I, a Witch, am Requested by My Crush to Make Him Love Potion Translation

63.2 The Little Witch of the Old Days

I have also decided, this guy will taste the severe pain that is the ‘Witch’s secret potion’—even if it goes against all Witch’s ethics—!

“But, as long as—“


Roze and Yashm look back at the direction of the shout.

Harij stands with a bitter look next to the door, which was left open.

“Did you drink too much?”

Under Harij’s gaze, it’s proven that Yashm is guilty as charged.

He turns to look at the glass on the side table next to sofa.

“Yes, it is as you say.” Roze points at Yashm, who drank the brandy. “This person called me a fool.”

“I said you aren’t as dumb as I thought!”

Harij sighs towards their childish quarrel.

“…Why is your indulging gaze only directed at Roze?” Yashm leans back at the sofa, both his arms at the back of his head. “I even overlooked your lack of greeting towards me, can’t you overlook this one?”

Towards his provocative gaze, Roze pulls her hood.


“Don’t mind that. As if I would extend my hand to you.”


Staring at his hand, it dawns on Roze.

One of Kingdom of Marjan’s courtesy is kissing the back of someone’s hand as greeting.

When Tien angered Tara during their wedding dress trying session, he did just that to appease her fury.

Roze, who was never a lady, of course doesn’t know how to be one.

Although Harij assured her, “You can stay as a witch.” She may still need to learn to become a proper lady.

After all, if she wants to stand by Harij’s side, similar situations would surely arise.

Roze isn’t sure about what others might think, but she can’t keep shaming Harij like that.

Also, discovering the unknown isn’t something Roze dislikes.

That’s the most important thing that ensures her survival as a Witch until now.

Roze moves his hand.

“I’ll do as you wish.”

“—not my hand.”

Roze has grabbed Harij’s wrist, trying to kiss his hand, but is stopped with all his might.

She feels like an ant trying to learn courtesy—

—she has to kiss Yashm’s hand.

Albeit what she’s about to do is a mere imitation, it would result in the same outcome, right?

So why not let her practice?

Despite so, Harij refuses to move his hand. Again, such a sight of Harij is handsome.

Seeing the exchange between the two, Yashm clutches his head.

“It’s fine, it’s fine already! Cease this flirtation of yours!”

…she isn’t exactly intending to flirt with Harij, though?

Nevertheless, Roze still pulls away from Harij. She isn’t used to being made fun of her relationship with her lover.

“Who would’ve thought that you guys are this close? Where and when did you guys meet?”

Roze stiffens. Harij went to Roze because of his previous master’s command—Yashm’s sister, Bilaura.

However, not only does Harij have to honor his former master, Roze too, has the duty of confidentiality to all her customers.

Roze is a witch. A witch doesn’t lie.

Therefore, she has to answer this question in a way that won’t cause distrust.

Thanks to her deeply covered face, he won’t be able to see her face.

Roze keeps her mind as calm as possible.


“Five years ago. We met in the city.”

To help Roze, Harij responds promptly.

Certainly, five years ago, Roze met with Harij. She had told him about it. Words without lie are easy for Roze to respond to.

“Yes, it’s indeed so.”

“At that time, Roze fell in love with me. Wasn’t that so?”

Roze becomes speechless—

how did he know!?

Towards the gaping Roze, Harij’s expression, which is laughing, turns into a shocked one almost immediately.

Roze notices her blunder.

He’s trying to make a joke to make Yashm laugh.

Here, Roze is expected to say, “that’s not true!”

Harij probably expects Roze to say so, since he thinks that’s the truth.

Since it’s only recently that Roze became aware of Harij’s love, he probably thought Roze’s feelings for him only started to bloom a little while ago.

Roze is a witch, and a witch doesn’t lie.

As his eyes turn wide, Harij’s cheeks turn slightly red.

He has grasped the meaning of Roze’s silence.

Roze wants to deny, but she can only manage to close her mouth. Both ‘no’ and ‘no way’ are heavy words for Roze.


Such are the words she manages to say. Screaming with tears in her eyes, Roze dashes out of the salon, her robe fluttering behind her.

***T/N: Hooooory shiiiiieeet, at first, I thought Harij has them figured out and be like ‘omg smart, pristine, move right there, pretty boy.’ But the plot contrivance is on our (readers) side this time. 

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