The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

9.3 The Forest Crystal and Mukmugris

Dia, who spend a happy morning thinking such a thing, woke up to a beautiful fairy with black hair reaching to his waist preaching about how she shouldn’t grab a fairy’s wings carelessly.

It seemed that Dia had been trying to catch that fairy the previous night—unfortunately, she had no recollection about that.

Speaking of which, the fairy looked at her as if she were a criminal. Dia had no choice but to repeatedly apologize.

Touching a fairy wings seemed to be against the fairy’s customs and was considered as lacking manners.

“…Mr. Fairy, even if you say so, I can’t see your wings. Did I pluck them off?”

“A transformation to resemble a human was performed. Besides, there’s no reason to show my wings in a place filled with people of low magical zone.”

“There’s no need to show them, you say… I don’t have any memory of touching them, so please show me at least once…”

“Are you sure, Lady Dia? In my kingdom, touching a fairy wings is seen as a courtship by law. If you touch it without permission, you won’t be able to complain if your neck is cut off on spot. I only tolerated it because I see you as a child, but this time, there’s no leeway, you know?”

here’s another pitfall.

Among the inhabitants of the kingdom, Dia’s magic zone was considered to be high.

Usually, a man’s growth was measured by the range of his magical zone. However, such a custom was abandoned in Fashita, which was only filled with people of low magic zone.

Speaking of which, even in that picture book, a child with a high magical zone worked at a school, my Father also told me of something similar…

Dia recognized herself as a respectable lady because of her reputation as an independent woman within the Royal Palace.

However, the fFairy in front of her saw her as a mere child. That meant even if her magical zone was considered high there, in all actuality, it only measured up to the rank of a child.

She felt relieved she didn’t tear off his wings, but to be treated as a child…

Thus, the black-haired Fairy bowed gracefully to Dia.

“Please call me Dilvier. But let me state that I’m only lowering my head to you because in the current situation, I’m supposed to be your servant. Once I’m out of this role, keep in mind that not only will I live much longer than you, my magical zone is higher. Please don’t forget that this is the only place where the Servant-Master rules apply.”

“Yes, I’ll keep that in mind, Dilvier. I’ll be in your care.”

“…Oi, why are you suddenly touching him? Is there even a need for that?”

“H, he’s a Ffairy, you know—!? I want to know if the wings are actually still there, only invisible, therefore, let me touch the space behind your back—!”

“…Your Majesty the King, even if you look at me with such eyes, it won’t result in anything. If you feel restless, then discipline her yourself.”

“This is my first time talking with a fFairy! What a wonderful day this is!”

Dilvier was a beautiful young man with a dark hair and light blue eyes.

His beauty was such that he could be mistaken as a woman.

It was said that he was a fairy of the Royal Family, which was also known as ‘Shea’ amongst the fairy brethren. He was the kind of fairy who controlled the dawn.

Noin seemed displeased at how moved Dia was because of merely meeting a fairy.

Well, he was a sSpirit, after all. There was no way for him to understand a human’s point of view.

The demon was beautiful, ruthless, and terrifying, while the dragon was big and ferocious, but dignified and cool.

The fairy was beautiful, but were said to be the closest and most fearsome creature to humans.

In fairy tales, it was common for bad fairies to possess humans. There were also the kind of fairies that would hide and eat humans during the night of the summer solstice.

However, in foreign lands, it was said that fairies were given titles of royal and aristocrats. In short, they were indispensable to human.

Once a fairy’s acknowledgement was received, no creature could match its loyalty.

“…Mr. Fairy.”

“Oi, the way you stare at him is too much. Dilvier, hurry up and go to work.”

“This child will chase me, you know. My, my, how troublesome. The King will be staying here, so why don’t you wait patiently with him, Lady Dia?”


But Noin has no beautiful wings…

For Dia, it was unavoidable to reserve a special place in her heart for the fairies she was more familiar with, rather than for the spirits whose racial traits weren’t so clear.

In addition, the tea Dilvier brewed was very delicious.

The breakfast that was delivered to Dia’s room, prepared by the Royal Castle, would be given to the night sparrows conjured by Dilvier through his own shadow. Dia would then be given something else.

Noin was able to bring his servant into the Royal Palace because of Dia’s increased resistance towards non-humans, and the foundation of magic prepared before-hand.

Dia received the warm potato pottage with joy, thinking that perhaps signing a contract with Noin was a good thing after all.

However, the night sparrows weren’t cute like Dia expected them to be—but a strange, long, and thin birds. It was a strange creature that snapped when given food.

It was a mystery to where their wings and beaks were, but they seemed to be sky creatures blessed by the patrons of winter.

In exchange for being fed, they would dispose of any obstruction for their master. However, it was also necessary to keep feeding them as to not get cursed.

Dia heard that they would hibernate in spring while wandering from place to place throughout summer and autumn. Well then, if ever a need arises to catch them, she must do it during the spring.

Speaking of which, I wonder what Noin’s position as the Spirit King of the Night Kingdom entails?

He was probably the one on the Midnight throne.

However, Dia still didn’t know his about his role.

“Do fairies eat Mukmugris?”

“I don’t know why Mukmugris still exist in this land of almost no magic, but the answer is no. Mukmugris are a fairies too, therefore, they aren’t edible.”

“It’s said that the Mukmugris that live in Fashitar belong to the ‘Beast’ species. What originally lived in this land degenerated, it seems.”

The fairies enjoyed hunting, which was why the creatures of ‘Beast’ category may be hunted. But those born from an original ecosystem like the Mukmugris of the Fashitar had a value of being an endemic species.

Dia nodded, realizing fairies were actually environmentally friendly creatures.

After receiving permission to walk in the courtyard, she went outside and introduced Dilvier to the Mukmugris who lived in the courtyard of the Royal Palace.

The Mukmugris were very friendly.

When they got along well with people, they would rush to them. However, because of that, there was also a threat of being blown away.

“If you want this biscuit, sit!”


As usual, Dia threw the biscuit she had hidden.

Seeing Dia stroking the Mukmugris, for some reason, Dilvier had a distant gaze.

“…You treat the King and this creature the same way, I realize.”

“Well, they both lived in the same forest, so of course! By the way, recently, this child learned how to sit down!”

“…I’m speechless.”

Oi, what are you staring at me for?”

Clavis was a festival to enjoy time with friends and teachers.

Dia embraced herself. Her heart easily melted when she considered the identity of the people who stood beside her.

It reminded her of a joy no words could express. A joy of when she was alone no longer.

She gently hid her mouth—

—if she told them this was the happiest moment since she came to the Royal Palace, would they believe it?

Even though they probably came just to supervise her until the day of her death, Dia was still happy.

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But Noin has no beautiful wings…


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