Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

57.1 Asher-san Over Kills It

Looking up from the ravine is the decaying dragon. Asher-san comes to a stop in the sky and glares at it.

This is finally coming down to a giant battle between monsters.

Asher-san growls at me. “Who’s a monster?”

Is she even nervous?

“Why should I be nervous against something like that?”

…Although weak humans will die just by looking at a decaying dragon, it’s no more than a something like that. I do not understand Asher-san’s standard for strong.

“This is only an issue of bad affinity. Afterall, that is but a shadow of a dragon tribe member. It is not an opponent for ancient dragons like myself.

Really? Although it can resist attacks from dragons, any attack thrown at Asher-san will be useless? Well, she did easily avoid that fireball just now.

Nyan, people are nearby nyan.”

I concentrate on the place Nymia points out. There, above the ravine the decaying dragon is in, I spot others. For some reason, they’re getting flustered upon confirming the situation between the decaying dragon and us.

“They’re probably dragon tribesmen. Upon discovering the existence of the decaying dragon, they came to confirm the situation.”
“I see. Dragon’s Peak is their dwelling. If they discover something dangerous here, they’re going to keep watch over it.”

Although Mistral went home early in the morning to report various thing, one of the tribes of dragon tribesmen seem to have already noticed the decaying dragon.

“In the end, they’re dragon tribesmen. Getting them involved shouldn’t be a problem.”
“No, no, no, that’s a huge problem. Please don’t fight in a way that will drag them into it.”
“How troublesome.”
“That’s no good.”

Asher-san really views people as garbage. Ah, normal members of the dragon tribe small fry to her too? Just how incredible is she?

“Mist will get mad if people of the dragon tribesmen get involved, nyan. Scary, nyan.”
“That’s true. Mistral even strikes Old Sleigstar with her blunt weapon. Doing that would put Nymia in danger.”

Asher-san clicks her tongue.

Still, she flies towards a place that will lead the decaying dragon away from the dragon tribesmen. She seems to be granting our request.

The decaying dragon doesn’t act as expected. It instead hurls a gigantic fireball at Asher-san.

Asher-san avoids the attack in an instant. She then turns around and roars at the decaying dragon.

An earthquake shakes Dragon’s Peak. The clouds here and there all vanish. In an instant, the ravine the decaying dragon is inside of turns into a world of pure white.

It looks like snow, but it’s different.

“Mother’s attack, it transforms everything into white ash, nyan.”

The “ash” transformed land of Dragon’s Peak dances in the air as a strong gust blows through the valley. If Nymia hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have been able to see this as anything other than powdered snow twirling and fluttering in the air.

The decaying dragon, at the center of the ravine and within the fluttering white ash, wreathes in agony. A lot of its scales and skin are now white ash as well. That discolored skin, however, melts from the body and the wounds restores themselves.

The decaying dragon’s gushing blood sizzles with violet smoke as it regenerates.

Uwaa, disgusting.”

I wince at that ghastly regeneration.

“That regeneration is annoying. On top of resisting my attacks, it regenerates. How troublesome.”

Asher-san comments about the decaying dragon’s appearance as she flies around it.

Would unleashing consecutive attacks on it faster than its regeneration can keep up with work? It won’t matter how ineffective an attack is, if it’s attacked before the regeneration can do anything, it’ll eventually turn to cinders.

Ahh, that’s not a bad idea for a human. Doing that is definitely the fastest way to finish this.”

Ohh, looks like my suggestion is no good.

“Well, if I did that, not just those nearby dragon tribesmen, but this section of Dragon’s Peak would vanish. It would probably turn into a second lake.”
“Ah, please ignore my idea just now.”

Such power. Enough to even change the terrain. Asher-san’s attack is in a complete different league. I’m shocked.


The decaying dragon roars.

The shockwave hits Asher-san and shakes Dragon’s Peak. A cliff crumbles as a result. Asher-san, up in the sky, however, pays it no mind as she continues to circle around the decaying dragon.

Although the decaying dragon hurls an endless number of fireballs at her, not a single one hits. The speed with which Asher-san soars through the sky is too fast for the decaying dragon’s attacks to hit her.

Asher-san, upon avoiding another fireball, roars. An even worse earthquake shakes Dragon’s Peak as the ravine again turns into a world of white.

The dragon tribesmen are running about trying to escape, maybe out of fear that the mountain is in danger of collapsing.

The decaying dragon’s body has almost entirely turned into ash. Despite that, ghastly colored blood and smoke rises from its body as it regenerates. Within that pure white world, the decaying dragon exists as a mush dark color.

Oooh, Oooh,” the decaying dragon lets out an anguished cry.

I feel a bit sorry for it, but only for an instant. Seems like its ominous appearance was immediately pushed out of my consciousness.

The decaying dragon stretches out its throat and open its large mouth as it glares at Asher-san. The hollows of its eyes shine with bright red light. Then, flame balls of various sizes appear around it which zoom towards Asher-san at random times and at high speed.

Asher-san weaves around the flame balls as she pleases in the sky, but they give chase. From the ground, the decaying dragon again hurls a countless number of fireballs at us.

“Yep, troublesome.”

Asher-san ascends. She then spreads her wings with a roar.

The world becomes pure white. It’s an infinite flurry of snow like ash. The speed they fall with is impossible. The flame balls explode upon being touched by the snow like ash. The fireballs, meanwhile, are turned into ash.

As flames flicker in and out, the snow like ash piles up on itself within the ravine.

Is the power more terrifyingly destructive than it looks? A deep gouge within Dragon’s Peak is blown into existence and the scattered rotted flesh of the decaying dragon drops around the ravine.

Despite that, the decaying dragon hasn’t stopped breathing. Its pained groans can still be heard.

“It’s pitiful, nyan.”

Nymia looks at me with a pained expression. For someone as gentle as her who doesn’t even want to see her enemies suffer, the current appearance of the decaying dragon must be more than she can bare.

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