.

You guys must be so happy, how unfair!

Why do all of you still have what I don’t have?

The cracking, sharpening—those words echoed clearer and clearer inside her mind.

The surface of the water, which had been rinsed and lost all of its color, became infinitely clear.

A smile naturally began to form on her face.

The Queen came to see Dia’s face before mass.

She didn’t bare any gifts, nor did she touch the sour subject.

Dia thought that the Queen who talked about the luncheon during the day of Clavis, the costume selection of Ricardo who refrained from an official engagement announcement, all the funny things that happened to her family, was a very lovely woman—

—that, had they belonged to the same side.

As she thought, when they faced each other like that, the Queen’s pity appeared devoid of malice, nor was her cheerfulness overwhelming.

Dia was no longer her son’s fiancée, and returned to merely being her family.

However, that visit was likely done out of mercy, knowing she would be killed tomorrow.

***T/N: I mean, despite intensely hating Retardo, during that stormy night incident, Retardo is still too small to plan that massacre–therefore those who planned it must be his parent.

Well here comes the Main Bitch™–The Queen. 

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