The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way ZCompleted Translations

Extra 4.1 Discarding Angelica (Part 1)

  • This is the story of Angelica after she had awoken from her delusions about Prince Leonardo. There will be three episodes; before, during, and after.
  • T/N: The sentences that aren’t aligned to the center is Angelica’s POV. Meanwhile, the dialogue(s) that are italicized, belonged to the book she was currently reading.

Kyaaa! I’m late, oh no, I’m late!”

While raising an unladylike, panicked voice, a young lady holding a slice of half-eaten bread spread with chocolate glaze ran up the slope at full speed.

Her name was Cranbellica Candino.

She was the only daughter of Baron Candino, and also a freshman of Tropicarn Academy, a magical school mostly enrolled by the aristocrats of the Kingdom of Flutaria.

“Ugh~! Lycoris, this is all your fault~! Why didn’t you wake me up earlier~! What’s more, of all days, my carriage had to break down today~! What’s wrong with its maintenance~!”

Even though she was the one who refuse to wake up, Cranbellica decided to blame the Candino’s servants. Cranbellica went on a last spurt.

“There’s the main gate, the schoolyard, then lastly, the stairs! As long as I run at full speed, I’ll be in time! Kyaaa—!”


However, right when Cranbellica was about to slip pass the main gate at the last second, she bumped into a tall man who was running from the other side of the road.

Ouuuch~! Ugh~! Where are you looking when you’re running! Be more careful!”

“I’m the one who should’ve said that! What a shrew girl you are!”

“W-w-what did you just said—!?!?”


After said imaginary sound, the world switched.

As of the moment, the location was an entirely separate building. To be precise, the house of Earl Kirklight, built in the Imperial City of Elgacia.

The owner of the mansion, Angelica Kirklight, closed the romantic novel she was just reading. As she sat under her canopy bed, she gazed sadly at the novel.

The title was, “Doki doki! The Prince is a Bully! ~a Tomboy Noble Lady Cranbellica’s Bittersweet Love Story~”

“No… I just can’t, it’s too much… the nerve of him! To call a noble lady ‘shrew’ right at their very first meeting!? Cranbellica, too, why so aggressive? Most importantly, why didn’t they just say sorry to each other? They’re both at fault here…”

Well, if she actually asked the author such questions, the answer would obviously be, “Well, if they both apologize, the story would be over!”

Angelica understood, a story was a story, reality was reality.

However, lately, Angelica, with her newborn feelings of disgust towards the sad reality of her ideal prince, was unable to immerse herself in the world of a romantic story as before.

Surely, the rest of that scene from before was a small reminiscence of how Shari met That.

Angelica reopened the book she just closed.

In the past, she used to flip the pages with a cheerful smile adorning her face. Her heart would beat loudly, she had to hold her chest.

But now, she was trying to suppress the nauseating feeling in her guts with her face devoid of all emotion.


‘Cranbellica, who had been aggressively stuffing her mouth with mochi, stood up in anger and glared at the man in front of her.

His golden hair was trimmed around his shoulders. His eyes were a beautiful, jewel-like, blue, which were also sleek and almond-like. His eyebrows were thin and crisp, matching the color of this hair. The bridge of his nose was high. He had an unusually pale skin for men.

He was a man with an unexpectedly beautiful figure. His skin was as smooth as it was white as porcelain. The outline of his face was small, but also well-shaped, almost like a woman’s. Indeed, that man was bestowed with a graceful appearance.

Despite so, Cranbellica didn’t care one bit that the man she had shockingly encountered was also a great beauty.

Cranbellica was a girl who didn’t care about the superficial charm, nor the status of her opposite gender.’

“—which part of your action’s just now reads as, ‘didn’t care’. That description of his appearance was in such astonishing detail—you’re clearly checking him out!”

—‘When the man glanced at Cranbellica, he suddenly sneered at her, as if looking at a fool.

‘Haa, even though I went to such a great length to make sure no girls would follow me again, in the end, I still meet with such a shrew woman! I even ditched my attendant and came to school late on purpose! Hey, you’re the one who’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? Just for the sake of being noticed by me. Unfortunately, I have no intention of getting acquainted with you.”’

—“—You’re being too rude, and not to mention, overly self-conscious! Does this man think that every woman in the world is in love with him—!?”

‘”What—!? What outrageous things are you spouting—!? I can’t comprehend them at all—!! Who would want to get acquainted with a man like you—!?”’

“Yes, yes, that’s a very sound argument.”

‘”What? You, do you even know who I am?”

“This is our first meeting, there’s no way I know who you are!”

“Ha, hahaha!! No way, there exist a girl enrolled in this academy who doesn’t know who I am…?”

The man, as if humored, looked like a child who had just discovered a unique animal—

—suddenly, he trapped Cranbellica to the wall. His hand slammed right to the wall beside her.

“You, you’re interesting.”’

“This, this is too great of a change from his previous attitude! What, is he emotionally unstable!?”


Cranbellica cheeks became flushed red, just like ripe cranberry fruits.’

“That, that was fast—!! Don’t fall for him, yet—!! Everything about this unstable guy spells trouble—!! How weak-willed are you—!?”

”My name is Lemonado. Lemonado Furesh Scarse Flutaria. Remember my name, woman.”

The man laughed cheerfully upon seeing Cranbellica’s innocent reaction.

He was His Highness Lemonado, the successor to the throne of Flutaria. After such an introduction, he excused himself by twirling around, his lemon-colored hair swaying elegantly in the wind.

“W-what’s with him???”

Cranbellica kept staring at his back as he disappeared around the corner of the building. For some reason, her heart was thundering loudly inside her chest. With a bright red face, she murmured so.’


“This—!!! Is—!!! Just—!!! Wrong—!!! That should be the part where you decide to never again involve yourself with such a person! Other than that, where did that bread with chocolate go? Until just now, you were eating it, right!?”

Angelica, who was reading the romance book while providing the much needed tsukkomi here and there, finally found it unbearable to continue reading and rolled on her bed.

“—and, what’s with him!? ‘You, you’re interesting.’—like, seriously—!? How did he manage to get such an impression from someone who was behaving aggressively towards him until a second ago!? Instead, he should bring up the topic about her lack of apology!”

When she first read that book, her cheeks would flush. Back then, she would also roll on her bed, but for a very different reason entirely. She would fantasize being Cranbellica and muttered to herself—“Lemonado, how wonderful~”

Now, it was but a black history of her.

“Cranbellica too, you fall in love too easily! Ugh, seriously…”

She screamed too much, her throat started hurting.

After too much rolling, she fell off the bed. Angelica stood up with a tired face and then thrown the romance novel she had just read to a wooden crate. On the wooden crate, the words, ‘For Donation’ were plastered.

Dozens of books had already been put in the box, and the books that couldn’t be fit were stacked up like a mountain.

She had thrown the novel about Cranbellica violently. When it hit the middle of the mountain-like pile, and the unbalanced pile of books fell and scattered over the floor.

“Oh no…”

Now she had no choice but to get off her bed and tidy the scattered books. They were all once part of Angelica’s romance book collection. She had been collected them since she was a child. One of her favorite pastime activities was re-reading them over and over again.

But, it was important to note that she always picked a book with a male lead that matched her preferences.

Her past-self always longed for That ‘Ex-ideal’ Prince, therefore, most of her books had a male lead that was a splitting image of him. Now that she was free from her delusions, reading such books had proven to be unbearable.

She couldn’t enjoy them as she used to, however, she also couldn’t just discard them. The book and the story themselves weren’t sins.

That was why she decided to donate them to an orphanage within the Kirklight Territory—one she always donated to.

Before sending them, she decided to confirm that there were no missing pages, and for nostalgia’s sake, tried to immerse herself in them again.

As expected, she suffered a great deal of psychological damage because of it.

Incidentally, the last novel she had read was really popular, it even got a sequel. It was known as, ‘Tomboy Baroness Cranbellica’s Fruit of Love’ series. A new rival would always appear one after another to interfere with the two’s love, or was just plain repulsed by their love…

indeed, their romance goes through such a royal road…

Amongst the scattered books, Angelica found the sequel, and picked it up.

To summarize what happened in volume one, Cranbellica managed to become Prince Lemonado’s girlfriend after pushing away the other high-ranking noble ladies. In the second volume, a rational boy, who was her childhood friend, became a love rival—basically, the insect.

She flipped the pages, lost in nostalgia once again.


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I’m now beginning to think that this Author selected the name ‘Leonardo’ after discovering multiple way she could alter it–Leonarcissist, Leonarchisshit, Lemonado…

ugh, enough please–//the same way Angelica is reliving her black story, the Translator is, too, and it’s painful, i tell you//–I, I used to like and even collect the same kind of shoujo manga… and re-reading them now is the definition of torment…

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