I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

29. Pinch

It was a great idea to bring a sword with me…!

Never would I’ve thought that my decision would come to fruition that fast…!

When I left the room, I chanced upon a rapier and decided to bring it with me just in case.

Then, when I tried to follow Amilia, I happened to encounter another lady…

Light blue eyes and hair which fell to her waist. She stood there like some kind of water spirit. Her expression was anxious.

I tried to size her up from the shadows, but, sooner before that could happen, she saw me.

There was no helping it—she had seen me.

There wasn’t enough time to act as if I was just passing by—my face had been betraying my true intentions from the beginning.

As she approached me, she looked a bit relieved.

“…Who are you? Why on earth are you here?”

The lady in front of me was probably of lower stature than me. Those who ranked above me were quite few in numbers, hence, I knew their faces well. She was nowhere amongst those familiar faces.

But still, if she were a noble, I would still have an inkling regarding her identity…

…I couldn’t even recall her appearance.

Ephemeral light blue hair was quite rare—there was no way I could forget it once I saw it.

It seemed that I didn’t know her.

I wondered who she was…

“I’m Fern, the daughter of the Countess of Ferpia. Even at night, Lady Tiarize is as fetching as usual.”

“You can spare me the greeting, Lady Fern. Why are you here?”

I spoke, interrupting Fern’s words.

Speaking of the Countess of Ferpia’s daughter, I heard the rumors about her being socially withdrawn, rarely coming out. Hence, she was often referred to as, ‘The Lady of the Deep Window’.

Fern appeared a little confused, before smiling and opening her mouth.

It was at that time.

I could hear the swaying of trees and numerous footsteps. I saw men who were covered in black robes from head to toe… those people immediately surrounded us.

All of that happened before I could even finish furrowing my eyebrows…

their feet sure are fast…

They were probably trained.

However, this situation… it’s likely they aren’t the castle’s people.


Fern shrieked.

I tightly grasped my rapier. The rapier I brought just in case was turning more and more useful…

Should I be grateful right now?

Yes, I think I should.

After all, without my rapier, I would truly be rendered helpless.

Jirijiri—the men were approaching.

I moved with caution, I was shielding Fern behind my back.

Fern was a sheltered lady. As such, I doubted she could fight against them. I also didn’t know if she possessed magic.

…I also had just begun my sword training, but, Vioris had assured me—as long as I coupled it with magic, I would be able to manage!

At the very least, I wouldn’t immediately lose—

—anyway, Fern had to escape somehow!

Rather than both of us, if she was alone, I was sure she would have better chance of escaping.

“Lady Fern, don’t move from there.”

I said without wasting a breath. Cold sweat began to drip down my back.

To spar against another—of course, I have never practiced that.

This was my first real battle ever.

The man on my right threw something at me—

—as soon as I realized that, I reflexively chanted my spell.

“ χαλάζι(hail) πάγος(ice)!”

I raised my hand, before swinging it diagonally to the right.

Then, numerous icicles came out of thin air, crashing against the something the man had thrown. It made a clanking sound before being embedded to the soil—

—it appeared to be some kind of an iron stake.

The icicles that were overpowered fell onto the soil right beside the feet of the men.

The men were hesitating—

is this my chance—!?

What should I do next!? Run!?

The men amounted to no more than ten.

I was the only one who had any fighting capability there, and I was also burdened with the task of protecting this other lady.

What was more, it was only recently that I had taken up sword. It was unlikely I would stand a chance against them.

—we have no choice but to escape!!

I began trying to escape, but one of the man ran towards me with a sword!

No good!

My reaction was delayed due to my overthinking!

Because there was still some distance, I conjured up an icicle to fill said gap. It hit the man’s sword.

I wasn’t as strong as them. I would lose if I was forced myself to hold my ground there, such was the truth.

I moved my right hand in an arc again to cast a spell.

“ χαλάζι(hail) πάγος(ice)! ομίχλη(mist)!”

Aiming for them, I conjured up a fog.

However, I was one step too late.

Suddenly, I heard a scream from behind me.


I unintentionally halted my feet.

At the same time, I heard the voice of a man—“—don’t move.”

A knife was held against my throat—

—the outcome of that battle was clear.

I could tell without even turning around.

Perhaps, Fern had also been caught.

…How frustrating!

I had to fight to protect Fern. I think I did my best in that first battle of mine—but it was an actual battle, and not practice.

The situation couldn’t be overturned.

A defeat was a defeat.

I was mortified by the sudden realization and bit my lips.

The rapier fell out of my hand.

“I was instructed to kill you …but, indeed, you still have some uses…”

A man on the left muttered in a low voice—so low, I couldn’t tell his age.

“I changed my mind. Come with us.”

“Eh, seriously?”

The man who held the knife against my throat retorted nonchalantly. The man in front of him also seemed unconvinced. But that same man from before—who seemed to be their leader—nodded, and with a quick movement, sheathed his sword.

Their leader then said,

“Tiarize, if you go against my words, I’ll kill the woman behind you. Now, won’t you obediently follow us?”

***T/N: My respect for Tia is building up because she has the will to protect others… enough to overlook how she can still overthink for 4 sentences long in a life and death situation.


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