I Don't Want to Break off my Engagement... Translation

28. Heroine

Amilia went along the path.

Due to what she recalled from not too long ago, she had no doubt about it—

that Baroness isn’t the heroine.

She thought that Baroness was, since she possessed strawberry blonde hair, pink eyes, and was a Baron’s daughter. However, the truth was different.

The actual heroine was a girl named Maria Lilybell. A girl possessing pale, pink, hair, and pink eyes. Yes, almost the exact same colors as Schmia’s. Only their names were different.

Amilia thought it was due to some kind of bug, nevertheless, that wasn’t the case.

She didn’t recall any character named ‘Baroness Schmia’ in the game, and the heroine’s hair was a bit paler than Schmia’s. A bit more like pink dissolved in water.

…That game really had some good illustrators, huh… to make clearly distinguishable characters like that…

Despite so, that didn’t explain the crazy scenario up to now.

Something was clearly amiss.

…She recalled the Baroness’ words back then at the venue.

Amilia walked down the stairs made of dark stone with a candlestick in her hand.

Amilia possessed the memory of her previous life.

In her previous life, she was but an ordinary woman, one who loved entertainment called ‘games’—and one of those games was particularly addictive;

The game was “LIAR&TRUTH”—an otome game. The genre was fantasy. It was set in an era of monarchy, where both magic and swords could be used.

At first, Amilia was delighted to be reincarnated in the world of her favorite game—but, she soon realized;

Her name was Amilia Svea. She was the fiancée of the second prince and was destined to fall into demise in the second arc. By the way, the girl that was supposed to be doomed in the first arc was the daughter of the Duke; Tiarize Merfan, who wasn’t there.

After Amilia regained her previous life’s memoriesy, she proceeded to fall into a deep slumber for three days and three nights. Every second of her sleep, she would be dreaming about the knowledge of her previous life.

When she awoke, her current and previous personalitiesy had completely intermingled.

this is no joke! At this rate, I’ll either be sent to the monastery, or become a prostitute—and at worst, be brutally killed—! As if I want any of that—!

After she woke up, Amilia was quick to the action.

She nipped the problem at the bud; instilling a sickly impression, it wasn’t hard to break off her engagement. The reason was perhaps either because she was still young, or because he was merely the second prince.

By the way, the in-game Amilia was in love with the Crown Prince. However, the Crown Prince already had a fiancée—hence, she was engaged to the Second Prince, instead. All was done because of in-game Amilia’s selfishness. Even more so when the Second Prince had a similar face with the Crown Prince—all the more reason for her to be engaged with him.

When the first arc was finished, the Villainess—aka Tiarize, would be banished and the position of the Crown Prince’s fiancée would become vacant.

In-game Amilia tried to approach the Crown Prince again, deeming it was her golden chance—however, the Prince’s heart was already captured by the actual heroine. Without even telling, the development from there was obvious—

—and obviously, Amilia didn’t want to be the one condemned and banished next. To which her in-game self would absolutely be guilty of.

Hence was the reason she broke off her engagement with the Second Prince in haste.

Her miscalculation was in befriending Tiarize.

Because they were both villainesses, a feeling of solidarity stemmed, making Amilia want to get along with her.

…—Let’s do our best together!—was her initial thought.

She couldn’t help but pity Tiarize’s doomed fate. After all, Tiarize too, would blabber incessantly to the point she was caught in condemnation—

—but who would’ve thought?

Tiarize let her guard down around Amilia, and even mingle in carefree with her.

Amilia began to notice that something was odd.

This Tiarize was different from the in-game Tiarize.

In-game Tiarize was cruder, and was very possessive of the Crown Prince. That was why in-game Amilia and Tiarize couldn’t get along with each other. Not only had their personalities clashed, they wouldn’t even hesitate to mock each other under broad daylight.

Nevertheless, the current Tiarize didn’t appear to adore the Crown Prince all that much, and something about her personality was… dry.

Despite so, no matter how much research Amilia did, the fact remained unchanged.

Tiarize wasn’t a reincarnator, but a true inhabitant of this world.

One time, Amilia even asked straight to her face—

“—do you know LIAR&TRUTH?” to which she only tilted her head in confusion.

Amilia stayed suspicious, especially when anomaly after anomaly started occurring.

Albeit inferior to Haulfa, a civil war broke out in the Kingdom of Dirlia; which, judged by its continent, classified as one of kingdoms of great power.

Such a thing never happened in the original game.

In addition, for some reason, The Crown Prince of Dirlia came to visit.

Wait, wait, wait, all of this never happened in the game—?!

Amilia was inevitably confused.

In the game, one thing was certain: His Highness Lyon never appeared in the first arc. He was only subtly mentioned—

but, more importantly, why is Tiarize still alive in the end—!?

Something unexpected had happened.

When she excused herself from the tea ceremony, Amilia recalled that Tiarize had this strange expression on her face…


Amilia kept walking upstairs—katsun, katsun—and opened the heavy stone door.

Then, the rusty smell of an old-fashioned room approached her nose.

“—Huh—!? Who—!?”

At that moment, she heard a shrill voice.

Amilia didn’t respond and walked to a particular cell. She illuminated the area with the candlestick.

The dust particles reflected the light. The same dust was on the person’s dress and face, while her eyes were red.

Amilia squinted and looked at the girl.

“Baroness Schmia, do you know who I am?”

Schmia stared at Amilia, who started to talk without pretense—

“—I have to applaud your idea of trying to usurp the actual heroine. That was quite the idea you had there, trying to impersonate and act like Maria Lilybell. Said great idea failed, though.”

Schmia immediately showed signs that she knew what Amilia was referring to.

Schmia lifted her face, appearing stunned and pale blue.

“C, could it be…”

“It’s exactly as you suspect—I’m a reincarnator, just like you. Couldn’t you infer that from the fact I broke my engagement with His Highness ever since we were young?”

“B, but, that’s preposterous! Because…”

“Because of what?”

“T, that person never mention any of this! That person said, as long as I use ‘Charm’, I can become the heroine of this world…!”

“Ah… that’s also a great flower field you have in your head, there. It appears that you’re still dreaming. Wake up and look at reality—here you are, in prison, awaiting judgement. How long will you stay in that fantasy of yours?”

Schmia was still trapped inside the notion that this was but a game world.

Ever since she was born in this world, has she never suffered any loss or experienced a natural disaster…?

None of what had happened was artificial—they were real. Everything had consequences—because this world was their reality now.

—Amilia too, learned it the hard way. This wasn’t a game.

People lived, thought, acted, and sometimes die.

A natural disaster that would render someone helpless could occur. Opinions differed from person to person.

The realization that the future was unpredictable came when Amilia was four years old, when her beloved maid became ill and then died.

Amilia clenched her fist when the misery of that time washed upon her again.

Schmia’s voice trembled.

“…If, if that’s so… then what do I do, now…? I, I just wanted to become a princess…”

Amilia was stunned.

…She put her life on stake for such a childish reason?

Schmia was probably young when that idea occurred to her. That was why she thought of this world as a mere game. She was convinced if she use the original game as some kind of walkthrough in life, she would attain a happy ending.

“Well, at the very least, you managed to fool me into believing that you were the actual heroine, I’ll give you that. Yes, that’s the reason I came. The true heroine—Maria, where is she?”

Schmia was shaken by Amilia. Then, she shook her heads while shrugging her shoulders.

“I, I don’t know…”

Her voice was as small as mosquito’s.

Amilia sighed. Judging from Schmia’s appearance, she was probably telling the truth.

It was very likely that Schmia was abandoned by Maria…

…yes, Maria was also a reincarnator—was what Amilia was saying.

But what was Maria’s intention, here? To involve Haulfa in Dirlia’s civil war?

I came here for naught.

Amilia turned her heels and left the prison.

“—w, wait!”

Schmia suddenly screamed. Her sobbing voice echoed to Amilia, who halted her feet.

“P, please…! Just once, let me see the Prince once again…! I want to talk to him…!”

Schmia’s plea actually gripped Amilia’s heart this time.

But of what use would that be?

His Highness had sentenced Schmia himself. He despised Schmia.

Nothing would result from letting her meet him once again. Amilia stared at Schmia with a cold gaze. Schmia was crying. It seemed that those weren’t fake tears.

Who would’ve thought she could still cry that much and not become dehydrated or something…?

“…I understand. I will suggest him to meet you, however, I can’t promise you anything.”

The outcome would be pointless, anyway.

There was no reason for the Prince to come to the prison. Amilia stepped out of the prison. The entire time, the sobbing of the girl inside could still be heard.


None of what had happened was artificial—they were real. Everything had consequences—because this world was their reality now.

Yeah, yeah, cool, you almost swayed me there… but waaaait, something doesn’t add up?

At what age did it dawned upon you that the future is actually unpredictable and isn’t like in the game? 4? So you broke your engagement with the Prince at 3? You staged being that frail kid at 3? Sounds… hard to believe… but plausible… I guess?

But then you meet Tiarize some years later and still think she’s going to be doomed in the end? Now you’re shookt that she isn’t dead? Who is still trapped in the preconceived notions that this world still work in accordance to the game, here? Is it Schmia or both of you?

Other than that, cool, would like to see how Tiarize goes up against the 3 reincarnators. Already saw how one of them was ready to ruin other people’s lives for her own gain.

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